Monday, April 9, 2007

Working Class Heroes

As of last week we became, once again, full-time working parents.

Mae had been on hiatus from the workforce for about a year. In that time, she had been pretty much a full-time Mommy to Jesse. Her day had been pretty much filled with activities for him. Daily trips to the mall (which I'm sure is every woman's dream), visits to Grandma's and the ocassional walks to the park with the boy. Over the last few months, her schedule also included ferrying Jesse to school and back.

Fortunately for Mae, there was Roma to take care of the chores.

However, this arrangement does take it toll on our finances. Though we weren't exactly hand-to-mouth, we could no longer afford little luxuries like weekend getaways to nice little places. Or nice breakfasts in posh places. Or more toys for the boy. And then there was the little apartment in which we live - which has gotten a little too small for our family.

Then an opportunity came which allowed Mae the opportunity to go back to work. In all honesty, I'm relieved. At least now we'll be able to save some money for a new house and even set aside some for a rainy day. Unfortunately for Jesse though, he'd be seeing a lot less of Mommy. For now, thankfully he doesn't seem to mind.

As for Mae and I, we'll be slaving our asses off for awhile until she makes tonnes of money. And then I can be a homemaker. Go window shopping. Watch lots of television and DVDs. KEkekke! Wish me luck, people!


  1. A friend told me that one of the girls who sang in the pub he frequented has resigned to be full time real property agent. Maybe can hook her up with Mae. LOL.

  2. can't wait till your transition into a full time si-lai... LOL! :P

  3. Everyone's dream come true .... staying home doing nothing other than play games and watch tonnes of DVDs .... after awhile .. you'll find that life is boring. :P

  4. I think you just insulted every single home maker in the world with this post. Haha. Wait till your wife reads this! Wait till you play Mr. Mom...then you'll know. Kekeke...

  5. Hahaha... Fanboy is right there.
    I'll just sit back and watch about 60% of the world's population try to take you out!
    *evil laugh*

  6. Gina, if damn cun can hook her up with me too. Bwahahahah!
    Hey Eggy, I'm quite si-lai material!
    No Twin, life will never be boring with DVDs. :lol:
    Nahlah, Fanboy. I wasn't taking a swipe at any stay-at-home moms. I really DO want to go window shopping and watch DVDs. Hahahhh!!!
    But why, Maggie? Itty bitty wonderful (and harmless) me?