Tuesday, May 25, 2004


Today I had an epiphany. It's rare, but yes, every now and then I do get a flash of brilliance. Today, I realised what's missing in our lives.

Have you ever noticed how we're clever folks, us humans? We wear clothes and we invent stuff. And thanks to our genius, we have an array of nifty little gadgets to help us get by in our daily lives.

We have toothpicks that help us remove the rest of our meal from between our teeth. We've got cotton buds and those tiny little "scoop" things to rid our ears of the gunk that build up inside. Manicurists use a little device that helps them push in our cuticle so we have neat and tidy nails. Heck, we even have that nasty little piece of metal to help us pop our pimple or squeeze out that blackhead.

"So, how come we don't have anything to pick the booger from our nose," I ask Mae, "Don't we deserve a pick or something when we go for gold?". Mae, being Mae ponders seriously upon this enquiry as she does with every question that I ask. Hehheheh!!

"I know!" she exclaimed as it hits her. "It's because we don't need them. We can reach in all by ourselves."

I still think we need an apparatus for nose-picking. If not for our noses, then for Baby's. If we were to dig his tiny nose with our porky fingers, the poor little guy will have huge, flaring nostrils by the time he's 7.

Do we need nosepicks or what?


  1. I thought cotton buds will be good enough for a baby's nose?

  2. I dont remember how my mom does Sasha's nostrils. But I think she uses a hankie everyday when she bathes her. If you do it on daily basis, I think shouldn't have any clogs of nose shit innit.

  3. hehe... i can invent the nosepick... using a green cabbage and a floppy disk. ha! how's that for innovative james? huh? huh? :P

  4. So now I know why I have huge nostrils!! Am going to confront my mother after this :lol:
    But anyway... to help you with your erm, problem, I do believe tissue wrapped around a cotton bud will do the job for ya, James ;) That's how my uncle cleaned his baby's nose. Don't use the cotton bud by itself though... little bits of fluff can come off in Baby's nose so that's dangerous.
    But hey, you can always give it a try on your nose first to see how it feels and how effective it is. Happy gold-digging!! :lol:

  5. Applegal, I'm sure it is. But what about the really hard pieces.
    Or we could just plug all the holes to be safe, Gina. :lol:
    Hahahha!!! Yes kev, you'll be the toast of TechTV! :lol:
    What about the fluff from the tissue, Sara!? :)

  6. James, did you know apparatus rhymes with asparagus?

  7. Yes, kev. I see poetry in your future. :)

  8. If you can avoid it, don't use cotton buds, because sometimes the gunk will go further up the nose and Baby won't be able to breathe. Pray that Baby will come out with really big nostrils. Easier to 'dig'. My babies had eenie-weenie ones. It was a nightmare trying to get the 'gold' out.

  9. Thanks James! I'm delighted! Woohoo! Gosh i am such a baby. :)

  10. :lol: Nudgewa, if I prayed for big nostrils for my son, he's gonna hate me for it someday!
    Yes, kev. Someone ought to spank you or something. But then, you might like it. ;)

  11. Yes i must have my well-deserved spanking really soon! Any takers?

  12. my kindergarten best friend used to grab both her nostrils with her two thumbs and pull at it and blow her nose hard.. It was pretty disturbing. surprisingly her nostrils are normal! maybe the skin has more elasticy there.