Monday, September 20, 2004

Bath Training


not the face, mommy!

Yesterday, Mae bathed Baby Jesse for the first time. It's a milestone of sorts. In fact, these days, just about everything that Jesse does is historic.

So there we were at 7:45am, all four of us crammed inside our tiny little bathroom (we live in a cheesy little apartment). There was the star of the show, Baby Jesse; the mother-in-training, Mae; leading the way was our coach, Mdm Confinement Lady and finally, there was Daddy and his trusty Canon A80 poised to capture the moment. Boy, oh boy!

If you think carrying a baby is tough, wait till you have to bathe him. Once in the water, Jesse is one slippery little customer. To make matters worse, the boy is as agile as a monkey on a hot tin roof. More than once, Mae has had to dunk his head into the water to flush some sense into him. I'm kidding. I promise. :)

Fortunately, Baby Jesse takes to water, like a duck... erm... to water. :) When Mae immersed him into his little bathtub, he was lovin' it. But when she needed to wipe his face, the boy screamed his lungs off. "Not the face, mommy!!"

In another week, the Confinement Lady leaves and we'll be pretty much on our own. So this week, we're gearing ourselves up for the big task ahead - bringing up Baby all by ourselves. This week is training week.

Lord, have mercy upon us.


  1. cute!

  2. OH MY ......CUTENESS
    "Baby Jesse takes to water"
    i can see it ...
    *bright neon-signboard*
    [Jesse the Olympic Swimmer]
    ooo....James, i want your baby ^_^

  3. Your prince Jesse is cuteness indeed. I'm a new visitor & i find ur blog utterly entertaining. PS. I like Bob too... it's all my niece's fault! ;-)

  4. Tell us more about Chinese Confinement, James. I am intrigued and the internet has not helped; it seems very much like an oral tradition. Our baby is due in November, so I'd like to know what confinement entails...
    I thought the mother cannot put her hands in water yet?
    BTW- I am Mat Salleh living in KL :)

  5. everything is always more memorable and beautiful for the first one. when the second, third, forth one(s) comes you won't remember to remember to make them memories anymore.

  6. i've seen my cousin's confinement lady put the baby on her legs during bath time. lemme see... she puts both feet into the tub and raises her feet a little... baby is put on the shin area with his head resting at the knee end. i *think* that gives you 2 hands to lather n hold him with and prevents him from slipping right in?
    did that make any sense? i could of course be confused n mixing up my stories ;)

  7. Water reminds the baby of the life back in mama's stomach. But this is one cutie, my friend!!!

  8. Graceshu: eh, no ler. You will remember to make memories of all them kids, coz they are your own flesh & blood. actually, a digicam helps. hehehe. ;)
    *crys* i wanna my digicam :(

  9. you should take him to the pool as soon as possible, maybe nudge him a bit on the diving board. who knows, he could be another youngest diver at the olympics in another 10 years. ;)

  10. James - saw this link today and thought of you guys! :)

  11. adorable dear =) does he fuss when itz time to get out frm the water?

  12. Sashi: Thanks mate. lesson learnt - can't wait to show wifey tonite. ;)

  13. My mom did that with our daugther what CC described. It looks so easy when my mom was doing it, but when you try it yourself, our daugther will be restless.
    And ya, until now, my daugther will scream too if we try to wipe her face.

  14. SB said..tell us more about chinese confinement. maybe there's similarities btw malay and chinese confinement.
    I heard that after having the baby, the mother would have to eat the placenta. (got this from meadjohnson asia website). Is this true?

  15. euu... eating the placenta ?? heck..that's disgusting.
    sounds cannibalistic.

  16. Eh James, there ain't nuthin wrong with your apartment, okay?? You guys must have been really busy... no blog for almost a week and I've been having Baby Jesse withdrawal symptoms :P
    He is more handsome than ever!! :D

  17. Najwa: eat placenta? tak pernah dengor lah.

  18. Thanks Mei. But he does seem to have something of a male-pattern baldness going, doesn't he? :)
    Sorry, Leo. You have to make your own. :lol:
    Thanks, YP. Wait till you see daddy. *ahaks*
    Thanks for dropping by, Iuven. Too bad about Bob, eh? :o(
    Yes, SB, new mothers are not supposed to put their hands in "raw" water. Cooked water is okay, though. And yeah, I will blog about the confinement. Congrats on the upcoming baby.
    Okay Grace, I promise I will. For I too know the feeling being number 3! :)
    Yes, CC, Mae tried that as well. But she had trouble picking him up after! :lol:
    No wonder he's loving it, Andreas! :)
    Mae wants a digicam too, Buaya! ulp!
    Hahaha. Sure Norzu. With any luck he might actually be a success at it and then Mae and i will be on easy street! Woohooo!
    Thanks for that Sashi, but I'm already something of an expert in baby-swaddling... remember when I over-swaddled him back to the hospital? :lol:
    Nope Andrea. STrangely enough, he's a good boy after a bath. He can keep pretty still and good-natured for quite a bit before he starts his crying again! :)
    It's always the face isn't it, Papi?! :)
    Eat the placenta? Oh God, Najwa!!!! I don't think I can look my mom in the eyes ever again! :lol:
    Been sleeping really early these days, what with the early mornings Irene! The kid gets up at all kinds of odd hours. :)

  19. james....i think the husband should be make to eat the placenta for exchange the birth pain the wife go through..... :lol:

  20. With the irregular hours and the lack of sleep.. "wait till I see daddy"?? Well.. I'm sure I'll be looking at panda eyes. :P

  21. Argh! I kenot tahan! Must punch Jesse's cheeks oledi! Eeeeee!

  22. Aiya...all babies are bald for the first few weeks... ^_^