Monday, January 8, 2007

Dorjee: A Tibetan Love Story

Dorjee, like his name, was a thunderbolt out of the blue. He was a remarkably beautiful man - masculine and chiseled, yet his ruddy complexion and sunny demeanor betrayed the mischievious boy within. It was no wonder that he was always popular with the girls, even back in Tibet, from where he came.

But there was this one Indonesian maid, in the condo where he worked, who wouldn't give him the time of day. Despite his winning smile, she'd always turn a nose on his best efforts.

"This girl is like a fiesty wild llama," he bragged to his compatriots in the security office, "and I shall break her in." There was a glint in his big brown eyes as Dorjee's mind drifted away to the flora and fauna of Tibet and instantly his friends knew that the Indon maiden would be no match for this scoundrelly Lothario. They were convinced that as soon as she warmed up to his charms, she would soon be warming his bed.

. . . . . . . . .

"They've been calling each other every day," Mae exclaimed as she scrolled through the call logs on the Nokia we had loaned Roma, "and right under our noses too!" Roma had wanted a phone in case her hubby ever called her when we were out, and now it was being used a tool for her little tumble with the Tibetan Casanova.

The alarms went off in Mae's head. In her eyes, this was betrayal of trust. It was a security threat. And it wasn't the way good people behaved.

But I, I was always a fool for love. In my eyes, I saw a lonely girl, thousands of miles from home. I saw a young wife so often disappointed by her deadbeat husband. I saw a woman longing for love. Of course the fact that our security guard looked like the finalist for a Shah Rukh Khan lookalike contest didn't help matters. Heck, if I were a lonely woman, I'd be all over that handsome bastard in a heartbeat!

In the end, Mae and I decided that the best course of action was subtlety. One night, out of the blue, Mae went and had an impromptu heart-to-heart with Roma, her conversation peppered with liberal mentions of Roma's husband and their two-year-old daughter, Yunita. And despite not ever having let in on the fact that we had discovered her sordid little tryst with that handsome devil, our plan worked like a charm.

Our girl began to keep her distance, not replying his calls. Soon, she found it convenient to simply leave the phone at home. And just like that, it was over. The guard eventually quit and was never seen in our neck of the woods again.

. . . . . . . . .

Dorjee gazed into the Himalayan mountain range as the sun ebbed into the twilight. He had come home to nurse his broken heart only to find that there was a new beginning waiting for him in Tibet. "It's time we went, Roma. Dorjee's got an itch you can scratch," he whispered as he gingerly patted his new pet llama amourosly on the rump.


  1. And hence ended a Movie/Storybook/Merchandise tie-in that could have been, Roma & Dorjee...

  2. nominating this for an academy award for 2007!!

  3. ah, nice move. another thing, only send back max 50% of her salary back to indon. why? many left behind indon hubbiess have used their wife's hard earned remittance for affairs. sad.

  4. Ha ha...Mae is one smart chick!!!!!

  5. dear james, ur such loving person to have being understanding abt roma lonliness. but since roma is indonesia maid living with you, i think u must not offended her or having confrontation becoz this is very important. If i was u, i will treat her very well and dun dare to raise my voice becoz im scared if she will put poison in my food or jesse's food, u know wat i mean?
    btw, can u pls email me becoz i have some nutrition product to recommend to u & ur family :D

  6. hi james, i came across your blog recently. just to let u know that i throughly enjoy reading your posts, esp posts like this. drama-nya! :)

  7. woo!! yeah i have the same idea as you, james. i wouldn't blame a girl getting excited when a handsome young man pays her attention, esp. when her hubby is far far away. it's natural. but never mind, now all's well ends well. :)

  8. Shah Rukh Khan lookalike ah? Which condo you stay in ah? Email me details, can? :lol:

  9. James, from previous pics, the set up of the place u live in seems like somewhere in damansara, near ikano... tio boh?
    Its good that mae was quite... calm abt it, and that you guys understand her loneliness. at least you guys nip it in the bud (or is it butt... hmm) because 2 of my grandma's maid tend to bring in men into the house when my grandma is asleep... daring!!
    ouh, is jesse still crying being left in the kindy??

  10. James, though might think that it's all well ends well... better save a backup plan.. I dun give even 50% trust to these maids now, no matter how good they are. Good luck!

  11. You gave Roma by giving her a handphone?! Spoil market only.
    I am glad you managed to stay calm about the whole situation. If it was me, I woulda sacked her straight away. Understanding her loneliness is one thing, but she may have invited that man (or others) into your home without your knowledge. Think of the danger she might have caused Mae and Jesse in your absence. Think about the possibilities. It is better to be cautious than have regrets later.

  12. Sorry eh, got typo error in my 1st sentence. :(

  13. Stevo: Well, I ain't as savvy as Lucas.
    Academy Award for who, Eggy? :lol:
    Got it, Buaya.
    *ahem* MOTT.
    I also scared kena poison, Phoenix. Hey, write me at thatjames[at]gmail[dot]com!
    Thanks for dropping by, SC!
    Maybe not all's well that ends well, Lucia. Apparently we just had a new Security guy. Also Shah Rukh Khan type. :lol:
    :lol: Anjali!
    How did your Gran find out, Amy? And yes, Jesse is still crying. Will blog about that soon.
    No worries, Annie. There's always a backup.
    Yes, we have considered that, Bonnie. Mae's mom's maids have done quite a bit of that in the past, so she's quite experienced. :lol:

  14. She's a bit senile... but when she complains to mom that she keeps on seeing MEN entering the room, she got scared and mentioned it to mom. It is indeed very rare to find maids who come here who dont get horny :P

  15. That is why my friend's maid prefers to stay in a container outside her house compound, even if she was provided a nice bedroom in the house - so that she could spend time frolicking with different men at night. She is THAT amorous. Almost every night also different men - I am so jealous! Hahahha!