Sunday, October 24, 2004

Father's Milk

It started off innocently enough. "Jesse tends to waste milk quite a bit," I told them. "He sleeps in the middle of a feed," I told them.

Bad mistake.

The audience was my Cell Group (church, not terrorism) members. Unfortunately for me, I was the lone thorn amongst this bunch of roses. And women, as we know, are an authority on the subject of motherhood.

"You shouldn't let it go to waste, James," Jo advised. She would know, being a mother of a spritely 2-year-old. "You could try waking him," said Bee, whose had 9 years experience as a mommy. "Mother's milk too precious to waste," Shamini added.

And that's when things got out of hand. Never mind that I was referring to formula milk. I had created a monster.

"You can drink it, you know." There. Someone said it. I think it was Elsie.

"Waitaminit," I protested. "Me?" Oh boy.

"It's good for you too," someone said. Oh boy! "You should," someone else added. I was cornered like a frightened animal. Across the room, I saw Mae out of the corner of my eye. Beavis was taking the heat and Butthead was grinning from ear to ear. Hahhahha!

The boy had better finish his milk. He better.


  1. aw com'n! try it!
    my mum used to keep her milk in the refrigerator!;D

  2. Wouldn't you be curious to know how it tastes like? *wink*

  3. heehee... i can just imagine you looking like a cornered rabbit! its just MILK lah... takut apa?

  4. When the mention of wife giving kids milk comes out, everyone always seem to get to the conclusion that it's natural milk. Can't imagine how you put on a straight face in front of all of them hehe me I'd be a wreck especially if they ask "have you tried it yourself"!! ;)

  5. My colleague would keep hers in the fridge and the colour of her milk was off-white. I asked whether it tasted like formula milk and she just shrugged. And I asked "What, you never tried it?" And she asked me back "Would you like some?" Eww!
    Another friend's milk was deep yellow. Now I'm curious as to the content and taste of the milk according to colour. Shed some light, perhaps?

  6. My wife's milk is slightly sweet and more diluted than formula milk.... ;) ;) ;)

  7. C'mon James, don't tell me you haven't tasted it! :lol:

  8. on friends, they said it tastes like cantaloupe juice? but i don't know what's a cantaloupe ;) antelope i know lah...

  9. awww so cute yet again. hehe... can i live with you guys for at least one day. i am uncle kevin anyways.

  10. james: will you end up like Ross in Friends and ask for a towel in the end? heh heh heh...

  11. a friend of mine told me that once he didn't know about the milk her wife kept in the fridge and thought it's the normal milk, and when it happened that she wants to make some coffee for his friends, he thought that was the normal milk, he used it to mix with the coffee for his friends! lol!

  12. hahahaha, i bet Mae was happy when you were cornered.
    but what the ladies say is true, that milk shouldnt be wasted at all.

  13. Yummy .. take my word for it ;)

  14. If the milk is off-white, that means it's mostly foremilk (more watery, less calorie). It's the milk that babies get when they start sucking. If they suck long enough, they get the hindmilk which is more yellow as it's rich in calories and fat.
    Is Mae still breastfeeding? I pump my milk and store it in the fridge for baby too :)

  15. Ariel: That is very informative indeed. So the deeper (yellow) the colour, the more nutrients it contain. Hmm...then why is it that some people can breastfeed for up to a year while some people claimed that the milk just vanished in 2 months?
    Though single, maybe "maternal instincts" are drawing near. I'm curious. :D

  16. I've had a lick, Jolene. But I don't think I'll be progressing to a gulp anytime soon. :)
    :lol: Mandy, I'm not THAT curious!!
    Milk is a frightening thing, CC! Hehheh!
    Well, Kervin, mother's milk isn't exactly processed, y'know! ;)
    Frances, it's got this sort of "metallic" taste. Vile!
    Erm, Buaya... did you get yours bottled or off the tap? :lol:
    Yes I have Mdmafia. Some of it got on my fingers when I fed Baby, so I just licked it for taste. Heh. Thought I oughtta clarify!
    :lol: Adriene, no one ever remembers what a cantaloupe is.
    Oh no you don't Kevin. I know you just want a taste! :)
    Towel, pickyin? Yikes!!
    Hahhaha, Lucia. I've heard many such stories. A friend's father-in-law drank her milk!!! :lol:
    She was. But she's never even tasted her own! :lol:
    OK, Bob! :lol:
    Yup, Ariel. I also hear that it's the hindmilk that'll help Baby put on weight!
    Frances, if I'm not mistaken, foremilk contains most of the nutrients. Hindmilk, contains fat! As for the vanishing supply - it's mostly mental. Most women are capable of supplying milk for years!

  17. is it wrong to get horny in here? muahaha!

  18. isnt cantaloupe something like honeydew melon..?

  19. frances, ariel meant the baby sucks in ONE sitting. the initial few mins will be the foremilk, later on the hindmilk will flow.
    wid rgds to whether how long milk can flow, its not mental nor individual. its actually more on demand and supply. it will flow as long as there r demands ;)

  20. Ahaha, drink the milk??
    Ingenious. =)

  21. :lol: This blog rated "U" lah, kev!
    I haven't got the foggiest clue, D_ikeika! I'm to used to calling fruits by their local names!
    Thanks for that BabeKL.
    That's where the DHA comes in to make it ingenious, Deb! :)