Thursday, May 26, 2005

Going Uphill

It's 10:00am. In a few short moments we're going to Genting Highlands. We decided to take a short holiday, probably our last for the year since Mae expects to be bogged down by work after June. So, expect no update for the next couple of days.

So why are we going to Genting Highlands anyway? Mae and I (more Mae than I) decided it might be a great experience for Jesse. He'll be in a colder climate for the first time and might enjoy the experience. The kid hates it when it's hot. Another reason we're going is also because we recently bought Jesse a cute little sweater with a hood and he's had not chance to wear it up till now. Heh! I suspect this is the real reason!!!

When we got the little sweater, Mae said, "Let's go somewhere where he can wear this." Mothers. They have all kinds of strange logic. In any case, I could use a break anyway.

Elsewhere, across the globe, America has just voted their idol. And we sat right through it since 8am. Ugh!

Let's just say, I'm glad we're going on vacation.


  1. Enjoy your hol. As for the AI...i'm very disappointed that my idol BO did not win in this competition....nevertheless...i wish him BEST OF LUCK, amen!

  2. Have a good & safe trip. I don't dare to bring my kids to Genting after a few horror stories I heard. Some say kids can see hidden creatures there. I am not sure how true, but it really frightened me.
    Oh, one more thing, please don't donate any more money to Uncle Lim. I hope he gives you welcome gift...$-).

  3. have a good holiday and pls put up jesse's pic wearing the sweater :)

  4. Genting. Tell me if their endless renovations have completed.

  5. carrie? dammit. proves that americans hv no taste!
    ROCK N ROLL!!!

  6. I want to see the cute sweater with the hood on Jesse. I want. I want.

  7. im scared of that place. im scared of cold places ...literally =p

  8. oh, I love bring the kids to Genting, see their face beaming with joy when playing in the theme park...worth every penny spend.
    have a good trip, waiting for photos here.

  9. Have fun, y'all! Wish I could take a break, too :P

  10. have fun up the hill, we did... the expression of delight on their faces are priceless the moment they see the rides :p

  11. Hey James, Mae and Jesse - haven't fun and we'll be waiting for cute jacket photos :p
    I'm actually glad Bo didn't win, look at the songs they choosed for him for the finals, imagine if he had to sing that for his whole life? That would be selling out! I'm sure hes got a record deal waiting to burst the scene :)

  12. maybe one day your wife will buy this winter coat suited for European weather and say"hey, lets go SOMEWHERE where he can wear this!"

  13. I'm sure he'll do well, Beauty. :)
    Yes, Michelle, some people believe kids can see things. WooOooOoo~ But they don't have to go to Gentings just to see things, you know! :lol:
    Thanks Sue, we had a pretty good time. And yes, photos will follow.
    You tell me, AhPink! As if they will ever stop. :)
    MOO+1, well, they have a taste for country music. Hehheh!
    Hahhah Revlon, you might be disappointed, though! :)
    Nah Leo, Genting just isn't all that cold anymore.
    Hehh, I think Jesse enjoyed the cool air more than the rides, Twinsmom! :lol:
    No more breaks for you Coolcat. Not with your new role. ;)
    Yes, BabeKL, the expression on Roma's face was priceless. :lol:
    Hahhah, you're probably right, Visithra!
    Uh-oh. Looks like I better stay away from any shop carrying winter apparel, Simon. Unless I get some kind of windfall.