Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Striptease (18SX)

Thursday night is Animals' Night Out. The boys and I usually hang out at our favourite little pub, a quiet place where drinks are cheap, customers are few and we get the pool table and karaoke mikes pretty much to ourselves all night long.

Last Thursday the place was different. "We've got a show on tonight," our waitress tells us as she gestured towards two nubile young women mingling in a crowd of dirty old men and horny young lads.

Halfway through our beer, the lights went down and music up. Then, the lights at the bar flashed on revealing the two young ladies sprawled across the bar counter wearing matching bikinis, high heels and elbow length gloves. Yes, it was that kind of show. And so, the girls proceeded to gyrate their pelvises, and sway their taut, young bodies in moves that would make Christina Aguilera blush. Heh! Suddenly, some revellers came up to the bar and splashed water on the girls. And all hell broke loose.

The girls, armed with large Coca-Cola bottles, filled with water went round the pub splashing water on the patrons. And the patrons retaliated amidst squeals of laughter and giggles. And it's never a pretty sight when grown men giggle. And then things got even more interesting. A strapping young lad at the next table, gestured to one of the girls. And when she got there, they began what looked like a fertility ritual - gyrating, almost grinding at each other, their groins almost touching. And then his friend came, unbuttoned his pants and signaled the girl to continue the act. She obliged.

Laughing, she had pulled his jeans down to his ankles. I noticed the young man was wearing brand new Renoma briefs. Apparently, the silly arse had come prepared for such an eventuality. He had decided he might get lucky. And tonight he would. So there he was, his face convoluted in ecstacy, his shirt off and his pants at his ankles, swaying in his best sexy-man... erm... sway. Perhaps hoping that his sexy moves would lead him somewhere with the girl. Instead the girl upped and went on to other ventures. And Dumbass continued to revel in the moment, his eyes shut, his mouth open looking every bit the Dumbass that he was.

2 bikini girls. 5 minutes of dancing. A whole lot of horsing around and a whole lot of water. Nobody got naked, save for a few dirty old men and one horny young punk. And nobody got lucky. At one point, men were throwing water at each other and feeling really entertained about it. And yet, I suspect the pub did its best business that night.

Men are easy. Hehhheh!

Disclaimer: Neither I nor my friends were caught in any splashing. Nor were any of our clothing or apparel removed from our bodies, either by ourselves or anyone, at anytime. And no, we did not engage/touch/drool at/grope andbody, male or female. Hehh!


  1. "crowd of dirty old men and horny young lads"
    hahaha, James, which end do you fit in? LOL!

  2. That image of randy old men gave me the shivers, but I wouldn't mind watching a striptease myself.

  3. And pray tell, what is a good boy like you doing at a place like that. Some good giggles...hmm?

  4. Hey James, that was me. The thought was so eeeew! I forgot to key in my identity.

  5. A roomful of old and young giggly horny men splashing water at one another? Eeeew!

  6. I couldnt stop laughing at the image of this man who had his pants down to his knees and eyes closed anticipating action but got nothing :D

  7. He dropped his pants/trousers in the middle of a pub! Shiiiitt..that's so wild stuff man! Where is this pub? Maybe I can organize my friends' hen night there!

  8. Oops.
    How come you didn't drop your pants and shirt and start dancing on the tables in your "bikini"? What a waste :P

  9. Are you sure you didn't share your dreams? What a wild one - wild for nothing. Money for Nothing,a s the good 'ol Dire Straits sang. Lol

  10. You sure you're not the young man with renoma briefs??? hahhahaha....

  11. James.. from Elvis to Pelvis.. hmm
    Anyways, question is.. what'd the wife say? hi hi hi

  12. wow! such wild things happened? oh i'm very sure of it... even more wilder things happened in pubs/disco in KL esp. bangsar area.
    how long did that dumbass kept his eyes shut and mouth open? didn't he realise that the girl was gone? oh he can't when his eyes was closed. yeah i can just picture him looking like an ass. :)

  13. aiyoyo.. where's the pub? D'sara Perdana? Puchong? So happnening. I don't want to miss the action lar..

  14. Lilian, I would be in the "respectable 30-something" category. :lol:
    Old men in a striptease, Lainie? Hehhehh... eeeww... now I went and grossed myself out. :lol:
    No, no, no, Anjali. What's a place like that doing over a nice guy like me? It was OUR joint until the girls showed up. :)
    Hahahha MG! At one point, it was just the men entertaining each other. They didn't even need the bikini girls anymore!
    :lol: Shamira, I'm still laughing at the dope.
    No need, KC. If you girls show up in your bikinis, I'm sure some horny guy will oblige. :lol:
    If I did that, I'll put the place out of business Gwen!
    :lol: Andreas. Good song, that!
    Ann, I'm sure I'm not the young man...
    She regrets she missed the show, Paulos. Ehehehh!
    Nah Lucia. By comparison, I think these things probably only happen in those small, out-of-the-place pubs in the suburbs. Bangsar is too exposed.
    Cupcake, I'm sure you'll find similar action in Puchong. Though D'sara Perdana is a pretty decent place.

  15. dirty old men and horny young lads put together....scares me! LOL

  16. heh! the first time I saw a male strip tease, I was in my early twenties. Yeah where else but Manila. At that innocent age, the spectacle was truly gigggly-worthy - hunky dude working up a lather with Kao Biore. teeheeheee

  17. wah u oso quite happening one hor having fun being splashed at at such happening place :p
    ermmm did mae questioned u the stain on yr shirt?? oh wait! she no longer does the laundry huh? hahaha.... wonder wat roma might be thinking :D

  18. Hahhaha! Yes 9, it's a pretty freaky affair.
    Ah. Wait till you see an amateur doing it, Percolator. Then, you've seen it all. Hahahha!
    Waitaminnit BabeKL! We were not part of the splashing, okay!!! :lol: We just watched from afar.

  19. such a supportive wife.. or "kinky".. oops she'd better not read this.. *grin*.. you go girl!.. ka ka ka.. have fun.. can't believe I didn't get to know her when we were serving together in ministry.. hi hi hi

  20. :lol: Paulos. She's a bit of an enigma, isn't she. *ahem*
    Jumbledmind, Coyote was up on the bar. Ugly was down on the floor. :lol:

  21. phileo use to hv a pub wif girls dancing. now no more liao. the dancing gals even tell the guys "make sure yr gfs dun get jeles ah!" *sway sway*
    i remember one of the gal danced really close to my ex-boss. if she tripped, her boobs wl land right on my ex-boss's face :lol:

  22. Aww, poor young guy with the Renomas....
    Must be really disapointing for him.
    But then again, perhaps that is the most action he had gotten, ever.
    But then again, me, a virgin, who am I to say?

  23. Sounds sleazy Did the bar have a license to hold that kind of show?

  24. You're right, Oli. I think that must have been 2 or 3 years back!
    :lol: Rajan, the thing is, I think that was all the action he needed! :)
    Hey Zsarina. Sleaze sells beer. And I doubt if they had a license, though I'm not sure they actually needed one!

  25. Eww, the DOMs are gross! Then again, yeah, men are easy. :p