Wednesday, September 22, 2004

The Kissing Game

I love my son to bits. It's funny, I never thought I'd ever feel this way about another guy. He's so cuddly and small and cute and all! I like to carry him every opportunity I get - much to the dismay of our Confinement Lady. Most traditionalists think that babies could really get used to all that handling. "He's gonna want to be carried all the time," she'll advise, "Then you won't be able to get anything done."

Here's another thing. I kiss him goodbye every morning before I leave for work. Sometimes, I wonder how long I'd be able to kiss him goodbye. I mean, at what point in a kid's life does a kiss between a father and his son turn from affectionate to disgusting? Hehhehheh!

Daddies can kiss their little girls goodbye even when their little girls turns 30. But do little boys think it's creepy that their dads are still kissing them on their 20th birthday? Is it still okay to have your dad kiss you when you're a full grown man?

The mafia make it look so cool. "Come on Jesse-boy, kissa your fadda... muah... muah!" No mafia kid ever showed his dad an icky face. "Whatsamatter boy, youse too good for your fadda now? Youse wanna get whacked?" Is that cool or what?

I shoulda been the mafia.


  1. Hey, fuh-ged about it....
    Youse be da godfader, jesse becomes Jesse Blue Eyes... :lol:

  2. How sweet! I want a baby now. >_>

  3. That's sweet as hell man! But be careful, the advice has a ring of truth. My nephew has suddenly become like a little monkey, clinging constantly to his parents and yelling like a banshee when he gets torn away.
    You're still the coolest though:)

  4. No lah james...actually attachment is good the first few months. They've just come out from a warm, cosy spot. takkan lah nak take away that feeling just like that. kesian jesse.

  5. can still be the mafia...hehehe

  6. james, i am a gangsta.
    *pout lips*

  7. =) aww. yes, kiss him as much as u can. I was laughing so hard(dunwant to use profanities, for fear that when jesse learns to use the internet, this will be the first website his daddy brings him to) when I read about your musings of grown men getting kissed by their dads..ahahahahahahaha.
    When he's 2.. he'll be wailing his little head off when you back your car out of the driveway. It'll look like a scene out of a soap opera.

  8. ooo, wait till baby wants a tommy gun, heheh

  9. James you have to bond with him, don't want to be a Dad who is a stranger now do you ? when you both get older you can still give him a bear hug if you keep it going ;-)

  10. Haha, your baby's sooooo adorable! Can't wait to have one on my own. ;D

  11. :) Heehee, I guess he'll be the one telling you at which point in his life the kiss turns from affectionate to disgusting. See? It's great to be female. Like you said, daddies can kiss their daughters even when they are in their 30s.. and when these daughters become mommies, they can kiss their kids (boys or girls) until these kids are in their 30s. hurray!

  12. hehehe i guess its time to slow down when u see him wiping off yr saliva be it wet or dry kiss from his cheeks wid his palm!! haha...
    my boiboi at 2 years now, i noticed sometimes he cringed when we forced ourselves on him, err i mean kiss him lah :D aiyoyo... lemme get hubby to read this post and see wat he say :p

  13. don james? you need to have a cooler name lah. james doesn't quite have a mafia ring to it now does it. fuhgedabouddit!

  14. He'd prob stop wanting u to kiss him in public right about the same time he starts thinking girls are gross. Hehe =)

  15. I used to belong to the school of thought that advises against holding the baby too much, for fear that the baby will get too attached. After reading Dr William Sears' books on the theory of attachment-parenting, my view has changed. I really recommend his books to everyone and he's a Christian too. Here are some books I like:
    The Complete Book of Christian Parenting & Child Care
    The Baby Book
    Nighttime Parenting
    Go look for them at MPH :)

  16. I read those book by William as well and it surely has changed my perception in raising my children and cleared a lot of Chinese vs western thinking. Highly recommended !

  17. I hope you will remember how much you love him today 12 years from now when he turns into a moody, broody and rebellious teen!

  18. james..i have seen boy who are closer to father than mom....he will throw temper and cry non-stop when father left but not mom....

  19. cool-buaya says "when son is bigger, high 5 will replace kiss"
    rapper-buaya says "secret handshake man!" 8)

  20. been some time since I last visited and actually left a comment. But keep it up James! It's real good fun actually :)
    p/s: Loopymeals has become a a regular visiting spot for me, some sort like a dailly comic strip. You can live without it, but reading it brightens ur day :P

  21. AWWWWWWW That's so sweeeeeet! *tears* I miss my dadddddddy now! =( he's close to 12000 km away. *wails*
    Well, I guess there's no harm kissing ur son who's 20. but then at this era, teens hate parents giving them any sort of public affection, for fear of being uncool; much less kissing. way too bad.
    i hug my daddy still... but not much. maybe i shud do it more often. =D awwww... there i go again. I MISS MY DADDY!!!!!

  22. My..
    I've no idea how old ur son is.. but I do the same to my 4 year old, every now and then. I personally believed that it helps the bonding excercise.
    When I was growing up, elders seldom show their affection to their off offsprings. Maybe the school of thoughts was different then. It did not dampened my love to them tho. It is just the way of life and school of thoughts then.
    I guess the kissing will stop when the young ones start asking for it to be ended. I hope mine will last longest possible.

  23. :lol: Sashi, I think you and me both watch too many movies!
    Go, Mei, Go! :)
    Somehow, it's a risk I'm willing to take Jordan. Hope he never learns to screams like a banshee, though. Hehehhe!
    I think you're right Najwa! :) On both counts. Hehhehh!
    Sure you are, Kev. Though I'm not sure I know too many ganstas who pout. :lol:
    Hehhh! Jolene, if my dad suddenly decides he wants to kiss me, I think I'll beat him off with a stick or something! :lol:
    You just gave me a great mental picture there, Andrea! :)
    Yup DB, time to throw out our old-fashioned Asian conservativeness!
    You'll love it, Deborah!
    Life ain't fair, YP! :)
    :lol: You force yourself on your boiboi huh, BabeKL? Hehhehheh...
    Hey CC, if I were Mafia, I'd change my name to Don Jimmy "The Blob" :lol:
    So you think it's funny huh, Olivia? Whatsamatter? Youse wanna get whacked by Jimmy the Blob?
    Hehheh, if he's anything like his pop, Annu, then he'll NEVER think girls are gross. ;)
    Hmm, thanks for the reference Ariel. Will go take a look!
    Thanks for the reaffirmation, HA. Now I'll have to get those books. :)
    I'll love the rebellion away, mdmafia! :lol:
    Hmm, I see that too, Phoenix!
    :lol: Buaya! Looks like I better work some secret handshakes just in case.
    Thanks Leokoo. And welcome back. :)
    You go, Sapphire. Hug away! :lol:
    Thanks for that Aznijar. BTW, my baby in only 1 month old.

  24. Uhm, I have nothing against homosexuals... but as long as Jesse doesn't kiss other boys "affectionately" when he gets older, I think YOU will be fine.