Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Hey, Good Looking!

My wife tells me I'm handsome. HAHAHAHA!!! She kills me, I tell you.

Deep in my heart, I know I'm not a good looking man. Firstly, much as I'd like it, I do not have a very defined jawline. To make matters worse, years of excesses have added on to my ever-increasing chins. Next, my nose is like a Karl-Malden-esque lump of clay in the middle of my face. And then there's the tragedy I call teeth, which would surely make me any orthodontist's best customer. And finally, to seal this deal of ugliness, my eyes are different from one another!

While I'm convinced that I'm fairly hideous, in all my audacity, I have always sought after the lookers. All the girlfriends that I have ever had, had been pretty girls. And Mae must surely be the fairest of them all.

"Why are you men so shallow?" most women would say, "Beauty is only skin-deep". Was I not capable of looking beyond the looks? But here's the thing; While I have always considered myself fortunate to have gone out with some of the prettiest girls ever, my friends have actually come up to me and told me otherwise, "What? You call that pretty? Euww!"

Yes, the woman in my life must be beautiful. And she must be sexy. But the standards of her beauty and sexiness are exclusively my own. Maybe someone might take a look at Mae and say, "Whoa!! You married THAT?" but it doesn't matter (I'm so dead when she finds this blog!). To me, she's perfect. In fact, she is the most beautiful woman in the world - even if it's my own little world! And if anyone else thinks so, that's a bonus.

My wife tells me I'm handsome. Hahahahha!! I'm bug-ugly to the rest of the world, but to my wife, I'm handsome. "Alright honey," I always tell her, "Just don't say it out loud."

There is hope for mankind. There is.


  1. Man, You're the luckiest man alive.
    It don't matter, dude. Just enjoy the love. Have a good week!

  2. hey, you a married,have a wonderful wive, now a family......so why still complaining lar? ;)
    Some ppl can't even have babies

  3. I know, Ash. Outer beauty will fade someday. Beyond that it's love on autopilot, dude!! :lol:
    No way I'd complain, KA. I'm the lucky one. :)

  4. Dude! It's all about how you feel :) No one else matters :)
    Mae you're lucky as all hell and so is Baby Noodle! :D

  5. Good on ya, James! It shouldn't matter what other people think... after all, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder!
    By the way, you and Mae sound like the perfect couple, James :)

  6. Awwww shucks! Damn sweeettt..
    Man, do u ever have anything like, not nice to say? Not that its a bad thing that everything is working out great for u la... loverly i tell u, just loverly.. = )

  7. A lot of men feel the same way - it's just some of us actually let those insecurities get in the way of attaining a fullfilling life. Lucky for you, you've been pretty successful at it! Good on ya, mate! :)

  8. Aww...c'mon piakses, you don't look half that bad! You said before your eyes are your best asset! Faith, man!

  9. feel the love... feel the love... :)

  10. Hmm, I should get you talking with Mae, Meesh. Think about the points I'll rack up! :lol:
    I'm not sure about 'perfect', Sara, but I can tell you we're perfectly nuts! :)
    Now you got me blushing, olivia! :)
    I'm sure I can think up some not-so-nice things, annu, but I fear for my life! Hehhehh!
    I'm not sure about success, Sashi but it's a learning process.
    No mdmafia, I never said my EYES. Just my left eye, dear! :lol:
    Hey ryuu, aren't you supposed to be on hiatus? ;)
    Hehehh... somehow that gives me all kinds of ideas, kev!

  11. dirty dirty bird u james! hehe... thanks for linking... :)

  12. so sweet~.....heck,she thinks you are handsome-no matter what people say-nice..nice...love your relationship with Mae

  13. james : guess i just can't quit cold turkey in reading some blogs (like yours ;))
    great post. seriously.

  14. You're welcome, kev! :)
    My dad thinks Mae needs glasses, Dee. :lol:
    Aw shucks! Thanks, ryuu.

  15. Yeah. I remembered she claimed you look like Aaron Kwok when you were shooting pool at Bravo ions ago.
    Then I said,"Yeah. More like Aaron's cock."

  16. Remember what I say when I met Mae for the first time?
    "Are you the one in tv commercial? Oil of Olay or something?"

  17. Tsk! Tsk! Such language in a family-oriented blog. :) And Gina, don't lie... she never said anything like that.

  18. You were shooting pool. We were talking. oops. Sorry.

  19. I have no doubt Mae is very pretty James. Somehow, I think men compare their "successes" with the beauty of their girlfriends. And some of the comments I hear from guys on girls' looks - it makes me wonder how we let men rule the world, really!
    So I think while some guys can really believe in that "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" line, most of them have eyes that conform to the standards of their peers and the media. Very few would be able to withstand the pressure to ditch a girl labelled "ugly" or "fat" by their mates.

  20. Yes, Zsarina. Unfortunately, a lot of men DO look for "trophy wives" to accessorise themselves. But as accessories go, the ones that look best are not necessarily all that functional.
    So, woe to all those men who ditch good women out of peer pressure. If a man can't take a stand and tell his friends, "It's my choice!" then he's really not that great a catch himself.