Monday, May 30, 2005

Uphill & Over The Hill

Jesse loves Genting

Genting turned out to be a fairly enjoyable trip for us. While Mae and I are really just doing this for the boy, our vacation turned out to be a nice little eye-opener for Roma too! :)

Awana turned out to be a little crappy. It's old and dilapidated. There's no aircond presumably because it gets pretty cold there. But the problem is, it's no longer really cold in ,Gentings. Back in the 70s, you'd freeze your buns off if you didn't put on thick sweater. These days, you can practically walk around in shorts and t-shirts. *sigh*

Also, the place must have the oldest water-heaters in the entire country. It takes 30 minutes for your shower to warm up. To make matters worse, they ripped up all the jacuzzis from the rooms, which got Mae flipping mad. You'd think with all the money the place is making, the least they could have done is give you better rooms. No such luck.

Day two was better. We went up to the theme park. There we got all-day passes for both the indoor and outdoor parks for Mae, Roma and I and we just went for ride after rides; which was a strange experience for me. You see, back in my youth I'd stay away from the train rides, the ferris wheel and those suspended gondola rides. It felt kinda nerdy and I certainly didn't wanna associate myself with such nerdy activities. But then fatherhood hits you and you find that it's okay to be a nerd for the sake of your kid. Hehheh! And so we rode. And Jesse loved every bit of it.

Roma too had her fun. She had gotten on the indoor roller-coaster with Mae and had her first taste of death-defiance. And so whenever we took breaks, we encouraged her to explore. She ended up on the Corkscrew roller coaster and even the Spaceshot, while Mae and I stayed on level ground. Back in her youth, Mae would go all out and take all the scariest rides. These days, she's just contented being a spectator. You see, Mae has lost her nerve. As for me, I never did lose my nerve since I never had any to begin with. I'm chickenshit when it comes to heights. *sigh*

I doubt if Jesse really understood what the whole thing was all about. But he looked like he enjoyed it anyway, chattering away, smiling and laughing at every little thing. He loved being suspended hundreds of feet above the ground. He loved wearing a hood over his little head. He even loved wearing mittens again. And that makes the trip all the more worthwhile.

As for Mae and I, all that will make this vacation perfect is another one to recover from this one. Them old rickety bones just don't take punishment like they used to!


  1. awww!!!:) look at that Jesse. He looks like a big boy..all smiling and knowing. :) certainly growing up to be a fine young toddler:)

  2. When they first started the Spaceshot, they would shoot you up and then drop you. Now, its quite tame. They lift you slowly and drop you but it is still a wild experience. Yeah! It happened to my wife too. When we were still dating, we would go for ride after ride but now she refuse to try any.

  3. Hmmm Awana. The last time I went, there were rats in my room and you should be glad, very glad they ripped off the jacuzzi cos you wouldn't dare use it anyway. It used to be quite a nice place but afraid its no longer very well kept these days is it?

  4. eh..i don't think Mae lost her nerve...more like... YawwwwWWWWWwwwnn..why bother...!
    ha ha ha..
    at least the kid doesn't know better yet..hahahahaha....

  5. I shall repeat what I say in all comments - Jesse is soooooo cute :p
    And what a smile! I love those rides but sure getting bored- waiting for a bigger, faster longer roller coaster :ppp

  6. great to hear you guys hv loads of fun. i still remember our first visit uphill wid boiboi in tow... priceless!

  7. The Spaceshot was awesome when I did the crappy ads! Hehe. Sat in it five times in a row. FOC mah.

  8. you didn't try the sky diving thing? i thot that wuz cool...!
    your kid is ultra cutes....

  9. How cold is not cold anymore?
    Even a decade ago I was still walking around in a T and shorts in Genting >.> and people were giving me strange looks because THEY were bundled up in Eskimo-gear. I've always enjoyed cold weather. It's about 52-64F (Approx. 11-17C) all year round where I live and it's lovely!
    When my sister went back to KL after visiting, she was complaining about the heat. Did it really get that much hotter in Malaysia lately?

  10. Aiseh. Can I be your maid one day and go for all the free rides? Heheh.

  11. awww .....Jesse's hoodie, is the epitome of cuteness.

  12. X-Rich's GalMay 31, 2005 at 1:46 AM

    Gee... Jesse is getting more n more handsome...
    I didn't have a very pleasant experience for my last trip to Awana. We checked in, opened the room door, to find unmade room, used bedsheets and litter strewed on the floor, the balcony door left opened and the wind was blowing into the room....
    For a moment, I though we have stepped into a deserted and haunted room.... disappointing.
    On another note, very nice of you to bring Roma along.

  13. heh, I'm struck by the size of that mouth... and can't help thinking what a terror he's gonna be clamping down on meaty shoulders with those 'akan datang' chompers and choopers!! haha..

  14. wow! jesse's like so bergaya!

  15. aww, Jesse's black little hood is so kewte! Your kid's adorable la James =) Glad the whole family had a lovely break.

  16. Jayelle, for some reason "fine young toddler" is such a funny phrase!
    You're a better man than me, Adam. I never went up the Spaceshot even once in my life!!!
    Rats, MG!???! Oh man.
    Hahahh! They actually have a kid-sized version of the SpaceShot MOO+1, but unfortunately Jesse's too young to ride it.
    It's a girl-thing isn't it Visithra? Always wanting bigger, faster and longer... :lol:
    BabeKL, it's great fun just seeing the bewildered look in their eyes, no?
    Five times in a row, AhPink!??!? Ugh!
    Thanks Simon. Yeah, I was itching to go up that skydiving thing but we didn't have too much time on our hands. :o(
    The coldest daytime temperature was only 24C, Gwen. I remember when it used to be below 20C back in the late 70s.
    Not before you punish you with all our household chores, Gina! :p
    Boy in da hood, Leo! :lol:
    Thanks, X-Rich's Gal. Yeah, Awana's gotten pretty crappy, though I'm glad we didn't experience what you went thru!
    :lol: Percolator! Like the wolf says, "The better to eat you with, Little Red Riding Hood!"
    Hahh, thanks CC!
    Thanks, Chun. Actually, we made a mistake and bought the sweater a little too small... so it actually looks weird on him from certain angles. :lol:

  17. glad to see that all of you enjoy the genting trip so much. i'm sure jesse enjoyed it as much... if not more... than you and mae. if he could talk, he would say "i luv! i luv! lemme! lemme!".
    james, you should stay at the first world hotel. comfortable and not pricey and location also good as adjoining the indoor theme park and near the outdoor theme park.

  18. hahahah, yeah boy in the hood. later in life he'll be wearing a trench coat and be saying "who's THE fardaa ? "

  19. Yeah, Lucia. We probably should have stayed at First World instead. Oh well...
    Thanks Ann!
    :) Maybe I oughtta get him a baby trench coat now, Leo!

  20. Oh my goodness....he looks absolutely adorable in that hoodie. He looks like he's posing for an ad or something. :-)

  21. Jesse is such a cute boy... ;)