Tuesday, May 18, 2004


Mae and I have the weirdest conversations. Tonight, as I accompanied her to bed she asked, "How would I know if you were having an affair?"

With dead seriousness, I masterfully concocted the perfect answer for my wife. "My lifestyle would change. I would stop wanting to stay up late. I would stop wanting to watch DVDs at home."

She pondered perplexedly upon my enigmatic answer.

Yessss... it's working. She was buying it hook, line and sinker. Perhaps now she'll stop nagging me for staying up late. Perhaps now she'll stop calling me a TV addict. Perhaps now I'll be able to stay up late all night, every night. And from now on, I'd be able to watch DVD upon DVD until my eyes pop out!

Then she broke the silence with evil cackle, "Hahahh... nice try! Too bad I'm not buying it."

Oh well, back to the drawing board. *sigh*


  1. hahahaha!! mae the great ... she spotted the trap and evaded it!

  2. Haha maybe you should have turned the tables on her and asked HER the same question.

  3. Pure genius! Too bad it didn't work.

  4. ahahahaha...*rolls with laughter*-sorry,james can't help it ;)

  5. It amazes me how your mind works. Mae must really know u so well. Good for her! :))

  6. I think you successfully evaded the REAL question she was asking, James...:-)

  7. You bet, Jack. The woman is getting too smart for me! :)
    Jasmine, she actually volunteered the info - but I told her no, I didn't wanna know. I know she was gonna pull the same thing with me. She'll probably say something like "I'll stop shopping!!" :lol:
    Too bad indeed, Christopher! But hey, I have a few more tricks up my sleeve. Let's see... :)
    ... but I shall return, olivia!
    You can use this info someday, eh, Dee?
    I try, peter. But I think Mae's ahead of me.
    Hey, no fair! No ganging up on me now, yt!! :lol:
    Ooh, you're a dangerous one, Zsarina. There'll be no fooling you. ;)

  8. Actually, still can salvage one!

  9. WooOoO Ash. You're a dangerous one! :) C'mon, share already!!!

  10. Actually, if I am Mae, I wouldn't be bothered to ask that Q also, since James himself consider himself, BUTT-UGLY.