Monday, April 9, 2007

Tumpang Bahagia

Recently some friends came up to me and recruited me to help out with this great idea they have for an e-shop. Here's an online shop with a slight difference - it's not an auction like eBay or Lelong. In fact quite the opposite. It gathers people together to share a bulk purchase so that everybody can go away happy with a discount. Everybody's always happy with a discount. :)

The concept is a little complicated for the everyday internet user. So, to help explain Tumpang better, the boys at Tumpang have come out with a nice little event. Cheap movie tickets to Spiderman 3 at Cineleisure Damansara! Uwaaah! Is that Fantastic or what? And tickets start from as low as Four ringgit! BTW, Spiderman 3 was my suggestion (very strong suggestion, mind you) cos I'm a sucker for people in colourful tights. AHahhahh!

Anyway, if this goes well, guess what I'll convince them to do next? :) Two tickets for the first person to guess right! Clues are in this post.

Check it out on our blog. Or go straight to the Movies@Tumpang page.


  1. Pirates Of The Carribean 3?

  2. Clever Jason, dum-dum Bonnie! Kakakaka!!! Look at para 2 line 4. :lol:
    Jason, if you manage to Tumpang 2 tickets, I will pay for it, ok? :)

  3. Reading the post for the first time, the capital "F" out of no where already caught my attention because with your superb written English, there's no way such a typo will exist in your post. Haha!
    Hopefully I can make it. James belanja tengok movie woh! Haha!

  4. rats i read this blog a little too late.. otherwise i'd have gotten the 2 tickets.. rats rats.. i knew the answer was Fantastic 4... Especially Jessica Alba.. hmm yummy yummy.. hahhahah

  5. Tell me, if you booked any, Jason!
    HAhhh, you beg Jason lah, Pjamess. Maybe he'll take you along!