Wednesday, December 8, 2004

Utter Math-ness!

Baby is 3 months old now. In weeks, we'll be teaching him maths. Okay, I know how this makes us sound like those insufferable, over-the-top, young yuppie parents we all love to hate. But if the shoe fits... Ugh!

Anyway, according to this book by Glenn & Janet Dorman, kids love to learn maths. Hahhahah! Funny, that's not the way I remembered it! I supposed it had to do with the fact that by the time we went to school, we were already too old to like learning. Now babies, on the other hand, are a natural at learning. And it's not just maths. There's also language. And probably nuclear physics. And which boy doesn't like Biology. Hahhah!

Right now, we're in the midst of preparing flash cards for Baby. He'll have a hundred of them. On it, we'll paste red dots, numbering from 1 to 100. We're supposed to flash him a few cards a day and no longer than 1 second at a time otherwise he'll get bored. Aww man! Apparently, kids see maths as facts as opposed to how we see them - as numerals. Blerh!

I have to admit, I did not learn all this info from the book. Just like the book says, I'm too old to learn anything new. So I leave all that learning and educating to my lovely wife. I, on the other hand, will take care of the fun stuff. Like how to eat a hot dog in under 30 seconds. Or how to built a gas chamber for insects and other little vermin. Or how to check out babes without being noticed. Ehhehhh!

By the way, the book also says that "mother and child make the best learning team". Daddies are just chopped liver. We're also educators of the fun stuff!


  1. You're not getting the How to teach your kid to read by same author? I've met with their dealer and they've got readied flashcards and books but hello it costed more than RM1K for 2 sets!!!

  2. obviously my mommy never laid eyes on that book. I'm hopeless at math. :o( But then, trigonometry never did anyone any good, right?

  3. james! let yr kid have some fun lar! flash cards at this age!!! oh man!!! a kids gotta be a kid!!!

  4. Just wait until you or lovely wife have to start picking flash cards from all over the floor as soon as baby learns the fascination of throwing, your flash cards will be gone in a flash, I guarantee!

  5. But.. But.. He's only 3 months old.....

  6. yalah. agree with oliviasy and mandy. apa apa ini flash flash... when he is only 3 months old. oy! you want your jesse to grow up to be a super duper maths genius? ;)

  7. i make no apologies for my following comment.
    good on u, james and mae.
    i highly recommend the shichida method school. it's developed by prof. makato shichida and he's absolutely brilliant. he focusing on techniques that help develop the right brain. i really love his methods because he emphasis a whole lot on love, not the actual immediate results.
    my kid loves it. i may sound slightly cult-ish..but i don't care... he loves it!
    for more details, see star paper 9/11/04, pg 39. or lemme know if you want more details.'s a tad expensive... but hey..if it'll save on scholarships later on in life..why not?

  8. "Or how to check out babes without being noticed. Ehhehhh!"
    Teach him well my friend, teach him well ;)
    Cheers!!! :D

  9. one-little-two-little-three-little Jesses...
    wow, talk about starting 'em young;) we're gonna have us a little genius on our hands man..
    if i ever need pointers on raising young 'uns, i come look for you-since you've (Mae, actually) read all the manuals 'di *grin*

  10. My parents (allegedly) taught me the Alphabet while I was barely a month old. They didn't do the red-dots-flash-card thingy though... I guess that explains my fascination with words and aversion to maths!
    Actually, "insufferable, over-the-top, young yuppie parents" are the majority these days, and it's not a bad thing. It's just another form of passionate love that they have for their child :)
    May Jesse turn out to be an 'all-rounder' little genius!

  11. teach him the 36-24-36 rule.... ;)

  12. my husband read a book on firewall to Amir when I was pregnant. Let see whether he'll become a great hacker or not :)

  13. LOL at buaya's! :p kewl
    errr some are in-born u know hahaha like my 2 yr old boiboi

  14. Whoa! We oughtta consider making these flashcards for sale, BabeKL!
    Fly: What's trigonometry? :lol:
    Olivia, he'll have fun when he's done with his maths! Hahhahah! :lol:
    Hahh, we'll have to make 'em really heavy now, won't we, Mumsgather?
    You're right Mandy. I'm 33 yrs old and I never had a flashcard. And see how well I turned out! :lol:
    Nah Lucia. Just smart enough to count money.
    Thanks m.o.o +1, we'll read up on Prof. Shichida's work. :)
    Yes Hyelbaine, the boy will need all these survival techniques! :lol:
    Sure Chun. And if you need training on the fun stuff then you can look for me.Hehhe!
    Here's hoping, maverix!
    Ah Buaya, I will never deny my son of such important knowledge.
    Ooh, Hazel, soon Amir will be hacking into Bank Negara, Ministry of Education, ....

  15. Don't ter-over flash... later in life, Jesse becomes flasher. Hahahahah. Sorry. Lousy joke.