Friday, October 8, 2004


Tonight Jesse's a little fussy. Mae had started feeding him at about 10:30pm and after awhile, he got frustrated. We usually just continue the feed with a little formula and he'll be all fine and dandy. But not tonight.

He was agitated and nothing was working. Not the bottle. Not a change of diapers. Not the backrubs which he loves so much. Not even daddy's finest Elvis impersonations. So, I tell Mae to get the secret weapon - Woodward's Gripe Water!

I had gotten less than half a teaspoon in when he stopped crying and started making gurgling sounds. Then suddenly, the kid pukes out a whole milk-storm! *Blueekkkkkk* And a whole ounce of all-natural Baby Jesse Yoghurt spilt out of his mouth all over the palm of my hand. Vile.

Mae and I got into a frenzy. We were frantically scrambling for towels, tissues and composure. "Thar she blows!" He unloads another explosive puke. Strangely, through it all, the kid was all calm. So calm, it's almost creepy.

After that little episode, he seemed okay once again. In fact, after that little episode, Jesse ate a little bit more and then fell asleep peacefully. Must have found relief after unleashing the fury in his tummy. We were a little concerned but according to what we read at, it doesn't look like its anything serious.

But damn, the drama of it all! *sigh*


  1. LOL.... oh well.. there's more where that came from! I remember my puking days were mostly while I was travelling. Cars and me, never clicked. Certainly motion and me never were chummy!

  2. All that wind and what-not...ugh! Poor Jesse...

  3. Man, I get freaked-out enough when my cats puke all over the place. Can't imagine kids. I'm scared! I'll probably be rushing the kid off to the hospital every time he hurls. Scary stuff man!

  4. you do Elvis impersonations?! a hunka hunka burning lurrrrrrrve. haha... poor jesse. glad he's feeling better now!

  5. all u need to ensure is dat he gets burped each time after feeding then he'll be fine. remember to sweep yr palms upwards his back ;)

  6. ah, welcome to the club ;) after a few incidents from our first girl, we bought a mattress protector.

  7. u sure it's not the Elvis impersonation?

  8. Mattress protectors and Woodward's Gripe Water. Both essential for the early months of life :)

  9. I remember my struggle with motion sickness too, Sapphire. I musta puked all my childhood.
    Just like daddy, Mei! :lol:
    Jordan, it's one of those little things you get used to. Otherwise you'll be very busy going back and forth from the hospital! :)
    Hehhhehe, CC. Like the rest of my family, Baby Jesse seems to have grown to love Elvis. :)
    Thanks BabeKL. We had been doing that and then I went and discovered that he actually burped easier when I bounced him on my knee. But I suspect all that motion must have caused him to puke! :lol: He's okay now, tho.
    Ah yes, a matress protector. We need one badly, Buaya!
    Wahahahahah!!! Papi, you might be right! :lol: Dammit!
    Part of the Survival Kit eh, Bob? :)

  10. :P Wow, can't imagine I'm learning much about baby care everytime I read this. Perhaps it'll help some of us bachelors to be better dads someday? ;)

  11. oh dear bouncing eh? oso try not to play airplane wid him after feeding ok hehehe

  12. Sure Leokoo. But remember, there's nothing like practical training!
    :lol: I'll remember that BabeKL!