Wednesday, April 4, 2007

3 Little Words

Yesterday as Jesse was about to go to bed, he looked me in the eye, gave me a little monkey smile and said, "I love you, Daddy".

That was yesterday. Today, I'm still grinning ear-to-ear.


  1. Hehehe!! parenting has its perks eh..?

  2. Ooh ooh...ask him again in 15 years...
    If he still says him a car.

  3. touching...tears of joy :)

  4. always nice for a parent to hear that. btw, isn't that 4 words?

  5. I think you will still be grinning ear-to-ear tomorrow or day after... maybe for a week or more LOL!
    BTW, you've been tagged! :P

  6. Let me guess, he gave you the infamous puppy-dog eyes...
    I "hate" it when they do that. its like they are manipulate your soul in that cute twisted ways of theirs. Its a trap i tell you!
    But still, you couldnt help but sigh contentedly and beaming, can you James? haha
    Btw, i saw Bob the Builder soft toy some angmoh kid was carrying in Melbourne Central... immediately thought of jesse. haha

  7. i can just imagine you still grinning right now. :)

  8. Hi there, got to know about your blog from another blog! Nice to hear about the joys and perks of parenthood from a dad! Much like a kodak moment in text!

  9. Indeed, MamaBok!
    Nah, he'll have to steal the car from Daddy just like the rest of us, Fanboy.
    Hahha, yes, Poh Nee!
    Jason, :)
    :lol: I dun count so well, Simon!
    Ugh, DG!!! :) Will get around to it soon.
    Awww, Amy, you thought of my kid? How sweet of you. :)
    It sure was, Yuri.
    I think my face has been fused into a permanent grin, Lucia!
    Thanks for dropping by, Tiff Tang!