Friday, January 5, 2007


Mae has recently started blogging. After having read the hundreds of posts I have written about her and Jesse, she's finally decided that she might want to have a voice on the blogosphere as well, on a subject she is reasonably well-versed with - vanity. Heh.

And since a husband's job is to plug his wife (*ahem*) - I present to you Powderpuff Mae. Do go and say "Hi!" and keep an eye out in case I ever decide to make an appearance there. Not her choice, of course, but since she refuses to learn more about Blogger she'll just have to live with it. Case in point - here! Hahaha!!!

Since I'm in the mood I'm gonna plug two other ladies as well.

First up, is a good friend. Jean is a dentist with her own practice. I worked on her logo and her blog as a favour. In exchange, I got a few free consults and Jean promises to make my consultations as painless as possible. *Hiak* You'll find snippets of her life there and a wealth of resources on dental torture care.

Next up, is Sharon Low, the founder of Stemlife. She left a comment in an old post to say that she is now blogging. If you're expecting your baby and have considered saving his cord blood, head on over and you'll find some useful info. Incidentally, Jesse's cord blood is stored at Stemlife in the hope that it will someday benefit someone who needs it. And if that never happens, he could always drink it and let it absorb back into his system. Heh!

Ok. I'm done. Move along. Nothing to see here.


  1. No need to think twice, CTRL+D Mae's blog and subscribed to RSS feed.

  2. By the way, maybe you should consider of buying a domain. I mean, now that Mae is blogging too! It would be cool to have a domain for the whole family.

  3. Oh mine..!!! your wife so pretty lah..!!!!
    You lucky dude..!!

  4. Hi James, thanks for linking me in. Have been trying to blog since last week but couldnt get in. I realise that the whole internet thing is going super slow. Someone told me it has to do with some "Taiwan earthquake". My apologies to those who tried to click on the link. By the way, painless dentistry is now possible with proper techniques and technology.. that you must agree right?

  5. Nah, Jason, we're too lazy to maintain our own Domain. We'll probably forget to renew and find our domain taken over by some prono site. :lol:
    Thank you MamaBoK.
    I have to say yes, Jean. I may be seeing you next week, so let's not offend the dentist. Hahahha!!!

  6. You mean Powderpuffmae is your Mae? Aiyah. You lousy lah. Say so earlier lah, I cepat cepat go and say Hello and welcome her to blogosphere. She visited my blog a few times but I'm so busy I didn't pay her a return visit! :P

  7. Hi James!
    Thanks for the plug :)
    I hope you're enjoying the stem cell updates on my blog. Just to let you know that I've put in a link to your blog entitled "StemLife Banker goes to School". Your son looks a lot like you!
    Big Hug to the family,

  8. hah, now the missus gets to tell her side of the story! any plans for the youngest malaysian blogger yet...?