Friday, May 6, 2005

Holiday At Home

taking in the sights

Last Saturday, my brother-in-law Andrew called. "You sister and I are staying at the Ascott downtown for the night," he explained. "Wanna come? I'm buying" he enticed. We didn't need any further encouragement.

Apparently, the guys had planned on a holiday but since it was the Labour Day weekend, most hotels anywhere were fully booked. And so the ever-resourceful Andrew suggested a local holiday. And since they had their 2-year-old, Joshua with them, we brought Jesse along. And it was to be an eye-opener for the little guy.

He had a ball, crawling all over, exploring his new surroundings. It must have been a wonderful experience for him since he was laughing and squealing away, his mouth gaping wide in wonderment. He couldn't take his eyes off the Ascott's tasteful decor. He crawled and rolled around the Ascott's plus carpeting - which is a far cry from Mommy's... erm... economical carpeting at the office. And he absolutely loved looking at the city from the Ascott's full height windows.

"Our poor boy is so... erm... Suakoo," Mae pointed out, using the Hokkien noun specially reserved for country bumpkins or village boys. "We really ought to take him out a little more." And perhaps we'll need to, seeing as to how he's begun to really appreciate new surroundings.

As for our one-day mini-holiday, it was surprisingly refreshing. Our itinerary was simple. Shopping at KLCC in the afternoon. Dinner at Petaling Street where we ate the best Siew Yoke Mein on the planet. I will blog about this since I really stuffed my face that day, taking a holiday from my diet too! *ahaks* We even had a Dim Sum breakfast the next morning. Our only regret was the bad jam that caused us to forgo our DVD-shopping excursion at Sg Wang.

We had a pretty good time. So if you ever wanted a break and didn't know where to go, just check into a nearby hotel and go with the flow. :)


  1. it's fun eh? all kids r suakoo anywhere...where would they have been before this? hahahahahahahahahahahahahah.

  2. yep. that's a not bad idea. sometime back, many beach hotels here (penang) use to have 'day rate' (1 day only... in morning, out evening) esp. for locals. well locals like book a room for a day to go to the beach and to enjoy the hotel's facilities or in short to get pampered. :)

  3. i have been doing this for the last 2 years. places i have stayedinclude putrajaya shangrila, kl sentral hilton, imperial sheraton. they are all excellent! ;)

  4. lucia: Is that all the day-rate is used for....? Hahaha...

  5. good idea.. a holiday in the city! btw congrats on losing 5kgs... u go dude!

  6. rajan, oh yes, couples used it to get 'pampered' on the bed too. *wink*

  7. we brought boiboi to his first hotel stay in westin kl. dat time he was about 1 year plus. we requested a baby cot and when they pushed in the cot, he went "wahhhhh NICE" hahaha cos the cot was beautifully covered wid lovely skirtings and such. he had a field day switching on and off the lightings. opening drawers and doors. no different from jesse... very sua koo hehehehehe!!!
    when we got home, he took out the plastic cards we gave him to play sometime back, trying to open the doors! hahaha very suakoo action!

  8. Good point, MOO+1!
    Good question Pickyin. Hahhah. I can't remember the place, to be honest. It's a building next to Nikko Hotel - a Bangunan PB or something. :P It wasn't particularly memorable - the Dim Sum and the place! :lol:
    You can't get much pampering in just a day, Lucia. :lol:
    Hmm... Putrajaya sounds like an adventure, Weezy. Thanks for the tip!
    Hahahha Rajan! Be good, now.
    Thanks Marina.
    :lol: Your boiboi is a smart kid, BabeKL!

  9. Jesse is sooooo cute...

  10. james,
    good pampering for you and fly :) i enjoy the ascott very much too.
    take care and god bless,