Friday, December 31, 2004

Exit 2004

What a year it has been. Here are the highlights, in no particular order.

Baby Jesse came into our lives. We found out about the little guy early in the year and in August, he was born. What an amazing thrill-ride that was. Mae and I grew up a lot this year. Just a year back we were still, pretty much two crazy kids trying to make sense of everything - the world, the economy, the marriage... and suddenly, we're parents. Yup, we grew up alright. In fact we're still growing up, so much so we're beginning to feel it in our aching bones. Hahahhah! Still, parenthood is amazing and rewarding, provided all those night-feeds and diaper-changes don't kill you first!

I blogged for the first time. Thanks to an ex-colleague who showed me the ropes. It's been a fun ride - made even more so by all of your visits and comments. Thanks peeps! Hopefully, this blog will go on till Mae and I become grandparents. :)

I moved office to a nicer place. It's always fun to work in a nice office. Our old office was a dump. Our new office is soon becoming a dump. Heh! I better enjoy it while it lasts.

We got a digital camera. Somehow, this is a highlight. My previous camera was a LOMO - first introduced to me aeons ago by Hiney, who incidentally (I'm assuming) doesn't own one. Ahaks! Hmm, perhaps I'll post some of my old pics. Those were pretty groovy.

We went to Hanoi. That was a great time. The next time we go anywhere will be when Jesse's old enough to walk. Oh man.

Yeah, 2004 was a pretty good year except for that last bit when the Tsunami struck. Still, God had been pretty good to us and we know He will continue to be so. So, as much as I hate to see 2004 go, I'm also excited to dive right into 2005. Ahhh...

So, do have a good 2005, folks. May your live be richly blessed and may God watch over you and yours.

PS: Heh! Does this post look like one of those cheap shots they take with sitcoms? Y'know the ones where they show you snippets of past episodes? *sigh* It's confirmed. My life is like a cheap sitcom.


  1. Have a good 2005, James. Your life is not a cheap sitcom, well, not cheap anyway. ;)
    May there be more fun-filled adventures for you, Mae and Baby Jesse this new year.

  2. If u insist on calling your life a 'cheap sitcom', have pride in knowing that it's obviously a hit show! (i.e. the number of traffic you get on ur blog) :)
    Have a Wonderful 2005 to you and your lovely family!

  3. I like some cheap sitcoms;)
    Happy New Year, James. I'll keep on reading!

  4. happy new year james!!! *hamu hugs*

  5. as this year comes to a close, congratulations at everything in which you have succeeded or unsucceeded during this year.
    and may the year that follows bring you peace,joy and your case more "Cheerleading of Shit" and other fun stuff as baby jesse grows up.
    From the Broken Mirror,
    Leo Goh.
    2 Cor 4:7

  6. thanks for the many entertaining posts!
    hey how about you create a baby jesse blog? and write on behalf of baby jesse, till he is old enough to take over? that would be a cool hand-me-down :)

  7. Happy New Year, James & Mae. Not forgeting to lil Jesse.

  8. We all could do with some flashbacks on our lives, thanking the good things that came about and puting the not so good into prespective. Happy 2005 to you and your family. As for cheap sitcoms, nah more like Full house, good quality entertainment and family values ;)

  9. Sitcom? No way, James. Yours is excellent prime time entertainment :)
    Here's wishing you, Mae and Jesse a very Happy New Year. May 2005 be a better year for all of us..
    God Bless! :)

  10. Happy New Year! May you and your family be blessed with love, health, grace and prosperity.
    And more exciting posts :-)

  11. i sure enjoyed your "cheap sitcoms"! have a great 2005!

  12. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, James!
    (Hehehehe... I do believe that Baby Jesse's growing up to be a fine lil' man...)

  13. Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!! :)))

  14. Happy New Year, James, Mae and Jesse. :)

  15. to all who visits the loopymeal , happy new year to all of you

  16. Happy New Year!!
    hell james, you beat drew carey anytime (the only cheap sitcome i know. heh.)

  17. Happy New Year, James, Mae and Jesse!

  18. I agree with the growing part - James grew horizontally fast! Hahaha.
    Thanks for infecting me with the blogging disease too. Now I have no free time anymore.

  19. Happy New Year, James and Mae and Jesse!

  20. Happy new year, people. Thanks for all your wishes.
    Norzu: Never a dull moment at the Tan household, eh? :)
    Thanks for your vote of confidence, Maverix.
    OK, Jordan. You asked for it. Don't say I didn't warn you. :lol:
    What in the world is a Hamu hug, Oli? Hehheh... sounds furry.
    More icky stuff coming up, Leo.
    That's an idea, Adriene. Though I'm not sure if Jesse would appreciate me putting words in his mouth. Hehhehh...
    Thanks Papi, the same to you, Mami & Yiyi.
    Thanks for the support, Kervin.
    Oh-uh Cherry, what happens when I go way past my prime? :lol:
    Thanks Anjali.
    Hmm, thanks for dropping in Booha.
    He better be growing into a fine little man, Maggie. Or else.... :lol:
    Aren't you ever coming to see Jesse, Kat? :)
    Thanks Sashi, happy new year to you too.
    CC, Drew Carrey eh? :lol:
    Happy new year to you Zsarina.
    Sure Gina, blame me for everything! :)
    Back to you, YP! :)

  21. sitcoms are great james.
    2004 sounded like a great year. best wishes for 2005. :)