Thursday, October 21, 2004

Air Balls

Mae says the weirdest things in the early mornings. Really.

Yesterday at 5:00am, Baby Jesse decides that it was a good time to take a big dump. He was wailing away and then suddenly, he went all quiet. So I quickly took off his diaper and laid him at the edge of the bed - his legs hanging off. Then I put the potty right under him, held his legs up and waited for Baby to bomb Nagasaki.

Right about then, the boy started smiling from ear to ear in what might rightfully be termed as a shit-eating grin. It was weird. "What's so funny, son?" I asked.

He didn't answer of course. And then mommy came in and set my mind at ease.

"He likes it," Mae said. And then she added, "Airing his balls and all."

Hahhahahha! Now I'm not sure if Mae is just weirdly funny or incredibly perceptive about the ways of the boys. *ahem*


  1. hahhahahhahahaa *ahem* *pours dettol onto brains*

  2. hahahaha...that's a great one. such a joy to read your blog dude ;)
    Cheers!!! :D

  3. Let's just hope Jesse doesn't get into the habit of airing his balls all the time... :lol:
    Anyway, found this link via Boing Boing - and naturally, I immediately thought of your guys!

  4. ok ok, i have 2 girls now. if my next child is a boy, i will test out this theory. hahahaha!

  5. so men learn to like that from so very young? ahh... so that's why we see male streakers around but no female streakers. ;)

  6. ha ha airing balls! careful, nanti masuk angin!

  7. Never seen this side of Mae. Wow.. she always appeared to be the quiet one in the Crew.
    James am sure you've had your airing experiences and am sure it's err umm. satisfying. Makes me think about the older Malaysian generation that wear "Sarongs"... :)

  8. ler... so sweet... i like airing my balls too.
    see, me and baby jesse shares some similarity. :)

  9. LOL... i cant recall if my boiboi ever lup dat part :p

  10. Hey kid, enjoy 'em while you've got 'em! MWAAHAHAHA!!!

  11. oops sorry. i meant flasher instead of streaker.

  12. OH MY.... *shrieks in laughter* I'm speechless!

  13. OMG! hahahaaaaaaaa..... so farnee!!!!

  14. No wonder my wife asked me if I liked "airing my balls" to which I went "HUH?!" Wonder if my kid will do the same......

  15. Hahaha! Mae is darn funny lah! Hahaha.. laughed my head off... *plop*

  16. omigosh so funny man....i cant just imagine you guys being made into a sitcom...ehehehe

  17. Better let little Jesse air all he wants. Soon, it will be against the law. ;)

  18. :lol: Olivia, you must have a very sanitised brain by now!
    Admit it, Hyelbaine, you just like stories of body parts. :lol: But thanks anyway, dude!
    Thanks Sashi. You must be getting a cut from this Glen fella. This is twice already that you've linked him! :D
    Happy airing, Buaya!
    That must be it, Lucia. ;)
    Air-filled balls eh, Papi! Hehheh!
    Heh Paul, there's so much more to Mae than meets the eye. :) BTW, didn't we see you recently in a sarong? Hehhehheh!!!
    You and most the male population, Kev! :P
    You can't still test the theory, BabeKL!
    Jordan! Ouch!! Your story keeps playing back in my head over and over.
    Ah, Angeline. A lot of a man's world revolves around his nether regions! :lol:
    I'm glad you enjoyed it CC. :)
    I'm sure he will, Reg. Reader!
    Yahkid, I'm glad you said "head"! Hahhahah!!!
    It's entertainment all year round at the Tan household, Anonymous!!
    Not if you know how to do it on the sly, Fly! :)

  19. OI! I didn't need to know that! I wish I could use the excuse of being underage, but no.
    Maybe I should be like oliviasy and pour some dettol into my brains. *runs off to find some dettol*
    I wonder if they sell any in the UK???
    PS: sapphire_pearl is me. LOL. I'm suspecting u din know tat! hahahhaha. I'm Angeline in real life.

  20. Yes, Angeline, I was well aware that it was you. Despite my age and my status as an old-fogey, I can still follow a link! :lol: