Monday, January 22, 2007

The Kindie Report

On Friday, after a good thirteen days in kindergarten, Jesse finally gets it; kindie is fun. And with that, I present to you the Kindie Report - not to be confused with the Kinsey Report, which is juicy little report about sex. This is just a report about my kid and his kindergarten experience. I'll sex it up as best I can, but no promises, ok?
Mae and I send Jesse to school on a Wednesday. The kid is wary of his new surroundings but since we're there, he's ok. We even make a break for it, halfway through and he was just fine.

The last day for parents to stick around, Mae takes Jesse there, but keeps her distance. It was too much for our boy and he decides to lead a mutiny. The Leader of the Revolution grabs his little Barney backpack and heads for the door crying his eyes out. This riles up the crowd and suddenly the all the three year olds are packing up and crying for mommy.

Mae leaves Jesse at class and heads for the door. The boy cries as teachers pry him away from his Mommy. The ordeal is too much for Mae. Jesse cries much of the day. He also becomes a legend, as every teacher has had a hand in consoling our cry baby.

I bring Jesse to school to give Mae a break. I walk him to class and he's all agreeable to the whole idea of Kindergarten. The moment I leave, the kid starts his kicking and screaming. Teacher Lavender pats me on the shoulder and looks me earnestly in the eyes, "I'll take it from here James, ok?" She was trying to console me. Jesse cries a lot during the day.

With all the crying, we had expected Jesse to refuse to go to school, but surprisingly, the kid actually likes it there. He'd cry whenever he got there but would be quickly distracted by the class bicycle, which he loves. Problem was, that was all he did - cycle around. Kids sit at the table, our kid would be on the bike. Kids would be eating biscuits, our kid would be on the bike. Kids would be lining up for the john, our kid would be on the bike.

Mae finds out that her son is as melodramatic as she is. He'd cry when she left him at school. Then he would proceed to have a good time right up until school's over. And when he walks towards the door to his Mommy outside, he'd cry, just for effect.

Teacher Lavender takes drastic measures to get our boy to participate in class. The bike goes. And the boy finds that there is live beyond bicycles. Again, he puts on his saddest puppy dog face when he greets Mommy at the end of school.

Jesse was so excited at the prospect of school that he forgot to cry. Fortunately, he remembered just in time when Mommy came to get him.He did, however cry all the way to school because he hated his brand new uniform which he wore for the first time today, but more about that in another post!

No more tears! Finally.
And that concludes the Kindie Report. As for the sexed-up bit, well, Kindie is a good place to meet hot young moms. Hahahah! But don't say I told you so.


  1. no wonder you want Jesse to go to a kindy so fast :P

  2. Hahaha MILFs at Kindy whoah! Nak kena cubit percuma, aye, James? lol
    Golden Globes Best Newcomer should go to Jesse. Haha (James, u can carry Jesseup the stage to give his speech)

  3. wah..this kindy quite glam ah...I'm imagining other dads saying the same thing abt Mae...*ahem*

  4. heheh poor teacher ;p i think we should just hand the globe to jesse also la ;p

  5. haha wow, it seems that he's grown up so quick! when you think about it though, this is the beginning of at least 15 years of schooling/studying for him...if i could go back in time, i'd wail my head off, too.

  6. eh what happen to day 10? or did you 'relive' day 9 twice...

  7. Hey.. glad Jesse is doing fine now. The kid in my house is still howling and refusing to go to school. May God have mercy on us.

  8. I deny everything, Egghead. :)
    :lol: Amydoll!
    Noler, MOTT, all kindies have hot moms I'm sure.
    Ugh! It's sobering when you put it that way, Meldee.
    Poor teacher, Visithra? Think about the poor parents. :lol:
    :lol: Indeed, Simon. Thanks for the heads-up!
    Hopefully Jesse never gets that way, Gina.