Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Sick But Not Quite

I can't decide if I'm sick or not.

I slept all evening yesterday and I pretty much slept all morning today. And I still feel like shit. But other than that, I don't have any other symptoms. No sore throat. No runny nose. No cough. Heck, not even a fever. Sure the nose feels a little congested and the bones ache a little but nothing I can really pinpoint.

Everybody tells me I should go see a doctor.

Problem with that is, most General Practitioners give you medication to heal your symptoms. Unless you have a fever - then they might prescribe some anti-biotics. If I went to the doctor, she'll probably charge me 60 bucks, speak to me in a condescending tone about getting some rest and give me some feel-like-shit pills.

I have feel-like-shit pills at home. They're called Panadol. They don't cost RM60 and I can wash it down with beer if I like. All this while the wife lovingly strokes my hair as she feeds me chocolate ice-cream. Hurray for DIY doctoring. :)


  1. you lucky bastard. A nice warm Stout would do the trick. You hav what is termed as Lethargy. Hav a shot of Guinness 'ungeleke' and you'll be fine and dandy and with any luck...horny.

  2. hmmm... maybe I should go have a walk under the rain now :P

  3. I tink you got a bout of laziness. :lol:

  4. eh if the doctor is charging RM60 he/she is REALLY ripping ppl off. The most i paid (not me, my company) for stuff like fever / cold / stomach pain etc is RM35, most of the time under RM30.
    Unless the doc is a REALLY hawt PYT... :)

  5. sounds like a viral illness with "feeling like shit" the commonest symptom. rest + plenty of fluids (alcohol doesn't count and doesn't go well with panadol :P) is the best way forward. AND i'm not charging service is free in UK where i'm working (as a dr...)

  6. yar man..i agree with simon..wot kinda dr u seeing la? got extra care one ah?

  7. Jeff: Ugh. I can never stomach the taste of stoutlah, boy!
    Not for you, Eggy. Your wife preggers... you should take care of her. :lol:
    What else is new, Bonnie.
    Ok, you got me there Simon. I probably just pay her 30 bucks. For some reason, I can never remember how much things are supposed to cost. And no, she's anything but hot. Though she might have been 20 yrs ago.... Hahahah!
    Thanks for the tip Viv! Do your services include stroking of hair? Hahhah!
    OooOo... you make that sound dirty, MOTT... arghhhh... you and your sex survey... now I see you in a different light!

  8. Hi there. Have enjoyed your blog a while now. Like viv, just wanna stress that alcohol with panadol is not a good option at all. Always take medicines with plain water (not hot) because alcohol could interact.
    Hope you're getting better :)

  9. Ahh... your symptoms sound familiar... I call it 'feeling bleurghh' and yes, TLC akin to hair-stroking is the best antidote.

  10. Hi. Have been following ur blog for the past 1 year & have commented once or twice. Have been sick since last week but am recovering now. *cough* *cough*.
    Would like to share with you on my methods to combat my sickness which I have posted in my blog. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I have enjoyed reading yours. =)
    Hope you are feeling much better now.

  11. Twisted Heels, thanks for dropping by. And no, despite all the glamourising, I only take my Panadols with cold water. At best 100 Plus, and only when the wife is not watching. :lol:
    Feeling bleurghh eh, Maverix? Yeah that's about what I feel most of the day today. :)
    Can't say I remember your nick, Slow Coach! And yes, I am enjoying your blog. For some reason, it feels important! :)

  12. Call me cynical...but it sounds like somebody is trawling for sympathy.
    ...and got some! SCORE!
    Get well soon!

  13. Sounds like psychologically induced la.

  14. Nothing heals better than sympathy, Fanboy.
    Hahah... perhaps, Yvonne!

  15. Aiyah, I went to the doc to get my test results, and it cost 100USD!! Luckily I have health insurance or I'd be paying that full amount!! I was probably there for 20 minutes and that's how much it cost!