Thursday, May 13, 2004

Back To School

Well, sort of. Mae and I have signed up for the ante-natal classes at Damansara Specialist Hospital, where we've been going to see the Gynaecologist. It runs for four consecutive Thursdays starting next week. I expect they'll be teaching Mae how to do her breathing and probably also give her realistic expectations about the delivery. We'll also learn stuff like how to bathe and change Baby. Stuff like that.

The first time we enquired about the classes, the young lady in charge gave me a long lecture about how I should be a responsible husband and attend the classes with Mae.

"You know, it's compulsory for husbands. You must be fully committed. You cannot sign up and decide to let your wife come alone. We won't tolerate that!" Miss Sourpuss was practically scolding me for being a bad husband, "You have that look on your face that tells me you're a bad husband who will leave your wife and child someday, you bastard!"

Okay, I made up that last bit. But it sure sounded like it was headed that direction. I had to put my foot down. I would have like to put it down on her head but I decided that would be ungracious of me. Heh!

"Please, Miss, take it easy-lah. I never said I wasn't gonna show up. Don't scold me until I mess up, okay?" I cut her off as politely as I could, honest. She stopped, gave us a limp smile and proceeded to explain the dates and rates of the course.

Poor girl. Must have had bad experiences with men! :)


  1. how do you know she had ANY experience with men in the first place? :lol: Maybe it's that time of the month where you were locked on her radar screen. :lol:
    Bare with her, for Mae's sake, you don't want to be overcharge, do you? ;)

  2. poor fella, buta-buta kena hentam. nvm, james. i'm sure u'll be with mae all the way... you will, rite? RITE? *flares nostrils and gives James the glare*

  3. Are you sure it's not your face? Remember that granny who locked her car doors when you walked by? :lol:

  4. So have u decided if you are going to be there in the Labour room? Some men just can't take it! too much..... blood?

  5. haha! that's bad! bad james. bad bad james.

  6. a reader of your blogMay 13, 2004 at 11:33 PM

    that young lady , is , after all, a young lady.
    i think you must be a very very good tempered person..she was, in fact, lecturing you!
    i just cant take it when someone younger/inexperienced/not in a position to do so, no matter male/female, lectures me. In cantonese : "No Big No Small".
    james, u are a gentleman !

  7. Hmm... yes, you might be right, KA. She did seem a little unreasonable then! :P
    No fair, olivia. Every man fears the flaring nostrils of a woman! :lol:
    Yes mdmafia, I was cursed with the kind of face only my mother could love!! :lol:
    I shall be there, drcheah. I will brave the blood and blood-curdling screams! I will endure the bone-chilling sights. And I will wear rubber shoes! :lol:
    It's a curse, kev, I tell you. To be born with a face like mine!! Hehhheh!
    Naaah, reader. I hardly qualify as a good tempered person. But the situation was more funny than insulting! :)

  8. Actually it's a common enough thing to see the husbands drive their wives to the classes and the rush off! They've probably seen it so often that they feel a warning is necessary beforehand - just to unnerve the poor guy! ;)

  9. Yes mdmafia, I was cursed with the kind of face only my mother could love!!
    You forgot Mae. How could you forget Mae, James??!?! Bad, bad boy! :P

  10. hubby: dear, i'm just gonna drop u off for the ante-natal class. i... err... got some paperwork to finish *pls pls dun see through dat lie*
    wife: oh... *suspicious look*... paperwork?
    hubby: err... yea... *wipes cold sweat* *pls don't look at my eyes*
    wife: *flares her nostrils* FFFFIIIINNNNEEEEE *the killer word*
    hubby: *whimper*

  11. but no worries, i'll still be gladly join the addam's family! :)

  12. you mean the jame's family, kev? :lol:

  13. nurses usually want to get a chance to lecture patients.
    on another note, how long before mae finds out about this blog ah? ;)

  14. Hmm Sashi, you sound like your speaking from experience. ;)
    Nah Irene, Mae doesn't really love me. She's just in it for the entertainment value!! :lol:
    YAH!!!! Hahahah, that's so true, Olivia!!! :lol:
    :) Kev. You don't know what you're getting into.
    That's us, KA!
    Wena, I actually told Mae about this blog when I first started it. Gave her the URL and all. But Mae being Mae, and being very un-IT-saavy, she's forgotten all about it! :lol: That's my wife...