Thursday, September 9, 2004

Attack Of The 3 Bloggers!!

a hit with the ladies

Heh! Since all three of them, namely Ariel, Jotay & IreneQ have blogged on the same subject, I thought I'd outdo them a little on the title! :)

On Sunday, three of Blogdom's more prominent denizens graced our humble abode. While Mae and I had ample... erm... warning, poor Baby Jesse was completely taken by surprised. So much so, he poo-pooed himself at their arrival. Hahhaha!

I'm kidding of course! Oh, he did take a big dump, but it wasn't their fault at all. It just so happens, our boy had decided to go to the toilet at that very moment. Can you imagine having arrive and being greeted by a great big pile of turd? Oh boy. Hehhehh!!! I guess Baby hasn't quite gotten the hang of hospitality just yet.

Anyway, they all took turn to carry him and he was loving it. Imagine, all that attention from so many women at such a tender age. Aaaahhh... that's my boy. :)

To Ariel, Jotay and Irene, thanks for dropping by. We enjoyed having you. And so did Baby Jesse.


  1. wow such striking color for jesse's nursery? :p

  2. Hoi!!! Where we got attack anyone??!?! *gives James a mock glare*
    As Ariel says, baby Jesse has induced a strong case of baby-itis in all 3 of us. He's so adorable... I think I'm in love... :D We'll definitely be back to visit again! Thanks for your & Mae's hospitality.

  3. james, you are a little stingy in the photo dept :P we have to go to other people's blog just to see more piccies of jesse :)

  4. baby jesse was going to be cuddled by 3 pretty gals... patutlah poohpooh ;)

  5. wah only few days old already attract 3 pretty lady ah? like father like son?

  6. Actually, Babe KL, that's our hall! :)
    You'll always be welcome in our home, Irene. :)
    What can I say, KA, I'm guilty as charged.
    Hahhahha... I hope he doesn't keep the habit, Buaya69. :lol:
    Sorry lah, Papi, his father is not quite as successful. :)

  7. If you put my pic here, I will kill you.

  8. Thank you, James! Be careful, I just might take you at your word... muahahahah. Realised I don't even have your phone number. How to call if I wanna drop by next time?!

  9. waah, james getting threats already :)

  10. Wah, kill ah Gina? Hehhehh...
    That's right. How rude of me, Irene! I didn't give you a card! Sorry. Don't worry, you can always get my number from YT!
    Scary eh, KA? :)

  11. I disappeared from the blogging world for a while, and look what we have now. Baby Jesse!!! Oh wow, oh wow oh wow wow wow... CONGRATULATIONS James and Mae!! :)

  12. Thanks Razzie. Nice to have you back. :)