Friday, May 21, 2004

Miss Sourpuss

I survived my first Ante-Natal Class! Hurrah!!

We got there at 6:45pm, 15 minutes before time. This is, in itself a great achievement for me since I'm hardly ever punctual. In fact we were only the second couple there. Go on. Pat me on the back. :)

As we got there, there was this... erm... international couple ahead of us - a German and his Kazakhstanese wife. And lo and behold, there at the reception counter was our "old friend", Miss Sourpuss. Anyway, as they registered Miss Sourpuss attended to them and it was all good. And then suddenly, Mr. German get a flash of brilliance.

"Kahn you not put uhn 'Parentcraft Classes' on zah bill?" he enquired, "If you write uhn 'classes' my insurance von't pay for it." Mr. German then goes on to explain that his insurance would pay for consultations instead. It was a simple enough request but Miss Sourpuss was dumbfounded - thanks to his thick accent. She couldn't understand a word of his request. Meanwhile, the queue was starting to build. Finally, Mr. German gives up and says, "Nevershmind. Vee'll do this uhn later" and proceeds into the training room. Okay, he didn't really talk like that. But wouldn't it have been cool if he did?

Anyway, in old sourpuss fahion Miss Sourpuss mutters quite audibly, "Stupid German. Bodoh!" Right there, in front of the rest of us. What a stinky attitude! Sure, we get upset once in awhile. We are only human. But to do it in front of other customers is just plain unprofessional. And stinky. Did I mention stinky? Stinky.

The class was light-hearted and informative. Thank God for small miracles.


  1. Miss Sourpuss needs a Mr Sourpuss, methinks.

  2. Haha! *Pats James*
    Smelly balls!

  3. Keep Mae a safe distance away from ms. sourpuss!!! You wouldn't want sourpuss's negative vibes going Baby's way! :lol:

  4. She really is a sourpuss!!!

  5. blardy cow! baby on the way huh? congrats wei!

  6. put it this way. with her attitude, she may not rise above her current position.
    and never mind, it's only for a few more weeks. then, little jamesy-maesy is born. :)

  7. No denying, Sashi!
    Smelly balls, kev? What in the world....?
    Yeah, Sara, we need an Anti-Ms-Sourpuss spray!
    But we need them, Rachel. Just to remind us that we're alive!
    Hmph, Hani! One day Baby will grow up and seek vengeance on the woman who dared call his daddy Blardy Cow. *cue Kill Bill theme song*
    Strangely enough, Wena, there are plenty of bad attitudes up in senior management these days. Oh well...

  8. Hi Hani. Hehe. I dont know why but I keep on thinking of selipar jamban whenever the name Hani appears.
    Eh, James. Kenot complain punya meh? If I were you, I will put Ms Sourpuss off the salary list.
    Mental note to self: Next time pregnant, don't go to where James and Mae is going.