Wednesday, October 13, 2004

A Handful

a hands-on baby

Little Jesse's in his sixth week now. He's become quite aware of his hands and fingers.

Occassionally when I'm feeding him, I prop his tiny little hands up, uncurl his fingers and he can pretty much hold the bottle on his own. This is especially useful during night feeds. If he can hold up the bottle, I can get a few more minutes of sleep. Look ma, no hands! Hehhehheh!

We remove his mittens so that he can experiment with his extremities. Who knows, he might even start picking his nose soon. And before you know it, he'll be rolling the boogers into tiny little balls just like daddy's shown him.

The downside of not wearing mittens is that he tends to scratch himself. Despite the fact that his nails are pretty soft and that I keep them trim every week, it still manages to put a few scars on his face. Also, he tends to pull his own hair and poke his own eyes whenever he gets frustrated. This in turn, gets him frustrated AND agitated.

*sigh* Babies are dumb. I guess God didn't invent DHA for nothing.


  1. Haha, how cute :)
    Enjoy the "cuteness" while it lasts, soon they'll turn into whiny kids, followed by surly teens.

  2. Izuan - whom are you talking about?? A real nice baby. How much sleep do yu get per night? And do you take care of him at night? Great, man!!!

  3. babies are dumb, James? what an understatement! Jesse looks tanned in the picture, been sunbathing him is it?

  4. Andreas:You know the whole cycle, dont you? They( or in my case, we :P) start out attached to the parents, then we discover friends, move on to them, distance ourselves from parents, then we get closer to the parents again :)
    Or that's my experience. Your upbringing determines how they grow up :)

  5. HOW CUTEEEEEEEEE! *I WANT BABIES NOW!!!* *looks shady* Need to stop all this talk about wanting babies... -.-

  6. Dude .. my wife just told me that he knows who you are. It seems she worked with you in the Peace Child production ;)

  7. waahhhh...that is sure one cute baby! you should be proud. i know i would! baby's are the cutest things on earth and then...they grow up and you know what happens next ;)
    Cheers!!! :D

  8. cute...
    did he gets his head and eyebrows shaved?

  9. oooh!! lol, u gross daddy.. don't teach your baby to roll boogers k!;D
    looks like Jesse's features are coming along! :D Doesn't have that newborn look anymore. (it being that all newsborns look alike)
    :D kisses to sweet jesse!!

  10. haha. pick nose. roll boogers. you are normal. *cough*
    hey, how to know baby jesse inherit his dad's good looks if we haven't seen daddy's photo?

  11. Jesse is so cute!! He looks like a big baby for 6 weeks...hehe....I'm sure he'll grow up big and strong just like his daddy :)

  12. i want a baby! i want a baby! i want a baby! waaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

  13. You need to take care of yourself too.
    Jesse is a fine baby. You should look at the monsters my mom is rearing at home.

  14. james..your baby story is making me think why havnt i am pregnant that my friend is brand me as "wanna be mama"..hehe

  15. Hahh, I guess we'll have to savour the moment even more now, Izuan! :)
    Andreas, I get up at 1:30am, 4:30am and 7:00am for his night feeds. Ocassionally, I conveniently sleep thru his cries. :lol:
    It was kinda dark when I shot that Norzu. But I think he's also a little dark, just like daddy. :)
    Thanks, Ali.
    Now eh, Mei? :lol:
    Small world, Bob! She did introduce us once, I think. :)
    Yeah, hyelbaine. They grow into us. :lol:
    Nah Papi, he just looks "uncle-ish" naturally! Hahhahha!
    Thanks annu.
    Jolene, some people say he never did look like a newborn! :)
    Hahha Lucia. I'm shy lah. Perhaps someday lah...
    Daddy is just BIG, Cherry. Not strong. :)
    I'll rent him out to you Jikon. :)
    Only when he's asleep, Gina.
    Then go ahead and have one, Phoenix! :)

  16. Awww I missed having a baby around... seems like Jesse will fall under the category Tall?? Dark and Handsome!!!

  17. nxt thing u know, daddy would be teaching baby jesse how to swear. bad bad! LOL. jesse look so cute in dat photo

  18. Babies are not dumb.. they are learning, and we have to teach them everything in their early years.. you'll miss it when he is older and wiser..
    *i've 8 mths old at home.. she's learning to walk now.. i miss the serenity when she's about Jesse age.

  19. boogers? hahaha, and here i was thinking of matchmaking my 106day old baby girl with Jeese ;) :lol:

  20. This confirms it, Jesse's got your nose and lips!

  21. the picture wont load for me :(

  22. He's gorgeous!
    isn't it great how advanced technology has become? I wish there's blogging back in my parents' days so that I can actually see how I've evolved from a baby to an adult from my parents' perspective.
    I don't know why but this blog has strike a chord in me even though I'm no longer married and I never had a baby.
    Btw, how about a picture of you, Mae and the babe? It'll make a great family potrait! =)

  23. AWWWWWWWWWWW.... CUTE!.. =D Simplay adorable! *melts*
    Well the good thing is he doesn't have eczema; at least not the kids in Malaysia. The poor kids here in the UK suffer from very dry (and itchy) skin, and they tend to scratch. I'm been working with the church nursery last year, and there was this baby who had a bad case of eczema. We had our orders to stop the fellow to scratch, unfortunately when he couldn't he kept crying and crying and crying......
    i'm sure the scars will disappear soon enuf, and as for the eyes..... hmmmm.... he'll learn!

  24. awwwww... he looks all sweet and peaceful. wonder how long that lasts. haha!

  25. BabeKL, he's dark, that's for sure. But two out of three ain't bad. :lol:
    Hahha, Oliviasy. Don't all fathers do that? ;)
    Or Nana, I could withold the teaching then he could be older and none the wiser. :lol:
    Ok, Buaya, I promise we'll clean up our act. BTW, you;re a rich guy, aren't you? :lol:
    Mdmafia, unfortunately he does. :)
    Aww, Natasha!
    I suppose we'll eventually get a family portrait in her, Anonymous!
    Eeee, eczema! Let's pray he never gets it, Sapphire.
    Hahhah. You're right CC. Even so, he only LOOKS peaceful. :)