Friday, December 3, 2004

Forgiven Tonight

Jesse's doing his bit for Christmas. Here, he's crying his heart out in a rousing portrayal of boy born to a family in turmoil. Heh!

That's actually the ticket to my church's Christmas offering this year. Forgiven is a stage drama produced by DUMC's creative ministry team, Punctuation Production. This time around, we've got another tear-jerker in the vein of those mind-numbing yet strangely-entertaining Hongkie dramas we get on TV! It's a stage and video presentation.

This is happening 3 nights only, at 8:00 - 10:00pm beginning tonight and ending on Sunday. It's open to all and it's free. For details, click here. Ariel's appearing in it as a tortured wife and Chris is directing.

And no, Jesse's won't actually be in the play because we haven't figured out yet how to toggle his volume switch. Hehheh! So this time he's just helping daddy with the design of the stuff - by appearing in the tickets, playbill and promo items. :)

Okay, so I didn't quite get his permission to use his face. So I fully expect him to... erm... return the favour someday. Maybe when I'm all old and craggy, Jesse can use my mugshots to advertise adult diapers or something like that.


  1. that him crying? nice... ha ha... super super superstar!!!!!!!!!

  2. nice :) see whether i can rearrange my packed weekend schedule to go to DUMC.

  3. ooooo cry jesse cry!!! yes nice... cry!! :)

  4. wow! jesse is going to become famous soon. imagine his face plaster in all the tickets, playbill, promo items.

  5. aiks, the weekend im in pg n dumc has that! wat a waste. Am hopefully awaiting news abt any dumc christmas events :)

  6. when Claire agrees to let MIL come live with them, my wife immediately says to me, "so easy! Obviously she's not married in real life"

  7. I went and saw the thing.... I liked your ticket design man.... Cheers

  8. I was there too! I was there too!
    There was this one part towards the end of the play where this lil kid behind me asked his mom "mommy she cry real real one aaa". Hahah..was hilarious..

  9. James, wished it was really Jesse that I was cuddling up there on stage!
    Hehehe... Tweel, what to do, have to follow the script mah ;)
    Annu, yep, it was real real crying one ah.... :D

  10. from what i heard "Forgiven" was a success. I was suppose to go, but i had to work on that 3 days :(
    oh well, i'll catch another DUMC event

  11. Yes Mom of One, he's quite a natural at that portrayal, isn't he? :lol:
    Did you, Buaya?
    Nice cry? That's a new one, Kev! :)
    Nah, I'll probably stop him in case all that fame goes to his head, Lucia. :lol:
    That was the Xmas event, ANdrea!
    :lol: Tweel! Yes, mothers-in-law have this place in our hearts don't they? :)
    Thanks, Alvink.
    Lucky you Annu. I didn't get a chance to catch it at all! *sigh*
    So who were you cuddling up there, Claire? :)
    It had some mixed reviews, Leo. Yes, there will be others. :)

  12. yeah...there will be others. now i hope that i dont work on those days :P