Monday, October 18, 2004

Movie Date

Last weekend, we dumped Jesse off at my mother-in-law's. Then we went for a movie, just the two of us, Mae and me, like peas in a pod old times!

Ever since Baby came into our lives, things have changed. All of a sudden, we were sleeping earlier at nights. We stayed in a lot. We did housework religiously. Hehheh! There were times when we lived like pigs because we could handle it, but Jesse's still to young to live like a pig. All that bacteria and dust cannot be good for a baby.

And so we adapted.

For awhile, Baby threw us off balance and it took some time to find our footing. Now, we've pretty much got our act together. Now, for the first time ever, we can finally consider ourselves mature, responsible adults. *ahem* So as a reward, we went out for a movie.

That day, as the projectors rolled, a sense of familiarity crept back into our hearts. And for a fleeting moment, we fell in love all over again. Hahahahhahahaha!!! It was Dodgeball, for goodness sake! Nobody should feel romantic at a silly Ben Stiller movie. Still, it was nice to be able to go out on a date again. Just the two of us.

But by the time we got back to my in-law's, we had missed Baby so much. So much that we woke to little guy up in the middle of his sleep just to hear him gurgle and coo at us.

Sometimes I look at Jesse and wonder how we ever did without him. He just seems so right in his place at the center of our world.


  1. wait till he turns fifteen and insists buying stock in hair gel and pierces every other possible part of his body.

  2. That baby is just extremely lucky to have such wonderful parents like the both of you! Nope, i'm not trying to "ampu" to become a god-uncle or something. i've got enough of them :P kekeekek
    Cheers!!! :D

  3. Verra lucky, both of you! The Other Half and I didn't get any alone time together for several months!

  4. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww..
    *sniff sniff*

  5. awwww... cant wait to have one of my own....

  6. Hey. good to hear that you n Mae manged to find time for yourselves. keep the passion going. Reward yourselves for being little Jesse's wonderful parents

  7. Awwww.... that's SO SWEET!!!! Well.... YOu both sure did a great job! Keep it up. And give baby a huggies for me. ;)

  8. Awwww.... that's SO SWEET!!!! Well.... YOu both sure did a great job! Keep it up. And give baby a huggies for me. ;)
    PS: OOOPZ, forgot to put my details in. sorry about the previous comment!

  9. how sweet!! sighhh my boiboi is 2 years 2 months old now and so far hubby and i hv only gone to the movies THREE times at the cinema!!!
    hehehehe but we're not regretting cos we still hv alone time together. its not easy to hv a travelling hubby who is practically away half of the month. so we usually spend our time together wid boiboi.
    mae, he's a good grab! grab him tight :D

  10. First time I went to the movies with my wife after the birth of my kid was when he was 2 or 3 already (no in-laws around). We jumbed up when the movie started - it was so loud and we instinctively wanted to lower the volume - fearing our boy would wake up. :). That is how used we were to TV when he was small. Now, no problem anymore, lol. He dominates the TV set

  11. You are one of those couples who DO NOT bring babies to the cinema! Bravo!

  12. Ahaha,
    Reality is starting to bite real deep... :p

  13. pick me pick me! i'll take care of baby jesse!
    *big smiles*

  14. your precious treasure little jesse sure grows on you... just an hour or so without him, you will miss him tremendously.

  15. awww how shweet :)
    its nice to know that you enjoyed yourself.

  16. DODGEBALL?!!! I WANNA WATCH DODGEBALL!! Wife's been rather tired of late and the ever-bigger abs kinda make sitting in same position for long PRETTY uncomfortable so will have to KIV the movies for now.... *sob, sob* You're my hero, ben.....

  17. No worries there Grace, he can borrow my gel and earrings! :)
    Why, thanks, Hyelbaine!
    Isn't that what grand-parents are for, Zsarina? To load of the grand-kids! :lol:
    And it was good, Leokoo!
    Aww, there, there, Kat!
    Do it Ikeika. It's fun! :)
    I'm just worried that we over-reward ourselves, X-rich's Girl! Hehhh..
    Thanks, Sapphire!
    3 Movies!??!?! Oh no, BabeKL. Better catch up!
    Hahha Andreas! But at home we watch our TV and listen to our CDs full blast. Baby's accustomed to it so noise never bother him! :)
    :lol: Not yet Mdmafia. We'll wait till he a little older and more talkative and then we'll follow YOU to the cinema! hehheh!
    A love bite, Deb! :lol:
    That could be a frightening prospect, Kev. What if Baby comes home wanting Christina?
    The movie, Irene? Hehheh!
    Exactly, Lucia. *sigh* Kids!
    We sure did, Leo.
    Better go now, Reg. Reader. Otherwise you won't be going for awhile!! ;)

  18. that's the whole point james... tsk tsk... slow la. hehee... you should start a I LOVE BABY JESSE fan club. i can be the secretary. :)

  19. hehehe i did! yesterday evening i went for a movie bwahahahaha!! :D