Saturday, September 4, 2004

Sweet Dreams are Made of These


...Mr. Sandman...Bring me a dream...

Sometimes when he sleeps, Baby Jesse will curl his lips into a sweet little smile. Other times, he will furrow his brows and twist his features into a heartbreaking frown. Is it just merely a reflex or is he dreaming?

When we dream, our dreams or nightmares are usually a playback of our memories. Memories of events collected through the course of our lives. In Baby's case, his whole life is all of the 9 days he's been out into the world. We often wonder what he dreams about.

Could he be reminiscing that delicious meal of mother's milk he's just had - along with a generous side of mommy's TLC? Perhaps he's savouring it all over again in his reverie. Or could he be fighting off that dragon of a Confinement Lady who keeps forcefeeding him bland, tasteless water? Or maybe he's remembering the wonderful experience of Daddy cradling him in his strong muscular arms against his herculean-proportionate chest. *ahem* Or it could be he's having a horrifying dream of that nasty pile of poo he just expelled. Hehh!

Sometimes it looks like he's having a frightening nightmare, when he convulses and shakes. That must be the dream of his traumatic exit from the comfort of Mae's womb. One minute he's curled up inside the warm confines of mommy, and the next, he's rudely awakened and yanked out into the cold air! And with a vacuum, no less.

The memory of that one event must have been horribly frightful. And yet, someday this dream will eventually be erased from his memory to make way for fresh, new ones. Just like all of us, he will one day forget the harrowing event of his birth. And that day will come when we have created enough new memories and new dreams for him.

Hopefully, all his dreams will be sweet ones from here on.


  1. Hehehe... Jesse looks beautiful... like a lil' angel... ;)

  2. sweet...I wanna have babies now. ~_~

  3. That's very sweet james =)
    And Jesse's reallyreally cute!

  4. How sweet :) "Congradulations To You Both"

  5. Jesse must have done good in his past lives to be allowed into the happy Tan's family. Must be dreaming of his good karma.

  6. a reader of your blogSeptember 4, 2004 at 2:59 PM sweet !!
    Jesse is smiling !

  7. james , do remember to put lil blanket for baby Jesse in the night... :)

  8. Jesse is such a beautiful baby! :) Don't worry James...God will bless him with very very sweet dreams and He will take all scary and horrifying dreams away from Jesse :)

  9. Awwww.... cho chweeeeeeeett.... :)

  10. he 's thinking of all the millions he would make in the not to distant future as a baby model :)

  11. eh so nice!~ how come adults always end out looking awful when sleeping but babies always look sweet??

  12. that's the shweetest smile i have ever seen

  13. hey thts a great baby shot! He looks adorable... =)

  14. oh ... Baby Jesse looks so sweet ... ahh .. I wish I get to have babies as cute as Jesse in the future ... haha.
    As for James, you're such a sweet papa ... I'm touched reading your post, so much. I believe Baby Jesse is a lucky baby as he is constantly showered by felicity ...
    What a happy family ... =)

  15. Great shot of Jesse. I think he's smiling thinking about all the things he's going to put in his OWN buku 555. Heh. And I'm crying/smiling again while reading this post!

  16. you loook at him, and you see Heaven. :)

  17. Yeah, Maggie, until he starts screaming, of course. :lol:
    :lol: Mei. Go forth and multiply. But play nice, okay? :)
    Thanks Anonymous, whoever you are! :)
    Thank you, Sweetspirit.
    Hehheh, if you say so, Gina. :)
    He looks almost cheeky doesn't he, Reader? :)
    Just a little one, Phoenix. :lol:
    That was wonderful, Cherry. Thanks.
    That's the lady-killer smile, Sashi! Hehehehh!
    OoOoo, KA! *rubs hands in glee*
    Hehheh... I just don't post the yucky shots, Andrea! :lol:
    Heesh speshial that way, Leo. :)
    Thanks Annu.
    Thanks Emma. The little guy a is big inspiration! :)
    Hahahah, that must be it, Norzu!
    That was beautiful, Pickyin. :)
    DB, that's very telling of your age. :lol:

  18. And that was sweet! =D
    Actually our dreams are our subconcious taking over at night; not exactly memories... I wonder wat's baby's subconcious is thinking of?

  19. hmmm... a picture of serene, i wished i could rewind the time so that my boiboi is at that age!!! he's such a devil now!

  20. I'm sure I look like that too when I sleep. :lol:

  21. You're right SapphirePearl. But I suppose his subconscious will be the same few things too - drink milk, take poo, hug Daddy, get born! :lol:
    Fankyu Natasha!
    :lol: BabeKL! Your boiboi must be at that run-all-over-the-place-touch-everything age!
    Fly, put a webcam in your bedroom and let us be the judge of that! :lol:
    I know mdmafia. Poor kid. *sigh* Thank God his is slightly nicer.

  22. I can't go forth and multiply without a man and a ring on my fourth finger. :o(

  23. what a beautiful lovely pic! there's nothing more peaceful and lovely to look at than a smiling sleeping baby. can i one day borrow this pic of the lovely jesse to post in my blog maybe? of course i will name the baby and the parents.

  24. Such an adorable baby...
    But then again, all babies are born sinful. ;p
    By the way, are you from DUMC? Just curious.

  25. Then you'll just have to go out and hitch yourself a man now, won't you, Mei? :)
    Sure you can, Lucia. Thanks for asking. :)
    Hahaha! Yes indeed, Deborah. DUMC.