Monday, December 20, 2004


Mae and I have been thinking about getting a new place. Our little family is beginning to outgrow our little home.

Currently, we live in a small 900-something sqft Condo with 2 rooms and a storeroom. I moved in 4 years ago and it was perfect. Then Mae moved in with me and it got cosier. But ever since Baby showed up, it's started to get a little claustrophobic!! Now here's a boy with excess baggage.

You never, ever expect this. But when a baby shows up in your life, he isn't just contented sharing your space. He's conquering the land and driving out the natives.

You think, "Feh, he's just a kid. What does he need all that room for?." Wrongo, bubbo! He's got plenty of stuff - diapers, clothes, beddings, toiletries, crib, stroller, car seat, bottles, flasks, formula, toys, steamer, bath tub, etc. The list is endless. And his stuff is all over the place now - in his room, in our room, in our store, in the kitchen, in the living room, everywhere!

He's taken over half the house. And just think, this is just one kid. *sigh* No wonder the Ibans live in longhouses!


  1. ahh i know the feeling. though i dont have kids on my own, i know cram it can get. If you really need to get a new place i suggest that you consider of any offsprings that you might have in the future.
    Try to get a condo with 4 rooms . 1 room for you and mae, 1 room for baby, 1 room for his stuff and 1 room for any guest that may stay over/store room. Though i recommend that you get a terrace house instead.
    there are some good homes around the Kelana Jaya area. ^_^

  2. go for landed.
    at the very least, it has space to torture small pets and bury them. mua hahahahahahahaha!

  3. Can definitely emphatise with you...I am staying in a 1222 sq ft condo and have been feeling claustrophobic ever since I rented out the master bedroom to a friend - and I still have 900 something sq ft to myself!

  4. Go travelling. 10 bags for the small one, just to pack the essential staff. And a small bag for you, while Mae has the right to two big and a small bag - exclusive handbag.
    So all in all, you will have to carry the baby, and 13 bags. :)

  5. andreas : smart move ,smart move ... somehow i think your wife did that on you ^^

  6. yeah, same goes to us. meantime, while Amir still staying with his grandparents, the need is not as much as yours.
    but as time goes by, when we will bring him to stay with us, we desperately need a new place to live.
    terrace house in one great choice. but the price, urgh..

  7. get a bigger condo... or go for landed properties. man, baby jesse sure is good at getting wat he wants :lol:

  8. :D oliviasy, even before jesse can start yapping he is already demanding ^^

  9. well they said three is a crowd. when baby jesse came and make three, thus your condo become crowded, so yes, you do need to shift to a bigger home. :)

  10. Keep your condo, sell the baby.
    JK :lol:

  11. i feel you bro. rented a 1000 sg ft condo but when baby came along, not enuf space even to dry napkins. so had to splurge on a 4+1 bedroom house. paid thru the nose but by God's grace, now loan amount is manageable. hope you can get a nice property to grow into. :)

  12. that's just the beginning, James. Later, he will taking over your TV, your car, your house, your bank account .......:)

  13. aiyoh i lived in a condo sized 1700sq ft... ermm cukup at the moment cos we dun hv many furniture hehehe but eventually we'll shift out to landed property. my fren who came by recently, she said can do cartwheels at my dining area hahaha
    seriously baby stuff can take up lotsa space esp as he grew, one need space to keep all those stuff dat baby dun need to use anymore

  14. Hmm, Kelana eh? Hadn't really considered that. But thanks for the suggestion, Leo.
    Mom, the kid my be tempted to bury Daddy.
    Yah Anjali, which is why we're never getting a maid till we get a bigger space despite the fact that we desperately need one. An extra person at home is just really gonna cramp our style!! :)
    That's it, Andreas, we're never going anywhere ever again!!! :lol:
    We'd like a terrace for the space, Hazel. But on the other hand, it'll be pretty cool to have a pool to teach Jesse how to swim. And since we're nowhere near rich, the only pool we can afford will be in a Condo.
    Oli, as usual, this too shall come out of his allowance. Bwahahahahah!!!
    That, Lucia, or send Jesse off to a boarding school. :lol:
    Nah, Mdmafia. Current market value is only at a dismal RM 20,000. We don't even get back our investment!! :lol:
    We hope so too, Buaya. And hopefully it won't be in some cowboy town a few hundred kilometers away!! :lol:
    BabeKL, the stuff is endless isn't it. I think we'll need to donate it to the Salvation Army or something lik ethat!
    Arrgh!!! Say it ain't true, Papi!!! Not my TV!!! :lol:

  15. James, James.. you are the one putting on so much weight and need a bigger space to orbit around the house.. and you blame it on the baby. Shame on you.

  16. but james, kenot donate at the moment. must wait till fong fei hung sau tong first :p hahaha

  17. Heh, Gina. *sigh* I need to lose weight real bad.
    Wah, Babe, your canto very chim!

  18. opps sorry shld hv read "wong fei hung, sau tong"