Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Tiffany & the Little Traitor

Baby's been crying quite a bit lately. He's somehow grown accustomed to the idea of being picked up and cradled. We can always tell from his fake-ish cries. :)

Usually, we pick him up. But in the mornings when we're busy getting ready for work, we just include him into our conversations - just to give him the assurance that we're around. Today was one such day.

"Honey, you know what?" Mae giggled like a schoolgirl. Somehow, I knew I was in trouble. She continued, "Since you still owe me my Birthday present, I thought you could get me something for my Birthday and Christmas."

Uh-oh. I waited for the axe to fall. And fall it did. "Something from Tiffany's!" she laughed. Awww maaaan!!!!

I could have married some old-fashioned girl from the village who would have loved me even if I gave her a wooden-beaded necklace. But no. I had to have me one of those modern women. Yes, the ones on their steady diet of Cosmo and Sex & The City. The ones who knew Tiffany. What is it with women and Tiffany's anyway?

In desperation, I turned to our little crying boy. "Jesse, should daddy buy mommy a Tiffany?" I asked. "If you think so, stop crying now."

And would you believe it, just like that the little traitor stopped crying. He just gurgled and cooed and smiled one of his sweetest little smiles. Immediately Mae stopped everything she was doing, picked him up and cradled him close to her. "Mommy loves you the most!" And he just cooed away as he basked in his mother's affection.

Turncoat! And to think I bathed him this morning. *sigh*


  1. Auwww... Jesse decided to play safe and sided with his Mummy, huh. The year-end sale is coming so you have time to save up.

  2. omG ... isn't your boy cute? he surely is his mum's sweetheart now ... hahaha ... afterall, sigmund freud's theories didn't come out for no reasons ... ^_^

  3. can i borrow ur baby for a while to convince my man i need a tiffany too? haha

  4. LOL that is the cutest smartest baby ever!!

  5. Hello james... :D have not been here for a while.. hahahaha... I guess baby jesse's just picking up more after mum rather than dad... Oh well... when he grows older... maybe you can start making him a Daddy's boy eh? *wink *wink

  6. :lol: *rolls over laughing* How cute....sooooooo...you, no? ;)

  7. LOL... TAT"S SOOOOOO CUTE!!!! Eh... don't underestimate babies yeh! Mae must be tickled funny. I am!
    Looks like you are gonna have to get something from Tiffany's after all. *grins* Even I'm siding Mae... =P Sorry pal.

  8. hahahah... that made me laugh and go aauuuwwww at the same time. its the maternal aura i tell you. don't mess with the hand that rocks the craddle as it certainly can rock your world :P
    Cheers!!! :D

  9. Yeah, Ian does that too, bullying us all into carrying him. Bah. And after six months, he'd start wanting to crawl around. Sigh...

  10. James! I agree with Jesse, and Mae's got good taste. Buy her the ring, for she bloody gave birth to your cute little tyke.. heh heh...

  11. James, your Mae is not coming anywhere near my wifey! Coz I also owe me wife a birthday present and I have not saved enough yet. *fly $$$ fly*

  12. wooden-beaded necklace??
    that is so last century!! hehe

  13. James...get Mae something from tiffany's...she deserves it...even Jesse thinks so...dont be so kedekut lahh...hehehe..
    p.s. one day Jesse will grow up to be a very good boyfriend/husband..he knows what girls like the most!!

  14. wayyyy to go jesse!!! hehehe... hmmm maybe its time to train my boiboi to ask his daddy to buy sparklies for mummy 8)

  15. dat is way too cute! babe jesse's learning fast :P

  16. heheh, lil' jesse is only a few weeks old and already he's building alliances - you've been watching Survivor with him, haven't you? ;)

  17. woohoo jesse! haha... james you "sangkut" lah. every girl wants a little blue box from tiffany and with baby agreeing... well i see you making a trip to klcc soon ;)

  18. Yeah, Norzu. Looks like the kid knows which side his bread is buttered. :)
    I hope not, Emma. Cos if old Sigmund was right, then Baby would want me dead! *brrrr*
    Hahhah, Chi. Nope. Sorry, you'll have to make your own!!! :lol:
    Heh Andrea. That depends on which way you look at it!
    Welcome back AlvinK. Hopefully you're right. Then mommy will pay!!!
    So me, Mei? :lol: I dunno...
    Hahhah Hyelbaine, like the saying, "The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world!"
    Look at the bright side Strizzt. When he's crawling at least he won't need to be carried. :) Besides, carrying a 6-month-old can be exhausting!
    No fair, Pickyin. This is a female conspiracy!!!
    No, D_Ikeika. Cute is when HIS kid does that to him someday!!! :lol:
    Buaya, when will we men learn never to "owe" our wives a present!!?!
    Hey, village girls just want love, Raina!!! :lol:
    Hehh, Cherry, the boy better learn, so he can learn how to avoid the shop!!
    Not you too, BabeKL!! :)
    Too fast, Olivia!
    Looks like I'll have to sacrifice my Survivor viewing, Sashi. It's for my own survival. :lol:
    As I said, depends on how you look at it, Annushia! :)
    So, that's where it's at, CC!!! See... I'm completely clueless. :P

