Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Stroke of Luck

According to The Star today, six new cases of stroke occur every hour in Malaysia. This is a bitch, since I have a slight problem with hypertension.

Imagine. I could be here one minute updating my blog, and suddenly, feeling the onslaught of an impending stroke, I quickly write a blow-by-blow account and hit the "PUBLISH" key just before I keel over from a stroke. What a drama that would be. Heh. Heck, I'm thinking movie rights, fame and fortune, except that I probably won't enjoy all of that very much.

But don't hold your breath. I am on medication. I've also been exercising like a good boy. And I try to maintain a stress-free life. And like any hot-blooded (and high blood pressured, ha!) man, I make the most of it.
Mae: (annoyed) Did you replace the water filter like I told you?
Me: Huh?
Mae: (more annoyed) I knew you'd forget... why can't you be more... yadda yadda yadda... nag nag... lousy no good... yadda...
Me: (convincingly) *gasp*... can't breathe... too much pressure... ugh!
Mae: (sympathetic) Oh, my poor darling husband... let me massage you...
Ahh, with the fun I'm having, I might just live forever. :)


  1. After writing the last part, I don't think Mae will give you that massage anymore. :P

  2. What happened to hair stroking? :p

  3. hmmm... I guess I should go and get some tic-tacs and some doctor's note to enjoy those "special treatments" :P

  4. We'll be waiting for when it comes back around to bit you in the ass...haha. Just hope it isn't in the form of a ...str... you know... cuz that would be cruel, cruel, irony.

  5. wah don't pway pway wor...got to watch diet mainly actually...stay cool!

  6. hahahahahaha
    it's a GIFT not an illness e eh?

  7. no no...in this post..u NOT da man...
    No No NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Unless.....u take real good care of Mae when she's sick!!

  8. wuah i like yr medication. I also want..panadol plus coke. Super nice. Haha

  9. i use it too. except i use 'heart attack'!

  10. Oh no, Jason!!! That will drive me to find massage in other places, won't it?!?! *ahem*
    :lol: Maggie, I doubt if there'll be any more of that after this.
    Manalah, Yvonne.
    No need one, Egghead. Just look the part.
    Dammit Fanboy!!! *kicks you in the crotch*
    Indeed Laundryamah. Keeping it safe. :)
    Everything can be a gift, Meng. Hahahh!
    Never claimed to be da man, MOTT. Not when I can have fun. Ahahahah!
    :lol: And what do you intend to do afterwards, Sasha.
    That's even more dramatic isn't it Simon? :)

  11. haha good one! but seriously, if you have hypertension don't take it lightly =)