Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Blinding Flash

Mae's been flashing Baby. But with flashcards, mind you. And Jesse's loving it, laughing and gurgling all the way. Anyway, at dinner yesterday I was having my daily conversation with Jesse when Mommy decided to get educational.

"You should inject some of the new words he learnt today into your conversation," Mae advised. "But all he learnt today were names of fruits and vegetables," I protested. Mae, being Mae was adamant that her son gets the most of her efforts. "Just do it lah!"

Jesse had just learnt the words Tomato, Papaya, Radish and Cherry.

And so Daddy makes the most of the words. "Son, when you grow up don't you go round popping anyone's cherry otherwise Mommy will crush your tomatoes and banish you from her papayas!"

"You idiot!" Mae screamed. Hehhehhh!!!

"Well, he also learnt Bitter Gourd and Cauliflower," Mae tried to stump me. "Look Jesse, Mommy's all bitter like a bitter gourd now," I told the boy. "She might give you a cauliflower ear!"

"Radish!" Mae was not giving up without a fight. "Don't radish in popping anyone's cherry, son." Okay, so that should have been "relish" instead. Hehhehh.

Guess I'm just not cut out to be an educator. :)


  1. *reads entry* James j00 3v1L man, hahaha.... i can find a lot of *cough* kinky reference in this posting which i find utterly amusing.
    though i must ask, the "popping anyone's cherry" hyperlink ...did you link it properly ?
    anyway, im gonna laugh my head off now, and about the house bit ...Kelana is a good bet.

  2. lol :) good one! full marks for creativity!

  3. Hahahahaha, you three are a bundle of laugh :D Good vocabulary and good word play ;)

  4. I guess baby gonna be as creative as daddy one day and inherit his business. :)

  5. so farneee..... kekekekeke..... :lol: ;)
    good one, james. :) :lol: ;)

  6. ROTFL!!! u r good man, james!!! *tabik*

  7. baby's probably thinking... "oh man... mummy says one thing, daddy says another... apa ni?!?" LOL

  8. Fuiyoh, Baby's got his hands full handling you both!!
    Have a blessed Xmas and a wonderful 2005 ahead! Let's not forget the reason for the season.. have a nice day~

    u should do stand up comedy man, hilarious..

  10. "banish from mummy's papayas" :lol: james, you great lar ;)

  11. Hahahahahah!
    HILARIOUS stuff!
    All his mommy's educational efforts
    All his daddy's unquestionable wit
    Will make little Jesse one heckuva 'learned' man!

  12. Recently I bought the giant flashcards for my young one. last nite after dinner, i noticed there was a card where 4 corners went missing. guess what, she'd eaten those 4 corners *puzzle*

  13. Then baby Jesse should just aim to be a vegetarian flasher. Downer - him being bitter (gourd) over eating cauliflowers everyday. But the bright side would be everyone's papayas, cherries and tomatoes are safe from harm. Bwahaha!

  14. whoa~...how come i didnt think of all these? My family runs a fruit business...hahahahha :P

  15. Thanks for the heads-up Leo! :)
    Why, thank you, Chasyss. Too bad Mae's not too enthusiastic about it! :lol:
    Kervin, we're a-laugh-a-minute family.
    Provided Daddy doesn't run his business to the ground first, Gina!
    Glad you enjoyed it, Lucia!
    Thanks BabeKL. And did you check out the underlying moral message I imparted upon my son? :lol:
    Olivia, I'm sure Mae is now trying to convince Baby that his daddy is a psycho!
    It's fun with fruits, CC!
    The reason's always good, Deb!
    No way, Annu. Stagefright!
    Buaya, the boy can't live without those! :lol:
    I really ought to start teaching him proper things, Maverix but this is so much more fun! *sigh*
    Beauty, I always thought these thing looked good enough to eat!!! :lol:
    :lol: Anjali, you crack me up!
    Glinar, go home and start cooking up some fruity statements! :lol:

  16. Lolz... =D
    This is so funny... XD

  17. I think i would have learnt more if teachers were half as funny. :lol: Yeah, you should consider a career switch to education. ;)

  18. remind me to keep my daughter away from your son ;)

  19. Thanks DKBU. :)
    I doubt if "real" parents will appreciate my kind of education, Fly. :lol:
    Au Contraire, Bob. I did tell Jesse that popping cherries indescriminately is a no-no! :lol:

  20. wait till he here's the phrase
    "Rules are meant to be broken"
    Wonder whom he'll hear it from? I still haven't met baby Jesse

  21. Ok Paulos, we'll look you up in Church! And we'll even let him drool all over you. :lol: