Tuesday, October 5, 2004

Blogs, And The Bleeding Bloggers Who Blog Them

Ever since Mae stumbled upon this site, she had developed a taste for blogs. In fact, every time she gets to a PC with an internet connection, she'll head straight for her favourite blog.

"Honey, did you read my blog today?" I'd ask. She would usually, casually reply, "Er... not just yet, but you won't believe what's on Jeff Ooi today!" Yes, I have been upstaged by Jeff Ooi's Screenshots. Damn you Jeff Ooi, Damn you! Hehhehh!

"But, his site is like a newspaper," she'd explain, sounding every bit like a bad woman weaseling her way out of being caught with her pants down. And suddenly, it's my fault that she reads Screenshots. "You never buy papers anymore."

Fact is, blogs like Jeff Ooi's Screenshots grow on you. Like a fungus. Hehheh! But seriously, guys like him get a high readership simply because he represents the every man - the little guy against the injustice of the world. He's like Batman without the tights. Besides, he's good reading, dishing out the juiciest stories that would otherwise go unheard. So yes, Mae is right. Screenshots is better than any newspaper in town. And he didn't even need a compact version. *ahem*

Unfortunately, like any fungus infection, someone's bound to scratch.

The media is really playing this up. I don't know about you, but phrases like "trumped-up charges", "sexed-up dossier" and "witchhunt" come to mind. As a blogger, I'm concerned. While my blog contains only the trivial happenings in my life, who's to say what kind of psycho (or saboteur) might leave an offending comment on this site? One moment, I'm out there at the forefront of technology with my cool, online journal and next thing you know, I'm at the back end of my holding cell fending off... erm... amorous cellmates. *sigh*

So much for Majulah IT Untuk Negara*, or whatever they're shouting over at MSC these days!

On the other hand, if Jeff Ooi gets shut down, perhaps Mae will start reading this blog again. Hmm... perhaps I ought to leave a seditious comment on his blog and give the poor guy a little more heat. As preposterous and stupid as it sounds, apparently it works.

* develop IT for the nation - or something like that!


  1. i believe the correct tagline was "majulah sukan utk negara"
    and the campaign that they had a couple of years back, iinm was the "sayang IT" campaign :D

  2. All you need are the words 'shit' and 'urine', then you've got a good start on going down the same road Jeff Ooi's been pushed down. Wait, sorry, that's 'syit', the new word of the year! But hey, you're a new parent. Who knows 'syit 'and urine better? Wait, don't answer that, someone might be watching....(jeng jeng jeng...!)

  3. Wah! So now, you're the one saddled with the baby while Mae surfs the web! What goes around, comes around? :lol:

  4. there's a petition.. spread the word?

  5. great! thanks for the petition. i'll sure go there. keep on supporting jeff!

  6. so the next Great Malaysian bloggers meet will be at XYZ Prison? :lol:

  7. Hahahha... oh well. Jeff Ooi's blog is fairly entertaining; but due to pile of boxes unpacked *looks at those darned boxes* and the pile of work I have on table *looks at the pile of papers* I don't have much time to read his. I'd rather read something more close to home, real people and real adventures or events! Not that wat Jeff says it's not real. Just a bit more broader and general. ;)

  8. I stumbled upon your blog accidentally yesterday while browsing, and since I was attracted to the scheme of colors on your blog, I stayed on to read everything. I just finished reading them just now. I laughed a lot, cried a little. I was impressed with the unconditional love you have for your wife and jesse. You restored the little faith I have left for men.
    Why? I’ll tell you a little story about myself.
    I married my now ex-husband last year. Within three months of marriage, he asked for an annulment citing that he has irreconcilable differences with me. Unbeknown to me, he has been seeing someone else on the sly, and has fallen in love with her. I had no clue, no inkling to what was coming until the day he dropped the bomb on me. The next few months were hell for me, I had to come to terms with the fact that I was going to be a divorcee (and I’m in my early twenties), that he’s cheated on me even though he promised me the earth when he asked me to marry him, and then there’s the paperwork and the court procedures that I have to go through. The court agreed to our annulment in March this year, and in April, he married her. All this happened in less than a year since he married me and the pain is really unbearable. Sounds like a Korean drama series? Well, unfortunately for me, this is real and I’m living it. And yes, men like him do exist.
    I no longer am the happy person I once am. Never a day goes by without me crying a little. On a good day, it can be a tear or two, but on really bad days, I cry uncontrollably. It can happen while I’m driving home from work, or when I’m out with friends, or when I’m in bed alone at night, or when I’m reading somebody’s blog ( like yours =)); and I asked, why has God forsaken me? It has been a really difficult year for me. I’ve stopped going to church because I’ve lost faith in him. When doors has closed on me, does another one really open? And if God really loves me, why is he letting me suffer?
    And when I read your blog, I was very touched by how much you love your wife and son. Maybe, I thought to myself, there’s hope after all. Maybe, I will meet a man who will love me as much as you do your wife. Congratulations on Jesse, he’s superbly, superbly gorgeous and do give my warmest wishes to Mae. You’re both very lucky to have found each other. I’ll be going to your blogs for updates from today onwards. At least, it will give me one more thing to look forward to from now on.

  9. Dear anonymous:
    Buaya says "First love God, Secondly love yourself, then someone will love you for what you are".

  10. Bwahaha,
    JEFF OOI. I've been reading his blog too. Good Lord. =p

  11. :lol:, you're right Grace!
    You're right Jordan, I have come to be somewhat of an authority on shit and urine, havent I? :lol:
    It's a vicious cycle, Sashi.
    Thanks, Concerned.
    Don't get yourself in any trouble now, Lucia. :)
    That would be an interesting meet, no, Buaya!? :lol:
    Jeff represents the serious side of all of us, Sapphire. :)
    Dear Anonymous, my heart goes out to you. I dare not ever imply that ours is a model family, but we do try to work towards it. I hope you don't lose too much faith in God. His ways can be tricky sometimes but know that His ways have always been for the good of all. Which is why His words are peppered with all the little secrets of keeping a relationship workable. Hang in there.
    Well put, Buaya.
    Then you'll be on the wanted list along with the rest of Jeff's readers, Deborah! Bwhahahha!

  12. james: can i volunteer to be one of your amorous cellmates?!? ;)
    anonymous: me thinks you need to start your own blog, it can be quite cathartic! *hugs* and i hope things look up for you soon.

  13. Thanks for the support. I don’t usually pour out my woes to anybody at all as I’m an extremely private person. But this blog seems like a safe haven for me, loopy meals and all, so I wrote what has been the train wreck of my life here. None of my friends know how I really feel, they think I’m over it because I never go there. And I think none of them dare to bring up the subject for fear of hurting me. My only form of solace is my mum. I bawl my eyes out to her couple of days ago because I bumped into his new wife. I don’t know why I got all upset from meeting her, but I did. Thankfully, he wasn’t with her. My mum, she’s the best. She never said I told you so, even though she didn’t agree with me marrying him in the first place. Mum’s instincts are always right ya. Next time I’ll just let her vet any potential bfs first.
    Truthfully, I do somewhat feel like Britney Spears, though I was married longer than she did. I rushed into it without much thought because he said he will love me for eternity me and he’s always saying how he’s the luckiest man in the world, and me being the gullible / lovesick puppy that I am, lap up every whispered sweet nothings there is in the book.
    I feel like damaged goods sometimes, and I wonder if any men will still want to marry me ( you know how there’s a stigma attached to being a divorcee and how conformist some conservative families can be. Divorced woman. Scoot!) Oh well. Not that I want to jump into the dating scene now anyway. This has been a wonderful revelation by the way. Letting it all out DOES ( on a blog, no less) make a person feel better! The grass seems greener, the skies are bluer too! I feel like I can move mountains today. Heh. Thanks James,for letting me write my thoughts here. Am taking up so much space. You know, when I was younger, I always said I’ll never blame God for life’s mishaps but I’m doing it right now. I feel so silly, I was even angry at Him when it was all bright and sunny on his wedding day! My thoughts was, “ it’s bright and sunny. God must have approved of his marriage!” Haha, silly, of course, but I so wanted God to be on my side and for Him to tell me there’s a reason for all these pain in my heart.
    Thanks again, people, maybe I should heed jikon’s advice and get myself a blog. =) I tend to talk too much when I’m happier. Cheers.

  14. anonymous: HEY, I'm sure God had not let you down yet. He's got something planned for you, just trust in Him and depend on Him. Keep praying.

  15. OMG OMG, did you say wanted list?? :P OMG OMG.
    Well.. on another note, anonymous, I agree with Jikon that maybe you should start your own blog. :) It helps sometimes to put your thoughts and emotions down in words, then it's as if you have unloaded part of the burden.

  16. Dear anonymous
    i used to be all hard on emotional women, thinking they should just deal with it and move on. Then I married my wife. What a turnaround. I see now how difficult things can be for women and how much longer healing can take.
    I damaged her a bit by telling her not to cry when she annoyed me with her tears. I encourage her to these days because that's how God created her and I need to love her for that, not change her make-up. So, don't be afraid to have those emotions. Your real friends will treasure helping you through the difficult times.
    My wife and I have our fair share of tough times but God brings us through them all. Never give up on Him coz He's the One who holds ALL things together and will work all our issues around for good if we allow Him to.

  17. *piak* Jikon! :lol: Besides, I don't think you actually volunteer to be an amorous cellmate. You're suppose to insert assert yourself into the job!
    Anonymous, I do hope we'll be hearing more of you. A blog will be a great outlet. Thanks Jikon, for the suggestion and YP & Sapphire for reinforcing the point. :)
    You're right Reg. Reader. Guys were not manufactured with a standing instruction on ways to deal with their partners. We just do what we do and end up hurting everybody. A lot of the times we have had to learn things stp-by-step. Baby steps! :)

  18. There are tonnes of allegations poiting at one Jeff Ooi as a politician in disguised as a 'free' blogger ... http://bolehtalk.blogspot.com/

  19. Was kinda surprised to see Jeff Ooi's blog appear on Berita Harian's headlines a couple of days ago while at work. Amazing as it seems, it seems that there are people reading our blogs. Especially if it's politically themed :P
    So, don't worry much James ;) A blog on humour and dailly lives wouldn't do much harm. Would be good if some reader gets to know abt Christ through here too~ :P (since we can't preach to them, heh) Will be checking out here every once in a while ;)
    p/s: Hmm. Prison? If it's really God, why not?

  20. The Allegations: Oh well, all I can say is, the fact that Jeff Ooi has the cajones to publish his mugshot along with all these things that he writes tends to inspire some confidence. Any nameless, faceless person can shoot off any allegations, or say anything without much thought of the consequences - like that "Anwar" fellow, for instance.
    :lol: You go to prison, Leokoo. I'll be on the outside praying for you. Hehheh!