Wednesday, May 4, 2005

Five Down

I lost 5 kgs! Hurhurhurhur!!!! This must be the biggest block of deadweight I've ever lost.

Last night at my in-laws, Mae's grandma took a look and me and enquired, "You've lost weight haven't you?" Gasp! Finally, a confirmation that my trips to the gym and my tragic menu has finally paid off. "Yes, you definitely lost weight!" She was convinced.

I had been 86kgs for the last few months. This is the heaviest I have ever been in all my life. And to think that I was just a mere 55kgs back in secondary school. It's my fault really. I eat every meal like my last. I also eat when I'm happy. So it's happy happy eat eat, as you can imagine.

Before I met Mae I was lonely and sad. I was also thin and handsome. *ahem* Then Mae came along and I stuffed my face. And then Jesse came along and I stuffed my face somemore. So I guess I owe my... erm... rubinesque figure to Mae and Jesse. Yeah, Mae and Jesse suck. Hehheh!

I lost 5 kgs! I think I'll celebrate with a big-ass feast.


  1. Ahaha I'm sure Mae does indeed, suck. ^_~
    How tall are you though? Because if you measure your BMI with height and weight, I would think you're presumably less obese than many people in the US. Hopefully that should take your mind off the negative feelings of fatness ;_; poor James.

  2. show us the before & after photo?! ;)

  3. Kudos to you James... Aku pun mau lose weight... damn... just ate banana leaf rice for lunch and pizza for dinner.. gym here I come..

  4. Sure it's not just water ka? :lol:
    Congrats, dude! Keep it up.
    81 - 55 = 26 more kgs to go! Woo!

  5. way to go James, starting is the hard part yar so now you are on the way it will get easier

  6. Came across your blog via Marinadelray's...
    Dig the backdrop man! It's so happy! hahaha...and yeah, congrats on losing them weight.

  7. whoa, good on ya!
    btw, the water swimpants or whatever they're called which was referred to earlier - they are available at Toys R Us, 1Utama.

  8. Yes, momof2! Before and after pics pls...

  9. reducing is easy - actually.
    keeping it that way is VERY tough....from my limited experience.

  10. wah, later must allocate some $$$ to alter your trousers etc etc =)

  11. Cheers! Syabas! Keep going. You give me hope. Probably, I may consider going 'char koay teow-less' too.

  12. Wow, Excellent! So fast ah? I thot you just started your gym and low fat food regimen. ;) Anyway that oughta give you motivation to lose more soon.

  13. wow... so jealous. i can exercise but to abstain from eating??? urrgghh!!! haven't done that yet.

  14. *ahem* Gwen! Well, I'm not terribly obese. But I am on the portly side. :)
    :lol: Leo.
    Ugh, Momof2. Maybe when I'm certain the "after" photo can undo the damage that the "before" photo will do to my readers. :)
    Thanks Babe!
    Come join me lah, Paulos!
    Yay, indeed, CC!
    It's been a month Anjali. It better not be just water!
    You're probably right, DB. I feel less pain now!
    Thanks for dropping by, Muddy. :)
    Husband: Thanks. We managed to get a pack at Isetan.
    You'll lose your lunch, AhPink.
    Oh I do hope you're wrong, Li!
    Either that, hazel, or stop wearing pants. Hahhah!
    Wah, this is the first time I gave anyone any hope, Lilian! Good luck on CKT-less!
    It's been a month, MG!
    Yes you can, Sue. :) Rah! Rah!

  15. Congrats for losing that 5kg. Keep up the good work. I hope to see a slim new you the next time I see you in church. *grin*

  16. Congrats, James! Hubby's around 86 Kg too. If only he would join a gym and eat less too!

  17. Congratulations!!! I've tagged you - see my blog for details.

  18. *clap clap clap* way to go James! We're proud of you =) I've been trying to lose 3 kg but to no avail.. should follow your diet ler... oh, and hit the gym too =)

  19. I doubt it's noticeable Jotay, since it's gonna take far more than 5kgs to make a slim new me.
    :lol: Ariel, you'll have to whip him into shape, then!
    Thanks Rachel. And thanks for the tag!
    Hey, what business do you have losing weight, Chun. You're reed-thin.

  20. Way to go James! Now I hate you! Haha!

  21. James without 5 Kgs... unimaginable..
    Chim thought: The governing the body, like governing an empire - conquests alone will not be enough - it is keeping the empire together after the conquest.
    Rule the body. Rule your food.

  22. Dun hate me cos I'm beautiful, Gina! Hahahahha!
    5kgs is not too noticeable when you're beyond the 80kgs mark, Josh! :) And yes, that was very "chim"!