Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Sick Days

As of today, I have been sick for 6 days.

I hardly get sick. And even if I did, I'm usually up and about in a day or two. But for some reason, this time around it's really bad. I've been in bed all day long both today and yesterday. Guess these old bones just aren't what they used to be.

It's a stark awakening that this year I turn 36. With the dwindling mortality rate, that makes me middle-aged. Yup. Next thing I know, I'll be buying a sports car or something. Except that at my age, I haven't made enough to buy a sports car. Now that, my friends, is a new mid-life crisis.

Goodnight folks, my cocktail of pills await.


  1. Get well soon!
    And I hope you are not one of those fussy hubbies who whine and demand when they are sick, like mine did. Then, I kesian your wifey. Hahaha.

  2. speedy recovery man!
    the usual "stay in bed and drink more fluids" doesn't apply to you eh? :P

  3. midlife crisis eh? wanna buy my big bike? hehehe. get well soon :)

  4. Old already lah.. all spare parts need to change - a major overhaul.

  5. yalar, old already lar.
    take care.

  6. "...with the dwindling mortality rate..."
    gosh, you ARE sick! That must be your fever talking. As far as I know, medical care and improvements in drugs are pushing mortality rates higher than ever!
    (Exception clause: Unless you involve yourself in dangerous activities and have unhealthy diets)
    Get well soon so you can update again! I'm beginning to swerve over to Powderpuff Mae's blog more often already....

  7. AIKS! Golden Pig Year! It's your YEAR JAMES!!! REALLY!!! IT's time to take huge risks..coz u might get HUGE returns!!!...or huge losses. ;-)
    Now I know why u like to eat so much. You can't run away from it.
    I hope u hvn't been too manja while being sick. Mama Mae might hv headache looking after one too many babies! ;-)

  8. Wow.. When I knew you, you were pushing 30. Now you're pushing 40! Time flies!!
    You'll get through this. :)
    Push 40 with grace, huh. :D

  9. oh sorry to hear about that. hope you'll get well soon.

  10. Thanks for the well-wishes, folks!
    Then? When else can a man make any demands at all, Lilian? :lol:
    Nolah, Eggy, when I'm sick, I'm compliant.
    Ahaha... the fact that you got a bike means you have a bigger crisis than me lah, Buaya!
    Thanks Jason.
    If really can get spare parts, Gina, I got many things I'd like to change.
    Can't deny it anymore, Papi.
    :lol: Ryan! I knew I should have cancelled my subscription to the Sekinchan Science Journal.
    MOTT, this golden pig doesn't feel so golden now.
    Thanks Duckie.
    Up and about already, Lucia.
    Any you're pushing 30, Shine. That makes us the same beauty age. Hahah.

  11. Bro, mid life crisis? Then we hv lots to share with each other... Take care

  12. ahahah!! so fast 40 years old alreadY?:D
    hope you recover soon yeah!