Monday, September 13, 2004

Time's Up


barney who?

My deadline is up! Today I remove Bob and Barney off of this blog. And as you can plainly see, I have done just that. I had fully expected to have procrasinated the matter, but I am a changed man. *ahaks*

I have even written an email to GAF Counsel to inform them of my actions. In case you're from GAF Counsel and have not received my mail, I am reproducing it here for your convenience:
To Mr. Matthew W. Carlin,

Your email has put the fear of God my heart. I was wrong to have used your client's intellectual property in my NON-PROFIT web site. I realise that I do not stand a chance against your organization and have therefore removed all Bob the Builder and Barney images from my web site.

I know that I might have pushed my luck a little on the deadline. I hope you will overlook my little transgression. Take me out if you must, but spare my infant son. Even though my web site is created in dedication to him, it is really not his fault. He is innocent of all my unlawful activities. Please.


After my last encounter with thugs (read previous entry), I'm not taking any chances. Who knows how GAF Counsel is connected.

Hahahahahhahahahahahha!!! *ahem* Sorry.

I fully intend to redesign this blog. But since I just haven't had the time, I'm leaving things as they are for now.

BTW, anyone out there can help me with my script? I have this gaping white space above my top banner and I don't know how to get rid of it. It wasn't there before but ever since Blogger created the Blogger Bar, I haven't been able to remove it.

If you help me, I will name my firstborn after you. Oh wait. Too late. You'll just have to settle for PaanMein or a Kaya Toast! :)


  1. Nice letter, James!
    Take me out if you must, but spare my infant son.
    You'd think that GAF might have mafia connections but then, you never know, eh.

  2. there is a way to remove that bar above, but you may need to edit the html in your blogspot template.... which in turn will make you guilty, as that bar is a "must-have" under their terms and conditions.
    the other way is to register for a redirecting url which will "frame" up your blog but will not show the bar above.
    if it's possible email me the template from your blogspot, and i see what magic i can do with it.

  3. bye bye bob....
    hey.. Barney's makeover makes him er.. better looking LOL

  4. awww ... it's sad to see bob go.

  5. *LOL* good to see that u've finally obeyed the law.... =P loved ur letter to the GAF Counsel. its juz simply ticklish.
    and letz juz hope they do not turn up with no more thugs at ur doorstep!

  6. Hi :)
    Change the margin values of your #outerbox class in your css file. Its currently
    margin : 50px auto 20px auto;
    Thats 50px of margin worth in the gap up there, try 0px instead!
    I'll claim my reward soonish, but I'd rather pay a visit to see young Jesse, if that's okay with you! :D

  7. james, listen to grace...
    but instead of
    margin : 0px auto 0px auto;
    margin : -20px auto -20px auto;
    in the #outerbox css. This will bring your banner to the top, just below the blogspot bar...without any white spaces in between.
    im not sure what's your screen resolution, but i tested this on 1024x768.

  8. oh no. no more bob. so sad lah... i hope matthew watevahisnameis is happy! hmph! anyways, nice to see you're now a law abiding citizen!

  9. hey james
    i love your blog! your sunshine brightens my does one get so creative? *ohm-ba-yah*
    yes, 'tis sad to see poor bobby boy go *sniffles*
    p'haps jesse cud b ur new icon? *grin*

  10. farnie lah the new version of bob :P

  11. on the other hand, have you considered turning the bulk of this blog (the recount of the 9months and finally the birth) into a book?

  12. From his murky riverine crystal ball, Buaya saw the next letter to James...
    "Dear James, I represent the counsel for "Gerbang Emas", the IP owner of EmDee and noted that you have used "Happy Meal" in your banner. Although it is one "s" short of....."

  13. :( bye Bob! Hey!!! I miss Bob!

  14. Exactly, Norzu, my life is in the hands of some Don or something!
    No, no, no, Leo. I don't want to remove the Google bar. Just the white space above my banner.
    More manly, perhaps, Satine? :)
    You know what they say, Jack, "When a man gotta go, he gotta go!" :lol:
    :) Glad you like it Sapphire Pearl. Gaf has since replied me. However, their keeping very straight and formal about it. *sigh*
    Let's hope something better comes along, Christopher! :)
    That didn't work, Grace. And yes, you'd be welcomed.
    Yes, CC, I have learn the error of my ways.
    Thanks for dropping by, Chun. Creative? Most people say insane. :lol:
    A book? Hmm... you'll publish me, Minishorts? ;)
    Dammit Buaya, you could be right! :lol:
    So soon, YP? :)
    No more. I'm going straight now, Mdmafia. Don't want any sicilian to come a-knocking. :)

  15. funny, i just tried it again... it worked then, and it works now too -_-"
    ah, well, i tried! =P

  16. grace, actually your idea did work...except there was still white spaces. if it was -20px for both it'll be perfect, i know i just tried it just now.

  17. bye bye Bob...we are going to miss you..

  18. *pumps fist in the air* ..... WOO....HOO !!
    looks like -20px -20px works .... yahahahaha
    i'm such a genius...but all credits to grace.

  19. I like the "Bob Was Here" image.. hehe... cute!

  20. No worries Grace, you can still get a Paan Mein for effort. And yeah, you too, Leo! The white's gone, but I have to live with not having a "floating" box. *sigh*
    Bob says goodbye too, Phoenix! :lol:
    Cuter than when he was actually here, Yahkid? :lol:

  21. now a Paan Mein :P ....^_^