Friday, December 17, 2004

Short Shots #1

I have a theory about guys and girls, and their relationship with each other: Men like to be teased; Women like to be pleased.

To get a guy to want you, all you gotta do is let him know he can't have you. Of course you'll also need to remember that guys are visual creatures. Don't be looking like some frumpy auntie and still hope to make it in his wishlist. Ehhheh! We're shallow, what can I say?

Women are more... erm... sophisticated. To please a woman, you gotta appreciate her. Anticipate her. And understand her. And to understand her, you need to know the one universal truth about her.

Repeat after me: Women love McDonalds. (*universal truth applicable to Malaysian women only)


  1. Urm...just to let you know, I'm Malaysian and I HATE McDONALDS!

  2. manhattan fish mkt... kenny rogers... assam laksa :P

  3. McDonalds? I prefer Burger King though..hehe..
    and yes, u are love their women to tease...but not too much lah right?

  4. so true.
    now i ponder, if you uncle james is a mind-reader ?
    are you? are you ?

  5. you are right, i luv macdonald.
    luckily you didn't say KFC as i hate KFC.

  6. eh? McD's? only the chocolate ice cream sundae James! everybody sing... "i'm lovin it! padadapapaaaaaa...."

  7. Now where did THAT come from? ;)

  8. good question Janus
    "where did THAT come from?"

  9. I can't live without Sundae Strawberry.

  10. hahahha...i cant agree more on "MEN ARE SHALLOW"

  11. Hmm, I agree with "Men like to be teased; Women like to be pleased" theory but McDonalds??? How did that come about? *laugh*

  12. a reader of your blogDecember 20, 2004 at 7:38 AM

    hmm...let me guess, james must be referring to those little toys in Mc D's. I was at mid valley yesterday..and saw a late 20s gorgeous lady buying the so-called "jak-jak pillow".

  13. HUH?? hahaha i think its the toys!!! its the toys!!!
    dats wat i saw women folk at mcd have kiddies meal... well just for the toys!!
    for me, gimme BK anytime!

  14. i am forced to eat mcdonalds because of the toys...i sometimes like mcdonalds toys...

  15. Ah, Mei what a truly unique individual you are. :lol:
    :lol: Olivia, my second guess was Assam Laksa!
    Cherry, some men are suckers for punishment. Hehhh!
    What, Leo? McD?
    Most young ladies hate KFC, Lucia. There goes another sweeping statement... Hehhehheh!
    Isn't that the best thing there, CC? :)
    Janus: Erm... careful research and development? Hehheh.
    Oh oh, there's also the Pineapple Pie ala mode, Gina!!! Killer!!!! But I can never seem to get that anywhere except in Kelana.
    And I have learnt to love McD, Jellio'
    Men are simple creatures, Glinar. WOuld you have it any other way? Hehh!
    Does that mean you agree, Andrea?
    :lol: Primrose, must have been the product of too many dates at McD!!!
    You could be right, Reader. I remember in the 90s when thousands of poor boyfriends queued up outside McD just to get the entire Hello Kitty collection for their girlfriends. It was a dark day for Man!
    I'd like a BK too, though I wish they'd re-open Carl's Jnr!! *sigh* I miss those succulent, juicy burgers!
    Ahlian, you poor dear. Imagine being forced to eat anything for toys. :lol:

  16. Anyone seen Supersize Me? If you don't want your woman to be Supersized - don't take her there. ;)

  17. Oi! We ain't cheap! One Big Mac won't buy our love and devotion! You gotta throw in a Tiffany ring into the deal and maybe we can negotiate! :-)

  18. james, i missed carl jrs too!!! :o( used to go makan at the bird park outlet... very nice hehehe but dangerous if sit on the balcony cos the horn bills will come disturb... err they look very intimidating bcos of their huge beak!!

  19. OooOooOo Fly, more of her to love!
    Zsarina, would you settle for an Onion Ring instead? :lol:
    :lol: That's why I only went to that one in KL city, BabeKL!

  20. Cheh. Mana ada. Just regular gal mah. ;)

  21. hahaha i remember my ex going to 4 McD's just to getme the wedding kitties... hehehe