  19. Jesse knows who's the boss!

  20. haha! baby jesse is so smart. he oughta be my partna in crime... but yea i don't get it. tiffany what? i tell you. if someone tell me to get them a tiffany, i'll just slap them. but of course since mae's your wifey, she deserves it! *coos beside baby jesse*

  21. James, might as well throw in Breakfast for good measure. ;)

  22. LOL, smart boy you got there. He knows who carried him for nine months *grin*

  23. Hey James,
    Need some assistance. Wife and I considering switching to DSH. Could you give us an indication of cost when Mae delivered there? I can be reached at obtyuse@yahoo.co.uk if sensitive info.
    Tried mailing you but can't seem to get it through.

  24. You are just plain bad! I was tempted to check the Tiffany site *drool* not good for an expectant mum just about to deliver the son- prices not even displayed... I would love him forever though- don't I deserve that eternity ring?! *drool*drool*

  25. Careful later in life your kid decides to play both sides to get what he wants hehe;)

  26. hahaha but my boiboi adores his daddee... not sure if it will work since he has a mind of his own oredi. will try out and let u know wats the result hehehehe }:)

  27. Aiyo, dude...you should know. You sired the babe! :P

  28. C'mon, James! Every woman deserves at least ONE Tiffany in her lifetime!

  29. hi james, i'm from taiping too.
    Mae deserves the gift...make sure you get one for her :) i still remembered when i gave birth to my 1st one, my husband actually brought me to australia for holiday (right after the confinement)....cool but....after i gave birth to my 2nd one last year, i only got to travel to spore *sobbing*

  30. *laugh* i love your stories on fatherhood. keep 'em coming.

  31. Jesse sure knows how to steal his mom's affections! Damn smart kid you've got there!

  32. Hey James, Just wanting you to know still tuning in everyday, same time, same bat channel lol. What a cute story lol.

  33. james!! i spent 1/2 hour at tiffany's site! i'm charging you for therapy since i can't afford anything from it. arrrgggghhhh!!!

  34. It's the thought that matters. So just get something from Petaling Street-lah. A genu-wine TIFFANI original! Bwa ha ha ha ha ha!

  35. Yeah Papi, unfortunately Mae is the man of the house. :lol:
    Tiffany what? Kev? :)
    No use, Fly. The kid's too far gone.
    Yup, Jotay. *sulks*
    Hey Reg. Reader! Hope I didn't take too long to get back to you. I've sent a mail to you.
    Ooh SB! Pls don't tell your hubby where you got the idea. He might come on a rampage here!! :lol:
    Nah, Kervin, he's not gonna get any support from me. Not anymore. :)
    BabeKL - try hypnosis!
    Mei, I like to learn things the hard way! :)
    Mdmafia, I will never doubt that every woman deserves a Tiffany (unless I've got a death wish) :lol:
    Taiping eh. No wonder your name is Beauty! :lol: So I guess by the time No. 3 comes along, you'll just get a free ride home to Taiping? Hahhah!
    Thanks Kate. :)
    Too smart, Janus.
    Hi Rachel. Thanks for tuning in. BTW, have you begun tuning in to the latest installment of Survivor? :)
    Pickyin, find a man and whip him into submission! See what a good doggy I've become? :lol:
    You're right Surfgod. I could get a whole range! MUahhahah!
    Glinar, he's a mommy's boy, that's what he is!!!

  36. so james, sudah dapat ke? i just blew almost RM1k on new lights for the house! hehehe, so delay further my wifey's birthday present. thank goodness she understands, phew!

  37. Hey James, first episode is tonight!

  38. Whoa, Buaya. Your house must be really lit-up by now!! :)
    Good for you Rachel, though the start of this season has been pretty ho-hum!

  39. I just spent a better half of my day reading your entire blog from post #1.
    I just HAVE to say this:
    1. You're an excellent writer. There were some bits that got me laughing out loud!
    2. Congratulations on your beautiful family! Your wife sounds like a delightful woman and obviously Baby Jesse is adorable.
    3. Yes, get her the Tiffany.
    Am definitely going to be one of your many devoted readers :)

  40. Thanks for reading all my drivel, Maverix. :) And yes, I did get her the Tiffany!