Thursday, May 12, 2005

Look Who's Communicating

Jesse seems to be getting the hang of articulating his needs and wants. His communication skill are more refined now.

Lately, he's been waking me up in the mornings. He'd grunt his little, "Uhhn!" to signal me to get out of bed and take him out into the living room where his toys are. This morning he did it again. And so I take him out into the living room, dump myself on the sofa, switch on the idiot-box while he entertains himself with his toys on the floor.

Suddenly he stands up before me, supporting himself on my knees. His eyes fixes upon mine with a sweet, loving gaze as he opens his mouth to speak his first real words.


"No, no, no,"
I correct him, "It's Daddy!"

"Mum-mum!" he asserts. And for effect, he hits my thigh as he says the words.

"I'm Daddy," I explained. "Mommy's the sack of potatoes still in bed at 8am!" Okay, okay, I didn't tell him that, I promise. Hehheh! But I did correct him. After all, most kids say "Da-da" first. I deserve to have my kid call me first, just like how every kid on the planet says, "Da-da" first.

"MUM-MUM!" the poor kid snapped and started wailing like a child in a torture chamber. That's when I realised he wasn't addressing me. He was merely commanding me to prepare his feed. "Mum-mum, as in 'I wanna eat', you idiot!" he must have been thinking.

I guess food comes first. *sigh* That's my boy, alright. But still, it's pretty amazing to have heard him say his first actual words. :)


  1. *piaks*
    hey dun u know mumm mumm is the universal language for food?? :p poor jesse so hungry oredi need to listen to ur lessons hehehe

  2. hahaha... i like the last paragraph. cute;) Aiyah, give it time lar James, for all you know he might be able to surprise you with "Father." in a british accent?

  3. When the word "mum mum" appear on your story, straight away I notice he wants milk rather than calling you. I bet if Mae was awake, she could sense the same. How come daddy always so blur??? No offense hubby is like u.

  4. Aiyo...mum-mum means he wants food lah. what made you think he's calling for his mummy. hehehe..
    what happend to Roma? why didn't she prepare his food for him...? still sleeping at 8am? :P
    my nephew called his daddy first. not da-da but Dad-dy. and when my sister kept telling him to call her mum-my, he just kept on saying dad-dy :P

  5. heehee... james the blur.

  6. Aww... dat's so schweet - makes it all worthwhile, eh? =)

  7. Even singles understand the universal language on "Mum mum". hehehe!!
    But I can imagine how great it felt to hear those words from your little one

  8. Hey James,
    Its all your fault. You folks are BIG on food - that's why the kids first word is for FOOD. U reap what u sow man.
    Haha.. anyway.. I am sure the kid will call you Dada... since none of you watch football - so its safe to say he wont be saying "Kaka". (you need to watch AC Milan to understand that.)

  9. :lol: BabeKL, it was 8:00am in the morning and I just got up lah!
    I look forward to that Jayelle!
    Hahhaha! It's his fault, Michelle. Who asked him to give me that loving look?
    Cherry: I hope Jesse calls me Daddy!
    I'm learning, CC, I'm learning!
    It sure does, Chun. :)
    Okay, so the singletons are putting me to shame Shamira! :lol:
    Food is good, Josh! Hehheh.

  10. He gave you the loving look - coz he loves his food :pppp
    Yayyyyyyyy Jesse ssaid his first words :))

  11. Visithra: He love his food huh? This could be bad. :)

  12. SO CUTE! Thanks for sharing the moment ^^