Wednesday, May 25, 2005

We're Teething!!!

Woohooo! We've got teeth. Well, almost. Jesse's lower right central incisor is showing a little. I expect it'll be out anytime soon. Meantime, he's biting stuff like crazy. But then again, he was biting stuff almost 3 months back.

We've been told that some kids get a fever, and generally feel shitty all over when they cut their first tooth. Hopefully, Jesse will be okay.

For some reason, this is a big deal to me. My son will soon have teeth, and I'm excited. Though I don't know why. Cos the next time he bites me, it's gonna hurt. Even now when he clamps his gums down on our fingers, and occasionally our toes, we do feel the pain a little. Just imagine the damage he'll do with teeth. Heh!

Oh yeah, if you're disturbed by the image of Jesse biting on our toes, please allow me to reiterate that we NEVER intentionally stick our feet in the boy's mouth. But he is a resourceful little fella, and bites when you least expect it. :)

Looks like we'll have to watch our toes now.


  1. Watch out for the sudden attacks. My sis used to appear from nowhere and leave teeth marks on my arms. :)

  2. I think there is something for babies who are teething to bite and chew on. Its a thingy with water in it and u put it in the fridge. So when Jesse bites on it, it cools his gums. It works. He won't be so uptight and I don't think he'll go around biting your toes anymore when he has such a cooling, soft and chewy thing in his mouth!
    The toys - heh. What to do. Parents spoil their kids. But trust me, grandparents spoil their grandkids more. My nephew has so many many toys that his room is filled with it and now have to tumpang some in my house!

  3. 1 / for my 1st kid - buy this & buy that for her to chew and (hope to ) ease her "teething itch".
    2 / come 2nd/3rd kid, chew anything u like lar - as long as it's not-poisonous.
    3 / when teething - baby's poo normally is more waterly...may be from chewing 2 above.
    4 / do not let him develope a biting habit especially on/to other kids - i rotan them twice everytime they bite anyone . . .

  4. haha... li 'rotan'... OUCH! Sound advice tho...not letting them bite other kids, i mean... don't know about the rotan bit.... i'm still reeling from my days of being rotan by my "bad cop" mom.
    it's a wonderful milestone, this teething.
    Somehow, nothing is more important that your bub's new tooth. Yup, forget about that "NOW" deadline, that dreaded mortgage payment, that annoying leaky toilet...
    Happiness comes in unexpected delightful ways. Treasure them.

  5. Congratulations on Jesse's first tooth James. My 8 month old son does pretty much everything you've mentioned in your blog except the rubbing against the groin thing. :-)
    A question for you still give Jesse a midnight feed or have you eliminated it? What kind of food does Jesse eat? I want some Malaysia baby food ideas. I'm tired of switching between squash, green peas, chicken noodle, pear sauce, chicken and bacon etc.

  6. luckily my kid no fever. but u got to watch the things he bite otherwise, teeth may not come out straight. get it?

  7. Baby Jesse, congrats on the first ripper! muahaha... you guys ain't seen nothing yet!
    Just wait, when my choppers, chompers and gnashers arrive. ..ooOOoo.. hehehe
    rotan a lil teething baby?!!! ?? Good heavens, how on earth does that help anthing?.

  8. teeth!! how exciting.
    btw james, i'm so relieved that your page is up. couldnt launch it yesterday... thought you had gone into exile! phew...

  9. not only yr toes, u need to watch out for yr shoulders as well! good luck :D

  10. Yup James, watch out for the shoulders. I just had mine bitten by four little teeth last night. Ouch! And hubby had his teeth almost knocked out by a little butting head doing the backward flip. :lol:

  11. Jesse bites toes? Eeeewwwww.... Tell him that when he's older. hahahaha

  12. Eeek, Sunshine. Out of nowhere!? :lol:
    Nah Cherry, Jesse's got a bunch of these teething toys but he'd really rather bite on the remote control!
    :lol: I'm way ahead of you, Li! Jesse is only our first kid and already we have progressed to allow him to bite on anything as long as it's not poisonous. Guess Mae and I are just too tired to try and stop him!
    You're right MOO+1. I can't stop looking at his little half-tooth!
    No Revlon, we're still feeding him in between sleep. 12am, 3am and once more at 6am! As for food, Mae cooks for the boy. We use instant oats as a base and cook it with veggies. Some days he'll have carrots and tomatoes, sometimes he'll get pumpkin, or cauliflower, or broccolli and fish (just the stock, not the meat), and so on. Mae will cook it and blend it and it's made a fan out of Jesse! :)
    Thanks for the tip, DoesItMatter!
    For some reason, I think I'm gonna miss his gummy smile, Percolator!
    Blogger was down, CC! I was afraid I might lose my blog too!
    Looks like we'll have to wear shoulder pads!
    Ah, MG, I get the headbutt all the time!
    Good idea Ann. Too bad I never caught it on camera! :lol: