Thursday, September 9, 2004

Of Procrastinators & Repossessors

I'm a dumb-ass. I am. Why else would I keep forgetting to pay my car loan? Yes, I've been meaning to pay, but somehow, something always gets in the way. This time, I missed 3 payments.

On Tuesday, I was really rushing out work. I had to finish up and leave for the day at 2pm. It was time for Baby Jesse's routine check-up at the hospital. Suddenly the phone rings. "Mr. James Tan?" a voice at the end enquired, to which I acknowledged. "We're repossessing your car," he said, and continued, "Can you come down now?"

This couldn't have come at a worse time. But I had no choice.I got to my car shortly after and suddenly, two burly Indian guys jumped me and kicked the living crap out of me. After having the daylights knocked out of my system, they drive off with my car!

Hehheh! Okay, it was't quite that dramatic. Instead, Ravi and Chandran laid down the cards, while their silent, stone-cold assassin-faced colleague stood a comfortable distance away. I owed 3 payments and they were gonna tow my car. I'd have to settle the 3 payments in cash and on top of that, pay RM 660 for the towing, the rent-a-thugs, and whatever processing fees there were.

Being the nice gentlemen they were, they offered me a more economical solution.

"How much?" I asked. "You make offer," Ravi grunted. And so I did, "RM 100, can?"

"Okay, forget it," man, he was pissed off. "You settle with the bank."

"C'mon!!" I protested, "How do I know how much you want if you won't say?" It's not like I deal with repossesors every day. Sheesh! Finally, after much negotiation with the guys fixed the price at RM 450. Things got a little less tense and we even managed a few laughs. I even played the fool with Ravi, faking a runaway debtor which got him quite jumpy. Hehheh!

Anyway, under normal circumstances I would have dealt with the bank instead. But thanks to Ravi and Chandran, and of course their assasin friend (whom I hate to admit were actually nice guys), I had learnt the error of my procrastinating ways. My son was going for his first check up and I'd be damned if I were gonna procrastinate on that too! So I gritted my teeth and did the neccessary.

And just like that I learnt another valuable lesson. All RM 450's worth! And oh yeah, I also paid the bank in full what I owed. *sigh* Do I lead the most eventful life or what?

And no, I don't get to deduct this out of Baby's allowance. :)


  1. a reader of your blogSeptember 9, 2004 at 10:32 PM

    here's a suggestion:make a mark on the
    payment day on your most-used calendar from now on.

  2. Wow, you had me going for a second with the stuff about getting the shit kicked out of you. Quite an adventure you had there, even without the shit-kicking.

  3. Aiya....tsk tsk. Dunno what to say la James...must be all the hype leading up to Jesse's birth that lead to this.

  4. TAI SEI. How can one missed their car instalment? *James can*
    I always make it a point to pay my car instalment once the salary is banked in. If I have no money to eat, never mind, as long as the car loan is being paid.

  5. haiyo... very irresponsible of you james *shakes head* hehe... but i do agree, you have an amazingly eventful life! never a boring moment eh?

  6. sounds like a standing order with the bank might be a good idea, lucky you paid your phone bill eh

  7. Wow! All I can say. Guess that's why you get lotsa feedback. ha ha ha.. Most interesting life.
    2 Words dude.. Standing Order. Am sure you won't run into Ravi, Chandran and "Mr Assassin".
    Did you do the "By the way, I am from DUMC" bit? ha ha ha.. would've made a MORE interesting story! muahahhahahah!
    Take care and God Bless

  8. james...could you tell me what bank is that....thanks..

  9. I'm one of the few who has the charmed life of never having to pay a car loan instalment. Still driving the old-beat up car my dad gave me. It's cranky but at least I won't have Ravi and Chandran beating the crap out of me. :lol:

  10. fuiyouh! i wonder, did you get an earfull from your other half? coz i sure would kena - hehehe

  11. there there.... a lesson learnt so next time dun procrastinate liau lorrr...:P... but then again to think about it... issit because in every designers blood there is alwasy procrastination...? Hmmmm.... Naaaaahhhh!!!!!!!!11

  12. James, I am just like you except that my car loan belongs to Daddy. So, I default on my credit card payments instead... which is WORSE. (But at least they can't repossess my car... *phew*) I am like you, I tell myself I will pay, and then I forget or am too lazy to go to the bank or am too busy or something, and they go unpaid... eek!

  13. Phew, what a fiasco! At least they gave you 3 months' grace before 'attacking' you. Hah, now that's a more appropriate use of the word 'Attack', James ;)
    I don't have this problem because I have a dad who won't let me forget to make monthly payments. And because I was brought up by him, I, myself will feel very uneasy if I don't settle my accounts at the appointed time every month.

  14. Serious sh*t?! Banks actually hire thugs? I tot that was only in the movies!

  15. U're a daddy now. Dont forget stuff like this anymore okay. hee hee

  16. wow, which credit co is dat? so efficient one?? :p
    i thot they usually serve reminders first? yes? no? or just throw away the moment u receive the slip? hehehehe :p
    take care dude.

  17. i know one fella... when the bank harrassed him like that.. he just gave them the check then he drove his re-repossed car to the bank,
    demanded to see the manager
    raised his voice and made sure everyone there knew what happened
    the manager promptly apologised for his thuggish ways and he din have to pay those thugs anything

  18. it is an illegal thing to do you know.. jump on to ppl like that.. even if they dont' beat you up

  19. Thanks, Reader. But then again, I don't actually forget. I just don't get around to it! :)
    :lol: Jordan, somehow I always fantasise about getting beaten up!
    It was, mei. ;)
    Hehheh. That's just the thing with me, Gina. Somehow, I always think I'll get away with it. *sigh*
    I need the adrenaline but I'm too chicken-shit for bungee jumping or something like that, CC. Heh!
    Phone Bill!!!!! Thanks DB. :lol:
    I've been meaning to get a standing order, Paulos. Somehow, I just never got round to it. See the pattern? :lol: *sigh*
    Why, Phoenix? You work in a bank? :)
    Lucky you, Fly! Though you'll miss out on having Ravi & Chandran enrich your life!
    Actually no, Buaya! She just smiled. I think that's even worse. :o(
    That must be it, Alvink. We sanguine-types never get round to these things!
    Actually it was more funny that scary, Andrea. Despite what they may sound like, Ravi & Chandran are pretty decent guys considering their line of work. :)
    Heh, Irene, you need a visit from Ravi & Chandran. Look at me. Today at one fell swoop, I paid my credit cards and my apartment maintenance!
    My mom's like that too, Ariel. Too bad I never pick up her good habits!
    No kidding, Mdmafia. Though these guys were pretty tame. I've had friends encounter worse guys - those Ah Loong types. He drove out of his driveway, got down to close his gate and suddenly the guy's switched off his ignition and took the keys! *phew*
    :lol: Yes, Inn. Which reminds me of a story... :)
    Yah, they're pretty efficient all of a sudden, Babe-KL. Must have been a change in management at Affin! :)
    They didn't actually jump me, Chi. They called me on my mobile phone and asked me to come to the car! Anyway, I couldn't have driven off. That Ravi was a quick guy. He got very jumpy everytime I went to the car. Hahahha!

  20. AIYO.... Y la forget to pay wan??? BAD DADDY.... bad example for Jesse. If the guys weren;t nice, baby Jesse, will be taking his 1st taxi ride or sumthing. =P

  21. deduct from baby's allowance? hahaha! that got me laughing for quite a while.
    i should have done this a long time ago, james. i'm linking you!

  22. i work in the supermarket... but i am curious what bank is that...

  23. hi guys! i'm a banker and just tot to clarify some stuff and give some info in regards to repossession of cars...(not that i tink some of u would default on ur car loan:)) but just for general knowledge ya...
    anyway, according to the Hire Purchase Act, banks are allowed to repossess your car once u hv defaulted for 2 mths and 21 days, and not a single day earlier.
    But prior to tat, banks are to issue u a 4th Schedule as a final reminder- stating the if u do not pay by 7 days, they wld repo ur car.
    During repossession, the "thugs" must show u a Repossession Order from your bank as evidence that they are authorised to take your car. So, not every thugs also can come and take ur car ler.
    And yes, bank do hire "thugs" to do repossession as they are highly effective ... :)

  24. :lol: Sapphire Pearl. But I think Baby would've enjoyed his first Taxi ride.
    Thanks Jack, I'll link you right back.
    Can't say it here, Phoenix! They might sue me!! Write me.
    Thanks for that info Banker. Yes, they were effective. :)

  25. james...i am sorry for asking...i dont mean but because dont know it is not simple....sorry~~

  26. Take good good care, James - you have some more responsibility now!!

  27. Thanks Andreas. I will be good. :)