Monday, May 24, 2004

Wedding Weekend

... baby set the night on fire ...

Over the weekend, Mae's brother, Colin got hitched. As you can imagine since we're Chinese Malaysians, it was a busy, busy weekend.

Chinese weddings are terribly elaborate, but disturbingly enjoyable at the same time. The day started at 7:30 am for us since both Mae and I have been assigned as unofficial videographer and photographer respectively. We make our to Sharon's home.

Colin and his entourage get there and are ragged by Sharon's girl friends. The first session was a pop quiz to see how well Colin knows his bride. Everytime he screws up the answer, he and his poor buddies are made to eat a raw onion. It was a feast of onions that day!

Next up, the boys are served four tall glasses of Sweet, Sour, Bitter and Spicy in liquid form. Ick!!! But Colin's friends faithfully down the stuff. One poor guy even puked his guts after. When he did, we all rushed... to record the moment for posterity. And for laughs, of course. Bwahahahaha!!!

Finally, the boys had to form a human pyramid. Colin got to the top and shouted his love for Sharon at the top of his lungs. After that, the girls finally allowed the flustered groom access to his blushing bride. Ok. Sharon never blushes. This tough-as-nails girl just laughed her head off at the boys. Hahhaha!!

Next, the bride is whisked off to the groom's family house where a Tea Ceremony is performed. In true Hokkien tradition, Sharon serves tea to the elders as her first task of respect as a part of Colin's family. Then the younger ones, serve their new big-sister tea to welcome her. Nice.

The second round of the wedding started at 7:00 pm. A feast is a must in a Chinese wedding. Come to think of it, a feast is a must in every Chinese occassion - birth, marriage and even funeral! Yup. Somebody dies, and everybody eats. Hehheh!

Here, the traditions combine. The bride marches with her dad and is presented to the groom. They exchange vows before an ordained minister - who also happens to be Sharon's uncle. Lovely.

Then dinner and drinks.

The night ends close to midnight and everyone is pooped. For the groom, a huge burden has been lifted. All the tension and stress of the weeks leading up to the wedding ends as the guests trickle away.

It's no wonder that the wedding is the happiest day in a groom's life. :)


  1. Very nice entry :) Show pics of the guy puking!! XD

  2. weddings are always beautiful...

  3. They had the wedding just before the feast? That's unusual. Usually the wedding is in the morning or afternoon and the feast is at night. Interesting!
    I love weddings :)

  4. Thanks applegal. I would put the pic up but the puking guy might kill me! :lol:
    That's the general rule of thumb, kev. But then there are those shotgun weddings... Hehheh!!
    You're right, Irene. This one was a little unusual in more ways than one. :)

  5. Betcha you got all nostalgic and thought about your own wedding eh?:) How was that like anyway, something similar?

  6. Sashi, my own wedding was... fuuh!!! Hehheh... perhaps in a future post! :)

  7. It [*CENSORED*] on James' wedding. Hahah!
    Colin's wedding coincide with the grand Spanish wedding.

  8. eh? we can edit ppl's comments?

  9. Gina, Gina! Much to learn, you have, my young padawan. :lol: