Monday, October 4, 2004

Brain Food

That's what the ads say. You want a smarter baby, give him a milk powder formula with DHA.

On top of mother's milk, we had been feeding Jesse with formula. According to the midwives at the hospital, breastfed kids don't actually need any supplementary feeding. But our son is one greedy little guy. When he eats, he eats with a vengeance!

"Enfalac A+ is the way to go," a relative advised. "It's got DHA and its as close to mother's milk as a formula can get." But it was twice the price on any normal milk.

Last week, during a particularly difficult breastfeeding session, instead of latching on to Mae, Jesse latched on to his own hand. The kid goes crazy whenever he's hungry, I tell you! And so he started sucking vigorously on his own fingers while his evil mother watched with amusement. The poor kid got so frustrated he was bawling his eyes out.

That's when Mae and I decided that Baby would eat Enfalac A+. We have a dopey kid on our hands and he'll be needing all the DHA he can get. So we bought him a small can just to try out. Unfortunately, he didn't take to it too well. For one, he seemed to hate it. And secondly, he's regurgitated a lot. And his stools were a little too weird for our liking. In the end, we switched formula again.

He's taking Snow Brand now. All the DHA he's gonna get will have to come out of Mae. Fortunately, mother's milk is the best source for DHA, and everything else a kid needs. Hopefully he can make the most of it. :)

FOR JESSE: Son, we tried our best. Hopefully by the time you read this, you can actually read without any help. And by the way, this post was mommy's idea. If you ever see a shrink, don't forget to mention that.Hehheh!


  1. Hi james...been feeding my kids with Enfalac A+ since they were born till now. They're now smarter than me so I'm switching them to Sustagen. (Kids shouldn't be smarter than their's a sin... :) )

  2. btw there r many formula out there has DHA not necessary enfalac a+.
    my boiboi took it whilst he was at the hospital due to phototheraphy which caused dehydration. since he was oredi at it i was "forced" to continue forking lots of $$$ for one year feeding him enfalac!!!! haha
    later when he reached 1 year of age we switched to enfagrow a+ aiyoyo the poor fella constipated like hell!
    decided to switched and upon recommendation from a fren, we tried neslac 1+ which has DHA and Bifidus too. the price is a lot friendlier ;) and no problem wid poopoo
    thanks to branding and advertisement which lead enfalac a+ to be the leading baby formula... think about it.

  3. Been feeding my baby with Similac. But now she seems to dislike it. But more into solid food, porridge, cereal, biscuits. The doc said baby also has got taste. They want good things, tasty and delicious. When going to a paeditrician, asked for formula samples from them. So no need to waste a whole tin to test.

  4. omg lies i never had any dha in my milk! i suspect they fed me diluted condensed milk instead! omg i now know why i am so dumb and slow! plus! am lactose intolerant!
    i weep.

  5. Agreed, Najwa! Who know what they'll get up to when they get smarter! :lol:
    Yeah Babe_KL. We got suckered in by the ads!
    Ah, kids are getting smarter these days. back in my day, I ate slop my grandma made and never even complained!
    Aaah, Grace. That explains those weird cryptic posts on your blog! :lol:

  6. You are hilarious! ! =)
    Heres to hoping Jesse inherits your wicked sense of humour ;)

  7. LOL. Ya, I've seen those ads b4, but have always wondered if they actually work; and actually make a baby smarter, even b4 he can say his 1st mama(s).
    To be honest, unless they had done experiments; controp grp n the experiment grp, and got some finite results, i dun c how they can claim such things. =P *LOL* And how can you even measure that the baby has a better intelligence than other babies juz by drinking the milk powder? and wat levels above r considered higher intelligence??? tats like saying u know how many chickens u hv in a bag of eggs b4 they even hatch! science can be so misleading at times; or is tat ads can be more misleading sometimes? =P
    Just thinking anywayz, you don't necessarily have to agree wif me. ;) these brands do shark monies out of us lot. and i personally think, how a person becomes, has a lot to do wif God and the choices he makes eventually. God is good... and he has plans, and even knows Jesse from the womb. I'm sure he'll be in safe hands!
    Isn't God juz amazing??? *gushes and hugs teddy*
    God Bless, and hope Jesse's doing well.... Take care.
    Agape, Angel

  8. Ya, I know... too much physics and engineering in my head. I'm starting to think like an engineer. *slaps forehead* Oh Wait, I'm on my way to being one. DOH. =D

  9. oh!! i know i know! you should get him the milk from that ad. you know... the dad goes "flower... Flaaawer.." then the kid goes "orchid lah!"

  10. Annu, not too much, I hope. My humour borders on insanity. :lol:
    Actually Sapphire, there are studies on the effects of DHA on young minds. :)
    CC, I think that ad was Enfalac A+.

  11. As long as Jesse can shit well with the amount of whatever DHAs that he takes - it would be alright.

  12. am bf & supplementing wz enfalac a+ like most malaysians got suckered into buying it coz it's e/ most expensive formula in e/ market izzit not too sure but really feels like it ..
    but my bb is now pooping weird greenish yellowish poop .. but has yet to show signs of dislike so i guess bb has to be a guineapig in mommy & daddy's formula experiment ..
    & james .. u r really funny i enjoyed reading ur blogs ;-)