Friday, May 28, 2004


Last night was the second round of our Ante-Natal classes. This time, we learnt stretching, breathing and relaxing.

Our class this time around was conducted by two physiotherapists and held in the Rehabilitation Centre of DSH. Towards the end of the night, this young lady physiotherapist was giving us instructions and tips on massaging. Yes, daddies have a role to play too!

As we did an exercise on back massage, the physiotherapist made her rounds to make sure we're doing it right. Then she came round to Mae and me.

"Aah... this one's good," she said out loud. And all the other folks turned to look.

And suddenly all the expectant mommies ditched their husbands and made a beeline at the foot of Mae's bed. "Do me next!" "No! Me first" "Please, me first. I'll pay you, okay!?" Suddenly all the women in the room wanted a taste of my massaging prowess. I knew then as I have always known; mine were the hands that were made for the pleasure of womankind.

Okay. So it didn't quite happen that way. But heck, it felt good to know that I had the makings of masseur! Hahahahah!!!

"Honey, you proud of me?" I asked, quite shamelessly.

"I'm always proud of you," said the clever woman who will enjoy good massage for the rest of her life.


  1. actually ah.. lemme tell u ah-something.. i think.. every woman.. wants a man who is good with his hands. if no good then no fun. and no don't think dirty. :P i mean as in massaging. girls love massages :D
    it is like ah bonus! :)

  2. .....and don't forget hands to stroke those hair, to clasp those sweet cheeks and to tickle those toes....
    Oh boy, i was warned not to be poetic :)

  3. Maybe in your past live, you live in the world of Suzie Wong, and in fact, you were a masseur. Hehe. It got carried away till this life. Mae is so damn lucky.

  4. my turn!!! my turn!!! :lol: bet u the other daddies must've been a tad jeles to see james with all their wives attention! ok, jokes aside, everyone loves a good massage. mebbe must ask my bf to massage my legs... mmm...

  5. heh heh, lucky devil... a whole alternate career opportunity suddenly opens up.. :lol:

  6. I'm so jealous!! :) Lucky Mae and baby!

  7. *crack knuckles*
    come who wants to try my massaging skills?

  8. What's your secret to a giving a great massage james? Share, share! ;)

  9. Yes Natasha. And remember, every man wants a good massage too! :)
    Wah, KA. That was... erm... creepy. Hehheh!!!
    Lucky is a matter of opinion, Gina! :lol:
    Olivia: Tell him, upward strokes, from the toes to the thighs. :)
    If I even consider it, I may have to find me a new wife, Sashi! :lol:
    Don't be, Jess. Pay me 50 bucks and I'll share some tips with your masseur! Hahahah!!
    And there ya go, ladies... Ryuu the Masseur!
    Hahahha Sara!!! Well, all I did was really just to have full contact of my palms on Mae's back, instead of using my fingers. I used the lower part of my palms, y'know that lump of flesh that connects to the thumb? (what do you call that anyway?) It was easier for me, and for Mae it was surprisingly comfortable. So there! :)

  10. life is beautiful eh,james?i envy mae---now to find a guy who would be a great husband and good at massages...hahahaha *chuckles*

  11. Hehehe... smart of Mae to find a husband like you. So, when do I get a massage? ;)

  12. Well, Dee... I'm sure it's more beautiful on the receiving end! :)
    So you found me, Jo! :) Now I'll have to give you a massage, won't I? :lol:

  13. James..DSH eh? Who's the doctor?
    And I hope you give Mae massages outside of the classes, too...we women do love strong hands...oh God, my shoulders are now suddenly aching....

  14. Our doc is Dr. Huam, Zsarina. :)
    You want to give, kev? :lol:

  15. Ah ha! The question is... Give what? *teehee*