Friday, December 10, 2004

Skin Deep


Mae and I have no illusions about our baby. I mean, we like the little guy and all. On top of that, he's our own flesh and blood. But do we consider Jesse a beautiful baby?

I work in advertising. Occasionally, I get people come up to me with their babies and ask, "Hey, you want a baby model for your ads?" Never mind that most of the time their kids are hardly model material. Never mind if some of them are even bordering on hideous. The people who ask this question usually mean it.

I'm usually tempted to ask, "A model for what product?" The answers come easily. Pet food. Wrinkle cream. Hair loss treatment. Scouring pads. Hehhehh! And those ads that need a "BEFORE" shot.

Parents tend to think the world of their kids. I know this for a fact now. Hehheh! So, is Baby Jesse a beautiful baby? Sometimes, Mae and I cannot stop gushing about how cute our baby looks. But we also tell ourselves, "We're probably just biased!" We probably are. No one's ever told us we have a beautiful baby. Sometimes people come up to us and tell us how cute Jesse is. Cute. Non-offensive. Also non-committal. Brad Pitt is cute. So is Gollum. And apparently, so is Jesse.

Poor kid. He doesn't quite stand a chance against my raging gene pool. But even if he never makes in in the Casting Directors shortlist, to Mae and I, he's the most beautiful thing in the world. And hopefully, that'll be good enough for him.


  1. Beauty i believe is in the eye of the beholder. I'm sure that your views on him will be good enough for him. Its what matters the most ;)
    Cheers!!! :D

  2. Jesse has cute dimples. Dimples would take him far - even if he is borderline hideous. Hahahah. Kidding. He is fine lah. At least he has half of Mae in him. The other half.. no comment.

  3. personally i think personality is more impt.
    regardless of looks (i.e., ugly as shit), if you have a fantastic personality, everyone will be drawn to you.
    so..let's hope that jesse will have a fantastical personality, good looks as bonus.
    eh.. babies' faces always change no matter, just enjoy it all you can la.

  4. As a completely neutral observer, I say Jesse is a very handsome baby boy, who will one day make women the world over swoon and send him marriage proposals.
    You can wire the money to my bank account later.. ahem... ;)

  5. (i) It's the internal beauty that matters, dude. And beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. I personally think Prince is the sexiest man alive even though many of my friends think I am tasteless.
    (ii) Next time, just educate the overly enthusiastic parents the diff between ad and casting agency. That usually works for me!
    (iii) Love your blogs. Keep it up!
    God Bless.

  6. yes a baby's face can change as times goes by. who knows when a baby is very pretty, when s/he grows up, s/he may be ugly or the baby may be an ugly baby but will turned out to be miss malaysia/mr malaysia.

  7. love the picture, you can use that in the show me the "insert food brand" bottle ad ! oh an all babies are gorgeous, God designed them that way

  8. Hehe...hubby and I were wondering about the same thing the other day. We are always gushing about how cute Emily is but like you two, we also think that we are biased ;)

  9. Jesse is a beautiful baby. There is no doubt about that. His eyes...his dimples...hehe...even his cries are cute :)
    You and Mae will have a big headache next time...Lots of girls will be going after him!!!
    Actually...have u all entered him for any baby contest? My sis entered her baby for every possible one !!

  10. Every parents feel that their babies are the most beautiful creature on earth.

  11. Hyelbaine, I thought beauty was in the eyes of the BEERholder! :lol:
    Hahhah!!! Only half eh? No wonder he's only got one dimple.
    Hey Mom, that's easy for you to say - your son is handsome! Hehhehh... oh, btw, I only just realised what your nick meant. One in the oven, eh? Congrats!!
    :lol: Expect the money anytime soon, Sashi. As usual, this too will come out of his allowance.
    Thanks for dropping by Anjali. And yes, I'd have to agree with you on point no (i). And no, I don't mean I agree that Prince is the sexiest man alive. :lol:
    Here's hoping, Lucia. :)
    Hmm, good point DB. No wonder so many people love babies! :)
    Hehh. But don't you worry, Emily is a beauty. I'm crazy about her hair!!! :)
    Why, thanks Cherry. I'm not so sure Mae and I are ready to enter Jesse in any contest just yet. :)
    I know, Just! My mom keeps telling me I'm good looking. Too bad she's the only one who's ever said that! :lol:

  12. Just don't come and ask me to cast your baby in my ads. :lol:

  13. How do you tell parents their kids are not ad material? Cruel it may be, but I usually direct them to casting houses.
    Let's face it, inner beauty may be most important, but physical beauty sells. That and discipline. What's the use of a cute kid if they can't focus and take instructions? Professional talents come in a package; beauty, attitude and of course, a price tag.

  14. *piak* Fly! :lol:
    Those are the harsh facts of life, Mdmafia. Good personality isn't gonna make anybody a talent, unless we're talking radio! :lol:

  15. *laugh* don't worry. my poor little girl isn't exactly what you would call a ravishing beauty either, but we love her with all our hearts just the same.