Friday, October 15, 2004

Henpecked and Homemakin'

I never have time to blog these days. Usually, I do it after work but these days I go home immediately after work. I also used to blog late at nights but these days my nights are reserved for night feedings and midnight poops.

Mae has still not gone back to work yet so she takes care of Jesse throughout the day. And since we don't have a maid, its quite a task. So, I do my part.

Everyday at 7:30am, I bathe the kid before I go to work. I massage him with baby oil and also give him a change of clothes. Then I give him his breakfast feed and put him to bed. After that I wash his bottles and put them in the steamer. And then it's off to work! By the time Mae gets up, I would have eased her workload quite a bit.

I'm feeling like the henpecked hubby these days - minus the naggy wife, of course. Hahhah! Reminds me of a song by Sean Morey. (Click it if you have Shockwave, it's good!) But hey, it's all good. In one fell swoop, I get to tell two of my favourite people that I love them to bits. Some people say it with flowers. The stingy ones work their fingers to the bone. :) When the funds are low, homemakin' is the way to go.

For Mae: See honey, now you know why I never buy you anything nice. Hahhah! Talk is cheap but action is cheaper.


  1. Whoah, good on you! Your wife and kids are pretty lucky from where i stand ;)
    Cheers!!! :D

  2. awww..*sniff* *sniff*
    i don't know how many times i've told you..or was it to my friends when promoting LoopyMeals.
    I'd kill for a husband like you~!
    Mae, =) you're really lucky!
    kisses to jesse!

  3. understandable i guess, with the new company at home, time is precious commodity huh?
    You're doing a great job there! Keep going..... I 'support' you. But do remember to pamper Mae sometimes too... please. ;)
    And yea.... babies in Malaysia rarely get eczema i think. only in extreme cases. so dun worry.

  4. hahahahaha. henpecked hubby. LOL

  5. You the man, James! :D
    The song's hilarious. But you love what you're doing so Mae and Jesse can't complain, right? Although flowers would be nice once in a while.

  6. ah, welcome to the club! i am sure Mae appreciates it. You da man in her life! I am also sure that your weekends are taken up by housechores. hehehe, I just finished ironing a week's worth of clothes myself. thank goodness for steam iron and starch sprays.
    try your very best to do without a maid. alternatively you can get those part-timers to come in for 3-4 hours per week. depending on the chores, they charge between RM30 - 60 per visit/week.

  7. baby jesse's very C U T E~~~~~ :D

  8. wow, baby massage included in the package? :o Wonder where can I learn dat from too..heheh, would be interesting I guess :P

  9. good fer you james! 2 cheers for daddies that help out at home. woot woot! btw, flowers would still be appreciated, once in a while ;)

  10. you're such a sweet husband and dad. mae and jesse are lucky to have you as hubby/ daddy and vice versa.
    it's so nice to hear that you're enjoying fatherhood.
    i know i'm enjoying motherhood.

  11. wow, amazing. mae is soooo lucky. men these days are undescribable... esp the new generation!

  12. take it from someone who knowsOctober 18, 2004 at 2:23 PM

    I think you've done a real good job. Keep it up.
    Mae, I think, is still buggered out..because it is extremely tiring to take care of a kid and house.
    So, maybe, once in a while, you could help out by sweeping and mopping floor? Or wash all bathrooms. Or even putting away the dried dishes. There is nothing like a uncluttered, clean house that makes a woman smile... sigh..

  13. Heh, thanks hyelbaine!
    You give me too much credit, Jolene. A lot of what I'm willing to do for Mae is in reciprocation of what she'd do for me. :)
    Sapphire, time is ever more valuable nowadays. But on the upside, now, we're able to weasel out of most social engagements with our little bundle of excuses! :lol:
    Hmm, Olivia, I see henpecking in your future! :lol:
    And *woot* back to you ryuu.
    Yeah Norzu, I'd like some flowers once in awhile. *ahaks* ;)
    Yeah Buaya, we have some one come in once a fortnight for RM 50 a visit. She's our scheduled miracle worker!
    Wow what, YP? :)
    I censor all his bad photos, Glinar! :lol:
    Leokoo, have a kid first and all this knowledge will come to you. :)
    I think its quite the norm these days in most household where both parents work, CC.
    Good for you Kate. Who woulda guessed parenthood could be so rewarding?
    Undescribable, BabeKL? In a good way, I hope!
    Don't knock work Mdmafia. Try it. You might enjoy it too. :P Hahhah!
    Hey Someone-Who-Knows, no worries. It's in good hands. *ahem*

  14. Wah! Lucky Baby Jesse and Mae.

  15. oh man, i've gotta get my husband to read ur blog and learn from u.

  16. Lucky me too, Papi! :)
    I'll take that as a compliment, SW! :lol: