Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Way to a Man's Heart

gimme! gimme!

Men (the ones of the masculine persuasion, anyway) are simple creatures. We are easy to please. So easy, that I have no reservation whatsoever to speak for my brethren:

Men love fried chicken.

It's not exactly the great big secret of the universe, or the meaning of life, but it does come pretty damn close. The thing is, women know this. But for reasons that elude me, when a woman transitions in her life to become a mother or a wife, she conveniently forgets. Allow me to illustrate.

My mother was in town only recently. "James loves steamed chicken," she tells Mae. "He does?" Mae reconfirms with Mom. "I love fried chicken," I yell from across the room, disturbed by the conversation that was taking place before me. "Yah, he loves steamed chicken."

Isn't it amazing how mother knows best? That was just barely a month ago.

A couple of weeks ago I call home. "We're having rendang chicken," Mae tells me. "Why can't we ever have fried chicken?" "But you love rendang chicken," she rationalises. You can never really talk to a woman.

Still, miracles do happen.

Monday night, Mae made fried chicken. And that night, as I clocked up my cholesterol count, I fell in love with my wife all over again. Isn't it any wonder that the physical manifestations of love closely resembles a mild cardiac arrest?


  1. Hey, I always thought your favourite food was Char Kuey Teow?

  2. Yeah!! We love fried chicken!! Urgh, urgh, urgh!!
    I shud get Mami to read this. ;)

  3. u sure you fell in love with Mae all over again? or is this the fried chicken talking? LOL!

  4. Harro James, men sure are easy to please ;) now women on the other hand... are a little complicated :P Will learn to fry chicken.

  5. I agree with egghead!
    It's the fried chicken! It's the fried chicken!

  6. I believe the underlying message here is
    MEN LOVES CHICKEN. Two legged. Or Four.
    But it's only the four legged ones get fried. :lol:

  7. i think men love fried everything..hahahahahah!!!

  8. Yes Jason, I love char kuey teow best. But at home, it's the fried chicken that rules the roost! :lol:
    Yes, yes Papi. We should form some kind of union or something to protect the rights of husbands who want fried chicken. Hahahh....
    Love and fried chicken are one and the same lah, Eggy!
    Dear single-men, pls direct your attention to Chun. She is a lovely, funny and sexy young lady and she is learning to fry chicken. What more could a man want? Mail all enquiries to me!!! (Chun, if this personal ad works to your favour, I want a 10% cut of the dowry from the lucky man! Hahahah!)
    No denying it, P.
    Anjali, Anjali. Methinks your animal biology is a little off. :lol: What in the world are 4-legged chickens?
    MOTT, you must be the wife of the year. :)

  9. Aiyah you like Hainanese Chicken Rice mah. Isn't that steamed chicken?

  10. Yes, I'm a man and I love fried chicken.

  11. I read this to my husband who gave a man grunt and cheer. ~_~; You're a bad influence!!!
    Lucky for him, I'm a huge *cry* huge ... fan of fried chicken, so huge that I qualify for the average american sized woman. Damn you Popeyes!!! And btw, Church's Chicken and Popeyes or all southern fried chicken is the best in the world, and can blow any silly fried chicken out of the water. Come here and I'll belanja you.

  12. Yup, my man loves his KFC. Sad to say, I don't fry anything at home. I steam. I bake. I roast.
    But that's what KFC, A&W and McD are for, right? To take the missus and kids out once in a while so that the missus doesn't have to cook...

  13. Aiks! True oso about the four legged chickens! Shy oso... :lol: :lol: :lol:

  14. :lol: You got me there Bonnie. But I'm begining to think that a woman invented Hainanese Chicken Rice. If it were a guy, you can rest assured it'd be fried.
    Kevin, you are a man after my own heart. Hopefully you are not a man after my own cholesterol.
    Yes, Gwen. I love Southern Fried Chicken like the next man and I have certainly heard of Popeye's. Your offer makes me wanna jump on the next flight to the states.
    Yes Kat. But imagine if you made him fried chicken at home... he might take you to some fancy restaurant instead of KFC. :lol:
    :lol: Anjali, I would have loved the idea of a 4-legged chicken. Just imagine... 2 more drumsticks!

  15. well, you know what they say, the way to a man's heart is through his stomach...