Monday, September 6, 2004

Bob No More!

Over the weekend, I received an email from GAF Counsel. These guys represent the guys who own the exclusive rights of the Bob the Builder and Barney intellectual property. Ouch!

According to the nice gentlemen (an possibly some nice ladies too) at GAF:
The materials you are using are the intellectual property of Lyons Partnership and HIT. It is unlawful (pursuant to 17 U.S.C. § 501(a) and other laws) to use this property without the permission of our clients. These materials must be immediately removed.
I have up to 13th September 2004 to remove the images of Bob and Barney. Otherwise, the nice people at GAF will be forced to shut me down and take me out. I could face a multimillion dollar lawsuit, or worse I could go to jail. I think they might even try and push for the death penalty. Aww man...!

I had it coming. In all my innocence to dress up my non-profit website with the images of my favourite children's character of Bob the Builder, I have fallen into a life of crime. In all my enthusiasm to impart upon my newborn son the wholesomeness of Bob, I have unwittingly fallen into the dark side. Oh, woe is me!

They must hate me. And I suppose they were probably not terribly amused by my opinions on Barney too. *ahaks*

Gee willickers! I need to set things straight! And soon, too. So brace yourselves friends, for Bob and Barney will be no more from this site. It will be painful. And by painful, I mean seeing Bob go. Barney, on the other hand, is just a pain. Hehheh! But yes, it shall be done. I shall need to be strong, and by golly, I shall prevail.

Bye-bye, Bob. *sniff*


  1. :o( thats so sad, now baby wont know the ways of bob

  2. That's hogwash!! I wholeheartedly agree with you, it's non-profit and you're not making any money off it!
    If anything, you're helping to promote Bob and Barney by referring to them and keeping them in your readers' consciousness!
    This is lawyer bull. Some lawyers got around, convinced the creators that their copyrights are being violated etc etc (insert psycholawyer-salesman babble here), even though this is not a big deal. No wonder no one likes such lawyers.

  3. asssholeees......:( and when i see that header i get such a nice colourful feeling u's already part of this blog.

  4. It's ok James, you can stick all the stuff around the house. Am sure Mae Ling won't mind. Btw... didn't ppl are really going around looking at websites checking for copyright infringments etc etc.
    Am sure you can have a lot of Bob The Builder VCDs/DVDs to watch with Jesse as he grows up!

  5. Oh mannnn...that means I'll be in trouble too.

  6. lol.. that's awful. How could they do this to you?!?! Can you just tell them to take their lawyer BS and shove it up their ****? hehe :) oops.. excuse my language.

  7. awww man dammit!!! :( time to make the mascot james... or baby jesse!!! :)

  8. There, there, James. Be strong. All good mascots must eventually go away.....

  9. &^%*&%* 'em if they can't take a joke ;-)

  10. James! Pictures! I want to boast and I can't do it without the proof of the pictures! :P

  11. James..i cant read you....i dont understand at all this post... :?: :?:

  12. Awww..that sucks big time! :( I love Bob the Builder (I still watch the shows) - Playhouse Disney Channel Astro Channel 64 ;)
    Without Bob, your blog will lose the cheeriness that goes with it..sigh!

  13. Think of all that money that you made off using Bob's image... Oh wait.
    I'm sorry and I will sad to see Bob go.
    Looking forward to the new design though.

  14. There are reasons why people grow out of watching cartoons. This is one of it.
    I agree with Kat. They probably should PAY you for promoting B*b the Builder or Barn*y, the purple pain in the ass here.
    Think we should do that with Jesse's pics too. Sue those who stole pics from our blog and ask our BS lawyers to sue their asses.

  15. Maybe you could alter the image a bit so that it's no longer Bob the Builder...and put a little disclaimer saying "any similarity to blah blah blah is purely coincidental. Anyone who blah blah blah can suck my arse." Now I want to put cartoon characters on my site, just to piss off tight-ass lawyers. MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

  16. Well, James. Think of the brighter side of this scenario. You are famous! For being a copycat!

  17. Aw.... man..... be strong. i'm sure u'll pull thru. ;)
    and man... I had it coming tat reminds me of the song in chicago 'he had it coming' =P

  18. damn.. these people read your blog :D
    go slap em. they can't even be happy for you.

  19. Jordan's right. You are a *graphic designer* right, James? I'm sure you can Photoshop it to looks some Malaysian version of Bob the Builder...
    Johan the Jurutera?

  20. oh no! no more bob?! gosh, its hard to believe that there are actually ppl out that browsing just to check on things like this. i mean... till they check on BLOGS?! takde kerja lain! i agree... create your own! ummm... kisah abu the pembina?

  21. the good part: they read ur blog!
    the bad part: they dunno free advertising when they see it :( sheesh, y dont they just go to thailand n catch all those ppl selling fake barneys?! no life ppl. :(

  22. James, no worry, with your creativity, I'm sure you are able to come up with your own mascot :)
    I agree with Jordan's idea... :)

  23. Now you are famous, James! Since baby Jesse is out, I bet he would make good masthead material...his pics, I mean....:-)

  24. bye bye bob.. dang, can't use smiley either right? coz someone copyrighted that!

