Wednesday, May 26, 2004


I'm sick. I hardly get sick, except for my constant battle with my blood pressure and that stupid pain in the ball of my left foot. But you know what I mean.

There is a raging tempest where my brain used to be. Every sinew in my body untwining and unraveling, snapping and crackling. And the shadow of death is looming over this broken body beckoning me to let it all go. Okay. I exaggerate. I do that everytime I'm sick. Everytime I get sick, I slip into this mini-depression and wish that I was dead or something. I'm a whiner, what can I say.

Whiners need TLC. But even that I managed to screw up.

Last night I was exceptionally crabby. It was the flu, but I didn't know it then. I just felt crappy. Mae said something and I snapped at her, "Go to sleep lah!" Half an hour later, I had begun to feel the full effects of the flu so I resigned to bed.

True to the whiner that I am, I tried to weasel sympathy from Mae. "Honey, I don't feel well," I said in my most pitiful, quivering voice. And Mae said, "Go to sleep lah!" Boy, did that sting. But I knew I had it coming. So I went to bed wallowing in self-pity.

This morning, I awoke as cheerful as a church on Monday. Mae saw and took pity on me. Her big hulking giant had fallen and can't get up.

Thank God. Nothing cures a flu faster than a little TLC. :)


  1. Awww... poor baby. I know exactly what you mean, James. Just be thankful you're married. I have no one to give me TLC when I'm sick... *sob sob*

  2. U better not whine too much. Set such bad example for baby.

  3. Heh. Get well soon! It's the weather; I was not feeling well last week too. :/

  4. Tis the season to be flu-ey... My mom used to be a nurse, so I crawl to her for TLC when I'm sick and she would know exactly what to do. Still, not taking any chances - am drinking lotsa water and Vit C.
    Get well soon... and have u just decided to have a new hair style?? Thought u looked different yesterday!

  5. I pray you are feeling better soon!

  6. get well soon, james! when i'm sick, i'll manja my bf and vice versa. but i notice when he's sick, my mum wl boil leong-char for him all. when i'm sick, she'll go ask me boil my own... *blek*

  7. take a shot of brandy, it'll help 'clear' things up ;)..and it'll definetly cheer you up!!

  8. Aww... Irene. Hurry up and declare yourself open season to the world and he'll show up! :)
    Gina, Gina, Gina. Baby will soon learn that whining is a great way to find TLC. :lol:
    Yeah Strizzt. It's goin' round!
    Heh coolgal! I'm just letting it grow. OK. I admit. I'm too lazy to drag myself off to the barber! :)
    Ahh... so that's what it was, Rachel. I'm feeling better already. ;)
    Hahah! You're mom's on to you lah, Olivia!
    Now why didn't I think of that, annu. :)

  9. Everyone is getting sick. Get well soon James. We have a lot to talk about... Y'know... Sesame Street, Muffins and then... toys...

  10. James, I already declared myself to the world! I've blogged about it so much even I am tired of reading about it! :P What more can I do??

  11. Toys, kev? :)
    Blogged, irene? Then you would have had enough practice to declare it in real life, I guess. ;)

  12. *shakes head* tsk tsk tsk
    even before baby is born, papa bear is already trying to steal the attention of mama bear. hehe. :P
    and yeup, TLC is the bestest of the best of the bessssst medicine :) hope yer good now james