Monday, May 9, 2005

A Mothers' Day Story

I remember, as a kid, my Mom used to get invited to weddings a lot. At least that's the way it seemed. Anyway, if you've ever attended a Chinese Wedding Dinner, you'll know that it's quite a grand culinary affair - a sumptuous 8-course dinner. You'll also know that every one such dinner starts off with a delicious starter called "The 4 Seasons" which features a 4 delightful little dishes in one presentation.

Mom always used to pick out her share of either a Meatball or a Spring Roll. She'd then wrap it nicely in a paper napkin and stuff it in her handbag. And when she came home later that night, her doe-eyed little boy would greet that neat little "package" with so much enchantment you'd think he'd found a diamond of something.

Yeah, I was a dumb kid. :) But I got even dumber as I grew up.

In my early teens, I couldn't help but feel a little embarrassed that Mom took-away food from a wedding dinner. I mean, this is the kind of faux pas for which the etiquette police would arrest you and throw you in jail. The kind of thing they'd do at a wedding in the village. At an age when I had learnt the tenets of social graces (that, and pretentious words like "etiquette" and "faux pas"), I was no longer enamoured by a Springroll in Mom's purse.

It's taken awhile, but I finally get it.

Yesterday, the aftertaste of all those Meatballs and Springrolls I had eaten as a kid came back to me. It's so clear. Mothers are exempt from the silly inconveniences of etiquette. Mothers are allowed to bend the rules a little, when it comes to their kids. Only because love will make you do the silliest things. Silly things, like stuffing a Meatball in your purse. Silly things that Mom did for me. And silly things that Mae does for Jesse.

So, to Mom, to Mae and to all you mothers out there, Happy Mothers' Day. I know I'm a little late on this one and it probably sounds silly to be posting this after the fact, but you know what they say - Love makes you do the silliest things. ;)


  1. "It's taken awhile, but I finally get it."
    Coz you became a parent yourself. Its one of life's little cycle.
    "Mothers are allowed to bend the rules a little, when it comes to their kids."
    So are Fathers. ;)

  2. Damn so sweet :))
    Happy MOthers day Mae :))))

  3. Yes, I remembered how my mom let us have sticks and sticks of satay without worrying about the costs - even she didnt have one herself.

  4. ahh, nice one dat :)
    at least your mom hides it in her purse. My mom tapaus back enough food for a meal in a plastic bag after her school functions! :p
    haha, moms. Can't live w/o them eh?

  5. happy mother's day to all mommies

  6. This was the conversation between me and my 5 years old daughter (dated May 4, Wed pm):-
    Nana: Mommy...
    Me: Yes darling...
    Nana: Mommy, this Sunday will be the BEST day in my life!
    Me: Oh really ? Why ?
    Nana: Because it's MOTHER'S DAY! I love mommy the most and I promise I won't make mommy angry on that day....I'll try...
    Me: That's very sweet of you darling...remember mommy love you, mei2 and daddy the most ok?
    Nana: you mom! (with a kiss).
    And very true on the Mother's Day, Nana took her own initiative to practise the piano w/out me nagging her and she even bought me a present - a pirated DVD By using her own pocket $. well, the DVD she bought for me is Barbie Fairytopia *grin*

  7. Awwwww that brought tears to my eyes.
    So sweet. I hope my boy comes out and grows up to be just like you someday! (minus the pounds heh heh j.k) Your blog is a mommy-magnet you know? And to think I stumbled upon it while Google-ing for CKT recipe >_< woo~ I love your blogs!
    Happy Belated Mother's Day Mae!

  8. Yup, Mumsgather. Parenthood has been enlightening, no?
    Thanks Visithra.
    Moms are the best, Gina! :)
    :lol: You're mom's way cooler than mine than, LeoKoo!
    And back to you BabeKL!
    Hahhhaa... you have a smart kid there, Beauty!
    Thanks for stumbling here, Gwen. And yes, you just made my day for days to come. :)

  9. awwww..that is so sweet... no matter how silly the things mothers do are, they do it because they love us :-)

  10. That's a sweet post, James! A very happy belated Mother's Day to Mae too :)

  11. hi, just surfed in your blog by accident.
    this entry brought tears to my eyes, really, no joking. such a simple sentiment, but yes it resounds with the things that my mom used to/ still does for us too.
    she used to always tapau things from the breakfast buffet table when we are on holiday - to my embarassment. but of course, us kids always end up scoffing the yogurts, rolls, boiled eggs even(!) that she scored.
    thanks for the great reminder. hope mae had a lovely mother's day