  25. bob the builder...can he fix it?? bob the builder ... yes he can ...
    james the father ...can he be sued ? ... james the father... yes he can !
    hmmm...the idea of a malaysian version of Bob is good, why don't you give Bob an asian feel.
    You're a Graphic Designer....let's see the illustrator skills in motion, let us see the powerz of James as he place the gaussian blur !!
    (sorry....i was busy with some psd work while i was wrting this out) :P

  26. Ya need 3d modeling? I can help ya with that...:D... all i need is some sketches and wallah!!!... a new character....:D.. hehe... and I'll do it for fun...:P... since I'm a fan.... Anyways.... They have a right to take back their character... it's theirs... Just create a new one james... I would mind helping ya...:).... Anyways... I agree with kev...:).. it's time to make a new mascot.... why not baby jesse..:D... it'll be cute...:)

  27. Oh ya.... and on another note...:P... I think Barney is from the Devil...:P.. Wahahahhahha..... Well... Maybe not... but the idea of a purple coloured dinosaur singing hypnotic songs on television doesn't actually go well in my book... Die Barney Die...!!.. wAhaahhahah..... We share the same common goal.. man... wahahhahaha

  28. NVM LAH. just take another cutie and put 'im up there... rollie ollie pollie or one of those teletubby babies???

  29. minishorts,
    mercy me..... having the word Barney mentioned here in this comment box is like talking to the devil about giving your soul to him ...
    but ...talking about teletubbies and rollie pollie ollie in one breath ?? My god, have you sold your soul to the demon spawn Barney himself ?

  30. :lol: KA, I always knew that Bob got up to no good behind the scenes!
    You're right CH, no one likes lawyers. *ahem* Except me of course. I married one! ;)
    Nah, Jolene. Bob's is starting to leave a bad taste in my mouth. I will find a new happy mascot. :)
    I was gonna buy Baby Jesse the full collection of Bob the Builder - DVDs, toys,etc, Paulos. "Was" being the operative word. Hehhehh...
    Why lah, mdmafia? Did you rip something off? :)
    Yeah, Kat, shame on you. Didn't you know this is a family blog? :lol:
    A new mascot it shall be, kev!
    You betcha, DB. No wonder Barney's not very funny. :lol:
    I see you've already done that, Irene! :)
    Whaddya mean you can't read me, Phoenix? See the cartoons on this blog? Not mine. But I use. Now someone wants to sue me. :)
    We'll just have to find something else just as cheery, won't we, Ariel? :)
    :lol: Christopher. Maybe in the new design I can make use of picture of the Porsche I got from all the profits I made from Bob the Builder. Oh wait.
    Purple pain in the ass, huh? :lol: Gina, gina, gina! Now YOU should be in programming!
    I would do that Jordan, but lawyers, the don't play so nice. They might kick me below the belt and have Blogspot remove me or something. Hehh!
    Heh, Sapphire Pearl, you'll be surprised at the kinds of things I have coming!
    :) I guess they did read my blog, didn't they, Natasha. I'm wondering if the lawyers would ever post up a comment!
    Somehow, Johan the jurutera doesn't seem quite right, Sashi. FOr a true Malaysian flavour, we should have Wiranata the Foreign Construction Worker. :lol:
    And I'm only just a small fry, CC. Maybe I should make bootleg t-shirts of Bob and sell them at Petaling Street!
    We oughtta give Bob a fitting farewell, Papi. :)
    Is it good that they read my blog, Andrea? EeEeeEEeew... cooties.
    Let's see what happens, WY!
    Hmm, looks like quite a few of you would like to see Jesse on the mashead, eh, Zsarina. We'll see... :)
    Let's use it now before they send out the nasty letters, buaya69! :lol: :) :) :) :lol: :) :) :lol:
    And what were you doing with PSD, Leo? Hehhehh...
    Thanks Alvink! That's a very generous offer. I will keep it in mind. :)
    Tellytubbies??!!? Noooooo Minishorts!!!! NooOoOOo!!!! They're evil!!! :lol:

  31. I started reading this blog since "Baby's day out" ... but already i'm in love with Bob ... sad he has to go...
    Anyways, reading through your blog (yes since January)... really stirs maternal instincts.. :)
    Congrats James and Mae ...

  32. "And what were you doing with PSD, Leo? Hehhehh..." {--------
    I was busy editing some pictures for some people ^_^

  33. Awww Man! This is preposterous! Well, there's like a million viewers reading this blog everyday and you can say, it's free advertisement for Bob.
    All I can say is... "It's their lost!"

  34. Thanks for dropping by Satine. So, you'll go forth and multiply? :lol:
    Yahkid, if I had a million readers, I'd bring Barney down to his knees! Muahahahahah!!! Unfortunately, I'm short about 999,990 readers. *sigh*