Wednesday, January 3, 2007

First Day

It's 8:12am. We leave for Jesse's Kindergarten in 3 minutes.

Mae is a wreck. "I need to take a fag," she tells me. She doesn't smoke. Me, I'm calm. Like the calm before a storm.

Jesse is all dressed up and ready to go. But he's awfully quiet today. He knows something is going down. He's probably saving the big screams for later when we ditch him there. Ugh! The principal assured us parents last Saturday that things will be under control. This week, they bring in the calvary - a horde of Form 6 school leavers who will act as assistants.

We're going to be okay.

Yes. We are.


  1. oh I am sure everything will turn out alright. I hope every have fun!

  2. form 6? about preparation!!!!!!
    YAYYY Jesse!!!!!!!!!!!!! You gonna have so much fun!!!! PLAY PLAY PLAY!!!!

  3. My girl is 2 weeks older than Jesse and she started her 1st day in school this morning too, she was crying out loud!

  4. Gambahteh!!!!
    Can't wait to see what happens next ....

  5. Waaahhh...Your Jesse got big gap teeth! Now he ReALLY qualifies as a hunky boy! I like.
    Better send me for a restraining order now...Heh.

  6. It was a lot better than we expected, GreenApple!
    :lol: MOTT, after our first chaotic day, I can see why they need the form 6-ers!
    Our kid broke the dam today too, Jefferene. :o(
    :lol: P
    Whoa Anjali, down girl!